FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Favorite International Online Stores

Hello! Have you all got any plans for tonight?? :) Before that, here's a nice question to end your week here on the blog and it's from Abegaill:

Hi Ms. Martha! 
I recently love buying cosmetic products online as they are efficient and sometimes cheaper, but I have only tried local online shops. I wonder if you know reliable online makeup shops where I can buy make-up? International stores are more diverse with their products, but I just want to know if they're trusted and reliable. I hope you can suggest some. Thanks! 

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Hi Abegaill!

I know what you mean! I am a lover of international online sites too because of the selections. However, just like in the Philippines, not all international websites are legit and if we're going to err on the side caution, I would not recommend shopping in lesser known sites due to credit card security issues.

Here are some of the International online stores that I've shopped in and keep on going back to should I want to restock on a particular beauty product that is not available locally or discover a totally new beauty brand/product. Click READ MORE for my recommendations!

- Luxola is a Singapore- based online makeup store that sells a bevy of Asian beauty brands plus the ones from the West too. This one, I haven't tried shopping in yet, but a lot of my makeup- loving friends did and they're loving the breezy shopping experience and fast shipment.

- Cherry Culture brings us the best of Western drugstore brands-in fact, this is where I hoarded NYX lipsticks even before Digital Traincase started selling 'em and NYX Cosmetics finally opened a branch here in the country. Not to be missed are Cherry Culture's awesome sale deals!

- I particularly love this site for their awesome bargains especially on premium makeup products. I ordered Anna Sui lipsticks and face powders here before at 50% off, respectively. Service is pretty fast too!

- My most favorite of 'em all because it has Illamasqua, FRESH, and Sephora Exclusive makeups! You gotta love their generous freebies and enticing member- exclusive deals!

- I buy my leather bag moisturizers from this online shop. Best of all, they offer stellar assistance on product change and refunds!

- When I want something from MAC and if it's either OOS or not sold locally, I turn to MAC's global online store. 

- One of my fave indie makeup brands because Lime Crime has got the most outrageous colors and prettiest packaging! The shopping site is secure and the products come in screaming pink boxes-so cute!

That's all! Share with me your favorite international online stores on the comments section! ;)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Ms. Martha!

    Hope you'd talk about your favorite local-based online shops as well.

    Thanks for letting us know about these shops! :)


  2. Wow! This is wonderful! I love shopping online and its my kind of stress reliever! One think I like about online shopping is that you don't have to go out! You'll just wait for it to be delivered to your door steps! I really find this very informative because as an online shopper I Don't know who are the legit ones! I really thank you Ms. Martha for this post! Now I can shop with ease from this online stores!

  3. I don't find cosmetic products online cheaper.. Though you could find good deals in some home appliances and gadgets. Thanks for the recommendation, I might come back to this posts when the need arises.

    Mom received the package already, thanks ^_^ Tommorrow I will drop there.. She was happy she could use the lotions too.

  4. I love the concept "try before you buy" and online shopping with BDJ Box, Glamourbox and Sample Room =)

  5. Thank you for answering my query! Now I could shop online and buy something that's not available here in the Philippines. I hope I would have a pleasant experience with these sites as with other people did. :) I'm so excited to browse these sites

  6. Shary: Hello there! I did already, although the title is different. Here you go:

    Abegaill: You're welcome. :) Enjoy!

    Rita: Those are good ones too especially Sample Room because it's free! :)

    Teri: I agree because the prices here are very competitive already. The beauty of online shopping though is you get to find and purchase new beauty products! Enjoy the package! :D

    Eddielli: It's been a pleasure helping you. Enjoy! :D

  7. After seeing that 25% off sale at Luxola, I was sorely tempted! But even knowing full well that online shopping is the new big retail thing, I have to admit that nothing still beats physically going to the store to test and swatch things. (At least that's how I see it.) Especially for beauty products, I like to feel out the texture of a moisturizer or find out how buttery an eyeshadow is before taking the plunge. With a site like luxola pa naman, high end products. Nakakapanghinayang if it arrived differently than what you expected because you weren't able to try first.

    Pag repurchases naman ang pinag-uusapan, I'm all for it. Lalo na pag nag-sale, I notice some of the products online become waaay cheaper than what the physical store can offer on sale.

    BTW, all this makes me think of grocery items. Wouldn't it be amazing to shop online for those and have them delivered straight to your doorstep? Especially for regularly purchased items like rice, condiments, or canned goods, it would feel like a dream come true. (Digressing, sorry.) --Matromao


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