Repetto EDT: As Graceful As A Ballerina

I believe every little girl's dream is to be a Ballerina or participate in a Ballet class, at the very least. It was a dream of mine, but a Ballet class meant spending a fortune on my mother's part that time. I was a very understanding kid so instead of Ballet, I joined a theatre workshop to express my artistic side-it was cheaper, but I've come to love it because it involved more than dancing-there was acting and singing too! I loved it so much that I chose it as my course in college.

Still, I remain a fan of Ballet. I am always left in awe whenever I watch a Ballet performance: bodies gliding through the stage in sheer grace, hands and feet that flutter and float lightly in the air like a strand of satin ribbon, and the way a Ballerina gets lost in the music until she becomes it-Ah, Ballet is an art that plucks at your heart's chord strings and leaves your entire being swaying in delight.

What's all this Ballet nostalgia? Well, it is because Repetto, a world- famous fashion brand that started making Ballet shoes and dance footwear (and the rest is history) since 1947 is launching something grand, an important milestone in the fashion house's artistic history. In 1947, Rose Repetto created the much- coveted dance shoes made in cousu-retourne (stitch and return method) for his choreographer son, Roland Petit. In 1956, Madame Repetto created the famous Cendrillon Ballerina for dancer-turned-actress Brigitte Bardot for Roger Vadim's film "And God Created Woman". In 1970, Madame Repetto created the Zizi Shoe for her daughter-in-law, Zizi Jeanmaire and later on became singer Serge Gainsbourg's favorite shoe that he amassed a collection every single year.

In 2013, Repetto came back, bringing with them a bit of high art history with a modern twist through Repetto EDT, the first fragrance of the iconic French label.
A fragrance inspired by no other than Ballerinas, Repetto EDT is a smooth, elegant fragrance that sends you spiraling into the world of Ballet. Première Danseuse, Dorothée Gilbert, is Repetto's latest ambassador and the face of this new graceful elixir.

See the world premiere of Repetto EDT's official commercial after the break.

"I sought to achieve a hand-sewn effect by combining a selection of luxurious and authentic raw ingredients. A musky powdered rose, a real quintessence of femininity. It's a refined formula for which I had the real pleasure of using essence of rose and vanilla" 
-Oliver Polge, master perfumer, Repetto EDT

The Top notes open up to an ensemble of Pear and Cherry Blossom. Heart notes reveal an orchestra of Rose and Orange Blossom, and the Base notes close the performance with Woody Notes, Amber, and Vanilla Pod-it's the beauty of a Ballet performance encapsulated in a curvaceous, airy bottle adorned with Repetto's signature Pink ribbon and an 'r' pendant.

Watch Repetto EDT's official commercial featuring the gracious Dorothée Gilbert.

Don't you just love how effortlessly elegant French products are? I must've been a French woman in my previous life as I appreciate their culture and anything made by them so much!
The exclusive event was held in Rustan's and a group of young, talented Ballerinas opened the show. Afterwards, we were treated to a chignon do by the event's hair stylists.

With Cathy and Ria of Paint It Red PR, the ladies behind Repetto EDT's launch-such a poised event you girls have made!

Shen and I-we became instant fans of the fragrance at first whiff!

Repetto EDT is available in 30ml (P2,698.00), 50ml (P3,598.00), and 80ml (P4,998.00). It is now available in all Rustans department stores.

Have a graceful Tuesday, everyone!

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I would love to smell that EDT. I agree with you that it's effortlessly elegant. I love French from the time I had French classes during my college days. I find their language so exquisite and classy. :) I also did Modern Jazz, which is somewhat similar to ballet in terms of tip-toeing. Haha. I would want to buy that for a sophisticated smell (that's my opinion about French labeled perfumes).

  2. The way you write this post moved me in a dreamy world. It's captivating. The bottle looks nice as if i am in a world of fairy tale.

    I seldom have perfumes so I cannot share much about it. I heard that there are different kind of perfumes such as the oil based, alcohol or water based. I hope I can have this kind of perfume someday

  3. Rose, orange blossom, vanilla... I like how that sounds. Honestly, I didn't give the post a second thought because I assumed a ballerina scent would be insanely formal. I fully expected aldehydes and a "lola" scent. Glad to read about this modern take. :) --Matromao

  4. When I saw this post, I've texted my Dad who is now in USA rightaway to buy me one but unfortunately he said that it's too expensive. (So sad) but it's ok, reading this blog post is perfectly ok, hahah, maybe they can lend me free sample, haha! Saw this at Rustans and when people passby they're looking for that wonderful smell. Sana I can have mine, someday. Hahah. More power and Godbless. xoxo


  5. Abegaill: I love their language too, but I find it hard to learn. I signed up for a French class in college, but ended up dropping out haha!

    Foodworldme: Was thinking of Chanel N5 when I saw the bottle-Repetto's a little bit like that in terms of the overall appeal, but scent is much lighter.

    Teri: Hope you can check it out and let me know what you think about it! :D

    Darlene: Christmas is coming and there's no better time to buy it for yourself than the holidays! Haha! :D

  6. Besides owning a Barbie, being a ballerina might be one if not a little girl's dream!


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