FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: BB Creams with Great Coverage

I have a bunch of BB and CC (and even a ZZ) Creams to test out and this FMF query reminded me to do that! Our question for today is from Vanessa:

Hi TBJ! 
I just wanna ask what's the BEST BB CREAM that you can recommend, the one that can cover and hide blemishes and dark spots. Your soonest response will be greatly appreciated 

Me wearing Estēe Lauder Cyberwhite BB Creme Advanced Brightening

Hi Vanessa!

Thanks for the question! I've tried around 15 BB Creams already and so far, these are the ones that stand out as not only do they cover light to moderate marks and even out skin tone, they have great texture too! Find out my top picks after the cut!

- Covers light to medium marks and mini blemishes. It is very long- wearing and can even pass off as foundation.

- If you're a morena, Revlon's Photoready BB Cream is a good and affordable choice. It's very moisturizing and can cover light to moderate post- acne marks.

- A super affordable, long- wearing BB Cream with light to medium coverage. It improves the staying power of face powder and can cover light marks and blemishes.

- A surprisingly good find from Pond's! It can only cover light post- acne marks, but it does a good job at evening out the complexion!

- Still my favorite BB Cream because it's so lightweight, gives my skin a very nice glow, and has light to medium long- wearing coverage, although it can only cover small blemishes.

- A BB Cream with a foundation- like coverage! 'Nuff said!

- Tony Moly's BB Cream range has good choices for medium to morena skin tone. This BB Cream has light to heavy coverage, is very moisturizing, and lasts the whole day with minimal fading.

- A BB Creme that stays true to its light- reflecting properties-it reflects light brilliantly and effectively that despite its light coverage, it makes my skin tone appear brighter and more uniform.

Hope you liked this post, everyone! Stay gorgeous and have a frikkin' awesome Friday! :D

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Great recommendations! :) Thank you for this. May I ask what lip color are you wearing in the first pic? It's so pretty! :)

  2. Haven't tried BB cream. But I might try Pond's because it's more accessible. I tried tinted moisturizer before though...

  3. Omg you look stunning!!! Natural beauty great coverage :)

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  4. I'm using tony moly's snail cram which I got from ebay. It's so effective, it evens out my skintone and it serves as my foundation na din at times. It really hides my pimple marks. I've also tried Pond's BB cream before and it's okay as well. Cheaper than the others and very easy to search for. It's almost available everywhere. Thank you for the recommendations. Will definitely try out the others when I finish my tony moly. :)

  5. Planning to buy the ZA Total Hydration BB Cream! (since you're right, it isn't over my budget!)

  6. i've tried and am still finishing up a tube of encara... super love the shade because it is yellowish and really fits my skintone, coverage is also superb... one thing about it though, it really makes me oily... :( i have the ZA one too, but i haven't opened it up yet... been searching high and low for the perfect bb cream for my oily and very yellow face...

  7. Grabe napansin ko lan glalong kuminis yung skin mo :) A little shy to say but i binged your whole blog last week sograbe nakita ko improvement ng skin mo :) Talagang you looked younger and mas nagglow ka ngayon :)

  8. I have Encara as one of my very first BB creams and it indeed exceeds my expectation for a brand that I haven't heard off. It stays longer on my skin and it covers blemishes really good, I also recommend this product due to the fact that it adapts to my skin hy the end of the day. So for those who wanna try BB creams with great performance and quality, this is it!


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