Youth Elixirs from L'Oreal, The Body Shop, and Shiseido

How do you age gracefully? Simple. Smile often, exercise, laugh always, and of course, take care of your skin. That said, take a look at these new anti-aging innovations by three leading skin care brands, The Body Shop, Shiseido, and L'Oreal!

From Shiseido's labs comes Ultimune, a power- infusing concentrate that boosts your skin's natural defenses against aging for skin that is almost wrinkle- free, luminous, healthy, and smooth. Designed to enhance the effects of your current skin care regimen, Ultimune strengthens the skin's multi-defensive power against aging by boosting the defense properties in the Langerhan Cells, cells that are responsible in promoting the skin's immunity. Clinical tests have showed that 200 women have experienced immediate suppleness, brighter skin in 1 week, and firmer and smoother skin texture in just 4 weeks.

Shiseido Ultimune is now available in all Shiseido boutiques and counters and retails at P3,500.00 for 30ml and P4,998.00 for 50ml. Visit SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES on Facebook to discover Ultimune.

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Have you ever thought of going under the knife for a facial reconstructing/lifting procedure or do you just want your face to look slimmer? L'oreal offers an alternative through the Revitalift V-Shaper Essence, the latest from their exclusive anti-aging skin care range.

The face, jawline, and cheeks tend to sag and look puffy as we age, and V-Shaper's lifting and firming technologies promise to perfectly balance your facial features and bring back that touch of youth. Pro-Tension and Anti-Puffiness technologies join forces to replenish skin volume and boost circulation within the skin, while Escin eliminates puffiness even more, resulting to a defined, firmer V-shaped facial feature.

Revitalift V-Shaper is now available in all leading drugstores and department stores and retails at P995.00. Visit L'OREAL PARIS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

For your eyes only: The Body Shop's Nutriganics line is proud to add the new Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate, an eye serum that claims to banish eye fatigue, lines, and bags. It is formulated with stem cells from the Edelweiss flower, a flower that grows in the Alpine regions that's known for its marvelous resilience and renewal properties. 

Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate is now available in all The Body Shop stores. Just visit THE BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about this product.

Which anti-aging product has tickled your fancy? :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The Drops of Youth from the Body Shop seems interesting.. I have loved the Garniers Eye Roll on before so this might actually work on me too. :)

  2. I saw drops of youth nga on one of Body Shop's stores. It's kinda interesting but I haven't seen any reviews about it from the bloggers I follow. The Shiseido Ultimune, it might be new but I've heard a lot of good reviews already. It's kinda expensive nga lang for me to try. Haha. And the revlon revitalift, not sure if all the revitalift line are used to defy aging, but I think so. Haha. They incorporated the anti aging in their make up as well.

  3. I havent tried any anti-anging products, but I guess, I need to soon haha not getting any younger.. all products look promising.. I wanna try both but they look too expensive haha :))

  4. Betsy: Let me know how you find it! :)

    Aisha: Which one are you interested in, Aisha? :)

    Abegaill: Revitalift is from L'Oreal, not Revlon-it's the anti-aging range of the brand. :)

  5. Oh God, I love love love Body Shop's Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate. I've been using this one for a few months now, and the results are evident in my face. The lines under my eyes are visibly reduced. I know it's the Drops of Youth's magic because when I stopped using it for a few weeks (no stocks), the lines are slowly coming back LOL.

    I want to try Shiseido's but 3000 :(

  6. The drops of the youth by the body shop seems interesting! But I don't want to try it yet because wala pang blogger na gumagawa ng review for that! The shiseido ultimmune is acually good! Although medyo mahal. I got mine in my BDJ box (August!)

  7. i have tried several skin care lines from TBS they were just ok nothing over the top amazingness i hope their Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate will give result as promised because i'm looking for an eye cream for my very dark under eye circle.. Review please.. :)

  8. I'm not a hundred percent sure where I stand on the layering of beauty products and mixing different brands, but that Ultimune looks amazing. Yung packaging napaka-futuristic, but I also read the ad. To say is looks interesting is an understatement.

    The L'Oreal serum is what I'm thinking of trying next. Maybe I'll start with the laser anti-aging line first or the laser perfect whitening. --Matromao


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