Fan Di Fendi Blossom EDT: Japanese with an Italian Twist

I'm seriously considering going to Japan on March next year for the Sakura festival-hopefully, my bank account agrees! Some of my friends who went would only say one thing about the entire festival: "It was fairy tale- like and nothing short of romantic." Oh dear, romance and fairy tales, they're my thing. If I'll have it my way, I want someone to propose to me under the dreamy Cherry Blossom trees! (Uhm, Hi, BF, are you reading this post? LOL!)

Cherry Blossom is a symbol of joy and femininity and this iconic flower from Japan inspires the heart of Fendi's newest fragrance, FAN DI FENDI BLOSSOM. This light, cheery, and youthful fragrance is like a bouquet of spring flowers that instantly lifts up your mood!

More about this fragrance after the cut and see the BTS of Fan Di Fendi Blossom's ad campaign too!

Taking after Fan Di Fendi Eau Fraiche's concept, Fan Di Fendi Blossom is in the same square bottle with two F letters that symbolize the iconic Baguette bag by Fendi, but colored in the hues of spring. The pink elixir marries the lightness of the East and the warmth of the West with Sakura Japanese Cherry Blossom, Nashi Pear, Chinese Magnolia, Egyptian Musk, Vanilla, and Raspberry, resulting to a balanced fragrance.

Watch the making of Fan Di Fendi's ad campaign below!

Fan Di Fendi Blossom EDT is now available in all leading department stores and retails at P2,850.00 (30ml),  P3,950.00 (50ml), and P4,800.00. There's the new Fan Di Fendi Pour Homme Acqua EDT too for the guys out there! Do let me know what you think about Fendi's newest fragrance when you've checked it out!

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I haven't tried it yet but I've seen it in Rustan's I think. I find the packaging so fancy and girly. :) It really reminds me of Cherry Blossom trees. :) I wonder how it smells like

  2. Wow... This made me remember one time when my bf was daydreaming. He said he wanted to propose too under that Cherry blossom trees, he saw that in his dream. Goodluck, hope you could go and post your escapades here

  3. Wooow! I want to try this but maybe i'm too young for it.. BUT it has a slightly powdery base consists of vanilla and white musk I mean, who couldn't resist?!


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