Smashbox 24 Hour Photofinish Shadow Primer Review

Here's a review on Smashbox 24 Hour Photofinish Shadow Primer.

Price: Around P1,000.00+
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Beauty Bar stores


Smashbox has built a brand new business around their primers-I don't know about you, but methinks because of the primers, Smashbox has established themselves not only as a PRO makeup brand, but also a Primer brand. It seems that when a makeup newbie asks for a list of must- try primers, Smashbox is always part of the list! That said, here's a new must- try Smashbox primer in my books: Smashbox 24 Hour Photofinish Shadow Primer. It's like UDPP, but cheaper and has way more product!


Smashbox said that this studio- tested eye primer can withstand Yoga Classes to after- hour cocktails with your girls. It promises 24 hour staying power, intensifies color, sweat and humidity- resistance, and prevents creasing, color transfer, and smudging. It comes in one shade only called Barely There Sheer.

Size is 0.41oz 12ml whereas the repackaged UDPP is at 0.37oz or 11ml. Price in US dollars is similar ($20), but with Smashbox, you get an extra 1ml. Product comes in a travel- friendly squeeze tube.

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Similarity between UDPP is very striking: Smashbox and UDPP almost have the same shade, a sheer, flesh pink- toned one, but the former has micro shimmer that evens out the skin tone on the lids quite well.

Smashbox has a silicone- like texture and blends easily. However, if I put a lot, the surface of my lid becomes a little sticky and I'm having a hard time blending the eyeshadows so I only use a tiny dot on each lid-that's enough to cover each area without getting the sticky feel. This product has a virtually transparent coverage so yellow- toned gals won't have any problem with it even if it's pink- toned.


Eyeshadows with the primer

Regarding the color- intensifying promise, I find that it makes colors appear a lil' bolder, but not enough to make me go and say HALLELUJAH-I'm not complaining though because it works just right for me! 

After 11 hours

So I went to a meeting at 1 P.M., attended an event, lounged in Starbucks and worked on some proposals and blog posts, my BF picked me up at 10pm, had dinner around 10:30pm, got home at 12 midnight, and this is what my eye makeup looked like after 11 hours. There was color fading, but it was insignificant and look at how the primer kept the look intact! I'd like to quote McDonald's on this one: I'M LOVIN' IT! :D

Smashbox 24 Hour Photofinish Shadow Primer is a wonderful investment for those who love wearing eyeshadows on a daily basis-with just a small amount, it keeps your eye makeup look fresh and from transferring. If you wear eyeshadows rarely-like I do-it will take you a long time to finish the tube-just make sure to store it in a cool place and seal the cap right away after taking what you need to prolong its shelf life.


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I use nyx eyeshadow base. It's cheap yet it gives me the kind of primer that I want. However, it doesn't stay that long which I don't mind because I'm fond of reapplying eyeshadows. :) I'm pretty impressed though with shadowbox primers! Aside from it lasts long, it is also not that consuming so a tube will last long! Definitely worth the cost

  2. Agreed on the primer reputation. Parang hit and miss pa sila sa color cosmetics pero generally good ang primers nila :D

  3. With a rate of 5/5 this is indeed a must-try. The squeeze tube package is so convenient and hygienic and would not more likely for the product to dry out quickly unlki other primers that come with an applicator wand.

  4. Before, I don't know this kinds of product exists. Now I am happy to know that I have a lot of options and I can always go back to your old posts for reference purposes. You really did put a perfect score for performance.

  5. Finally, I've found this kind of product, this will really help me survive a day without retouching my eyeshadow in the comfort room, less hassle. Your blog is so helpful, makes me discover new wonderful things about make up. Thankyou. More power and Godbless. xoxo


  6. Beauty By Tellie: I like their lipsticks though. :)

    Darlene: Thanks! Glad to know you're enjoying. :)

    Teri: Thanks! :D

    Marielle: Also, you can squeeze out everything down to the very last drop. :)

    abegaill: If you love wearing eyeshadows, then this is a must- try for you! :)

  7. I always thought I should always skip on the primer but as always, I was proved wrong. I've been invited to some friends' debut and my, that's a lot of gifts to give & outfits to thrift! I might be giving this a try soon to complete my look!

  8. haven't tried this primer yet... which do you think performs better, this or the UDPP?


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