Beauty Lovers Unite at Rustan's Beauty Addicts Season 2 + Beauty Addict Card Holder Treats

Where do all Beauty Addicts like me go? To Rustan's, of course! I'm quite vocal with my love for Rustan's in my blog because it's got all my favorite beauty brands!

Last week, they launched Beauty Addicts Season 2, a party for Bloggers and the Press. I wasn't able to attend Season 1 last year, but if I knew that it was gonna be fun, I wouldn't have missed it!

Basically, the entire Beauty Section of Rustan's was turned into a colorful playground-we had to accomplish certain tasks and play a couple of games to earn freebies and certain services. Here's the first challenge that I did for Diptyque, Annick Goutal, and Acca Kappa: Posing with a glass of Lemon Drop Martini made with Belvedere Vodka.

More of my fun Beauty Addicts Season 2 experience when you click READ MORE, plus Rustan's has a lovely treat and giveaway to all Beauty Addict card holders out there!

When it comes to anything fun, Benefit Cosmetics is the expert! I played the Lemon Toss game with them and earned me some Benefit makeup samples! :D

Chanel truly knew what luxury is all about and instead of holding games, they simply treated the guests to a Chanel bracelet and truffles sets!

Chanel had the longest line in the event and I wasn't able to score a bracelet, but I got this baked eyeshadow- inspired truffle set-how cute!

Meanwhile, my memory was tested at the Clarins counter. I was asked to match two similar Clarins products and if I do, I'll take home that certain product-I won and took home an eye cream. Awesome! My love for matching type games have paid off!

My most favorite activity was that of Estēe Lauder-they made us decorate a face chart and here's mine, and the participants took home a double- ended Estēe Lauder product that has a lip gloss and concealer.

So these are the highlights of my experience-wish I could've visited more beauty counters and played more games, but my feet were too tired from a boxing session.

Beauty events are more fun if you're with your fellow Beauty Addicts! Here's me with Alyanna Martinez, Mira of Estēe Lauder, Trixie Reyna of TV5, and Ira Nopuente of Summit Media!

So are you a Beauty Addict like me? If yes, then you should own Rustan's Beauty Addict Card-this card entitles cardholders to discounts, privileges, and complimentary products and spa services at Rustan's. You can get it for free for a single transaction of P2,500.00, but you can also choose to purchase it at P299.00 only.

Every Beauty Addict cardholder will also get a chance to win in Rustan's grand raffle for the year called First Class Getaway.

Each Beauty Card Holder is entitled to one (1) raffle entry for every purchase amounting to P1,000.00. Prizes are: 

1.) Two- night stay in a Grand Deluxe room with breakfast for two at The Peninsula New York (Cathay Pacific will also offer a special discounted rate for Business Class tickets to New York) 

2.) Business Class round- trip tickets to Hong Kong from Cathay Pacific

3.) A two- night stay in a Premier Suite with daily breakfast for two and lunch or dinner at Escolta at The Peninsula Manila

Wow, these prizes surely make being a Beauty Addict more rewarding! To know more about this raffle and to inquire about the Beauty Addicts Card, just visit RUSTAN'S on Facebook.

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  1. I adore Rustans with all my heart :D I like that they have so many products to offer... It's a shopping haven haha...I'm planning nga to visit by mid November to check new stuff...

  2. I saw your pics nga and I was really really excited for your post about it. :) That's the event pala. I wish I could attend one someday. :) I also tried to play the lemon toss game but in the BDJ Fair event. It was so fun. I scored a sample product din

  3. Oh, I've been purchasing from them a lot but didn't know that I can have a beauty addict card. Next time, I'll ask for it. Sayang ang privileges!

  4. i didn't know that rustans have this privilege card..sayang kung dati ko pa nalaman sana i've earned kahit ilang privilege na. again thanks martha for posing this topic...super thanks. :)

  5. Julia: Welcome! Now you know that there's one so for your next purchases, be sure you have the Privilege Card. :D

    Juvy: SAME! I'll grab one when I visit Rustan's. :)

    Abegaill: I hope they'll hold a version for the Rustan's customers din. :D

    Melanie: Awesome! Let me know which new products you're interested to get for xmas. :)


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