Review: Revlon Photoready BB Cream (Light Medium and Medium)

Here's a review on Revlon Photoready BB Cream in Light Medium and Medium

Price: P725.00/each
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Other Locations: Available in all Revlon counters in leading department stores and drugstores


At last, BB Cream makers have realized that not all people have pink, white, and gray undertones! :D Revlon has just realized it lately and came out with their own versions called Photoready BB Cream.


Just like any other BB Cream, it promises all- day moisturization and nourishment with its skin- caring ingredients. And just like the rest of the Photoready products, it promises photo- worthy skin. Revlon said that it contains Photochromatic pigments-the star ingredient of the Photoready products-that naturally reflect and perfect skin under any lighting condition.


Click READ MORE if you're looking for a BB Cream that will suit medium to dark skin tone very well, and makes skin glow! :)

Photoready BB Cream comes in 3 shades: Light, Light Medium, and Medium, and everything is yellow- toned. (Hurrah!) Obviously, the range is great for Asian skin tone, but it will definitely work well on pinkish skin tones too. The shades lean a little bit darker than some BB Cream brands I've encountered, so very fair skin tones may not find a shade match in this line.

Light Medium is a medium beige shade, and will fit those with an NC30-NC40 shade match.

Medium is a golden beige shade and will fit those with an NC42-NC45 shade match.

Consistency is very rich and whipped-at first, I thought 'twas too gunky and thick for our tropical weather, but upon blending, it starts thinning itself out and texture becomes watery like Asian BB Creams, with a little cooling sensation to boot. It has SPF 30, but what makes me glad and screaming in delight is the fact that it does not leave ANY tinge of white cast on the skin. (Told 'ya, it's Photoready!) Coverage is medium, it is virtually unscented, albeit setting time takes a while due to its thick texture.


Bare face with Zero Kuma Concealer and ArtDeco Camouflage Cream

One layer of Revlon Photoready BB Cream in Medium

It evens out the skin tone very well and minimizes mini facial bumps effectively, although its wet texture has a habit of erasing concealers. To work around this problem, instead of brushing the BB Cream on the areas with concealer, I just dab it on. It yields a greasy finish though so I always use a dry, translucent powder to set this product. Also, it cannot cover grave discolorations completely.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream + Hayan Korea Setting Powder

The overall finish is just light, and the greasiness actually gives skin a hint of dew. Did it make my skin look Photoready? In this picture and the type of camera I have used, (a digital camera) yes. However, it's not something to rely on if we're talking about professional photography, filming, and the likes because after all, it's just an everyday product-there are certain makeup products intended for those settings. In person, the product just makes my skin look completely normal, but a tad bit enhanced. Honestly, it feels and performs just like tinted moisturizer, but with a little more benefits included. (I guess this is the only thing that differentiates BB Creams from Tinted Moisturizers!) Lasting power is the only let down here because it fades completely at the end of the day, but I do like the natural glow it gives to my skin and the fact that it didn't make my skin oil up even more. I don't think you can wear it underneath liquid foundation because again, it's quite greasy and waiting time will take forever that's for sure!

Its formula will work best on dry skin because of its rich, moisturizing texture. On oily skin, you will be needing a dry setting powder to counteract the greasiness. I'm quite happy with this product because it's the only BB Cream that literally matches my skin tone well-just a little improvement in the staying power department and this is gonna be perfect! :)


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh how i like to try this bb cream. revlon is top drugstore brand and it looks promising. but i hope that revlon and other cosmetics product will try to avoid some harmful ingredients like paraben/methylparaben.

  2. yey!a bb cream with yellow undertone! :) i've always have problem with BB cream because most of them have pink undertones...but will def check this out! :) thanks for sharing ms m.! :)

  3. i love this simple look ms m =) this bb cream were priced almost same range with Mary Kay foundations =) this may be bit dark on my skin and im not good in mixing to get the right shade.. but i knew practice makes perfect =)

  4. Hurray for this! Finally, a BB cream that won't make my dark skin look ghostly white and ashy! :)

  5. Whoah wala nanaman akong shade dito for sure. Nasayang lang ang natural beige na colorstay whipped creme na binili ko sa kanila. sobrang sad di ko alam ano perfect shade for me.

  6. I have dry skin so maybe this will work for me. I love BB creams. I never leave home without putting a bit of it on my face :)

  7. Louise: Yes it will. I think it's really good for dry skin. :)

    Stephanie: Awww...I guess it's time to look for another brand! :p

    Jen: True! :D

    Rhain: It's not super pigmented so I think you can easily alter this. :)

    Kittylovesnoopy: Thank you for your thoughts. :)

  8. Awww demmit, I'm super oily so maybe on my it won't last a day. Errrr.I don't know why but any shades that range from fair to medium suits me so I guess it'll adapt to my skin's chemical reaction.



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