VITRESS 101: Finding the right Vitress product for your hair type and grooming needs

So, you found yourself in a supermarket aisle, staring at Vitress' range and you don't know which one to get! And so you go back home, look up related reviews on the Internet before making the purchase, and I hope this post reaches you! If this is your first time to try Vitress, then let this quick guide help you find the one Vitress variant that will address your hair type and needs. Showing you the list after the break!

Vitress is a local drugstore line of hair treatments and grooming products. Their formula is made with a special blend of silicones that control frizz and fly aways, protect hair, and keep it sleek and smooth for a polished look-they may all seem the same to you, but nope, each variant is targeted to a specific hair type and need. Check out the list:

Hair Type: Curly; Wavy
Hair Concern: Frizzy, puffy, sticks out here and there

- Taming curly, coarse, and wavy hair can be a challenge. Vitress Instant Relax Hair Coat features the exclusive Vita-Relax technology that smooths hair and it even makes it look straighter.

Hair Type: Straight
Hair Concern: sensitized hair strands, dry, damaged

- Got hair that you're not confident in? You can restore its former glory with a reparative treatment such as Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat. Formula has Hydro-Restore technology that helps hair resist damage brought upon by various salon treatments (e.g. perming, dyeing, blow-drying) and the environment.

Hair Type: Fine
Hair Concern: hair that's always exposed to natural (sunlight) and synthetic heat (e.g. curling iron, blow dryer, curling iron, etc.)

- Having styled hair is awesome, but know that it can cause great damage to your hair in the long run especially if you use hot tools as intense heat can ruin your hair cuticles! Protect it with Vitress Heat Protect Hair Coat: It contains Thermo-Shield technology which acts as a shield for your precious hair strands.

Hair Type: For all hair types
Hair Concern: Unruly hair, fly aways

- This particular Vitress Hair Polish, I use when I'm sporting a pony-I have baby hair strands and it's hard to keep 'em in place, and this product smooths 'em out without giving me that crunchy- looking texture that I get from using hair spray.

Hair Type: For all hair types
Hair Concern: hair smell or if you want to feel like you have Solenn's crowning glory (lol)

- If you commute on a daily basis, it's inevitable that your hair will end up smelling like a smoke- belching vehicle or an ashtray when you pass by a group of insensitive smokers. A quick retouch of Vitress Solenn Hair Cuticle Coat will make your hair smelling fresh and fragrant with its powdery floral scent that's specifically chosen by Solenn Heussaf herself!

There you go! Hope this post has helped you in any way! What's your favorite Vitress product? Mine is the Hair Polish!

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Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Vitress and The Beauty Junkee

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Haven't tried the polish. It looks greasy for me kasi. I use vitress though, the cuticle one if I am not mistaken. In fact I have 1 in my bag now. Good thing is that it doesn't exhaust that fast.

    I will try this one when my vitress gets empty.

  2. As I've commented on your previous post, I use the hair polish instead of the hair cuticle. SO, hait polish is really my favorite. But I'm really curious about the Solenn hair cuticle. As I commuter, I think this would really come in handy in terms of making my hair smell good. But I wonder if this would also help my hair be straight without the frizzy hairs. :)

  3. Thank God i found this review! Hahah. I'm a Vitress user but hindi ko alam na may specific type of hair for each Vitress product, hahah. I'm always using Cuticle coat but I think mas better yung VITRESS SOLENN HAIR CUTICLE COAT for all types of hair. Thankyou for this one, glad I found your blog. Will read all your reviews. More power!

  4. Vitress is one of my most fave hair care products for so many years now.

  5. Leilani: Cool! :D

    Darlene: Glad this post has helped you :)

    Abegaill: Yes it will! I used it before and I recall that it can tame frizzy hair quite well. :)

  6. '06 was the first time I used Vitress and up to now, it never disappoints! I already finished a bottle of the Instant Relax Hair Coat before and now I might try the Solenn Hair Cuticle Coat since I'm a commuter & also, my head not just smells like the air we currently breath in but I also smells like sweat since I sweat a lot!

  7. this is very helpful. i will definitely buy the instant relax variant for my wavy and frizzy hair

  8. Thanks i found this post. Super helpful :)

  9. Is it okay if I use Vitress Instant Relax before I iron my hair?????

  10. which variant should i use? i have permed hair and i dont want to straighten my curls. i just want to tame the frizz.


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