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Today's FMF couldn't have been more perfect for the incoming weekend as it's all about RELAXATION! Today, I'm going to tell you all about my favorite places to get a massage. :) Question is from Aila.

Hello Martha! 
Can you share your favorite spas? I'm not really into this, but I think I need it more now due to stress! Would appreciate your suggestions! 

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Hi Aila!

Thanks for the question! I'm not really a spa hopper because if I find a spa that gives me a damn good massage, I tend to stick to it. I've tried a few though and here they are-so far, these are the top five spas that have been really giving me a good time and most of all, a good massage. Click READ MORE for my list.

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- Aside from the good massage, super clean amenities, and ginormous space, I love Lasema because of its unique Jim Jil Bang concept-Jim Jil Bang is 'Dry Sauna' and Lasema is the only spa that offers it in the country, I think. They have four Jim Jil Bangs, each featuring a particular theme and offering particular health benefits. My favorite is the Ice Room because it's literally a frozen room and there are white Christmas lights all over-every time I'm in there, it always feels like I'm in a Christmas-y place. :D

Lasema is located in 7232 Malugay Street Bel-Air, Makati

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- Before I got hooked on Fitness, I'm usually good with one spa trip on a monthly basis, but lately, I've been needing it more often, like two to three times a month, in order to re-align my body and help my muscles recover from my workouts. Thank God for Nuat Thai, which is probably the best and most affordable day spa in the metro, I can have a massage often whilst still sticking to my budget.

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- A classic! The Spa is one luxurious spa that I love going to because their amenities are drop- dead beautiful (especially the one in The Fort) and their pricing is just right.

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- Sometimes, The Spa can get too crowded in The Fort, not to mention reserving a slot is simply impossible especially on weekend-thank God there's Neo Day Spa as an alternative. What I like about Neo Day Spa is that their area has this 'secret' feel to it and of course, the massage is pretty good. Also, their pricing is not that affordable, but not that expensive.

- This spa is also a unique one because of the following: They offer wellness package so that's a spa treatment with matching healthy meal (yes, a meal!) and you can also choose which spa music you want to hear! And of course, the massage is pretty amazing-you should try the Gemstone massage!

That's all and this post just made me crave for another Swedish Massage treatment! Have a relaxing weekend, everyone! :D

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love visiting Nuat Thai too for their spa services. There's one near our place so I go back there whenever I wanted to. But what I'm loving nowadays are the water spas. I've tried Ace water spa and the stations are so relaxing. There are hot and cold waters, as well as sauna. But there's one station that can be too hard for you, so be careful. :) The experience there is like swimming and relaxing at the same time. But there might be a lot of people though especially during weekends.

    And if you want naman to stay away from the metro for a bit, there's this hanging gardens and spa in Antipolo named Luljetta. It's more like ace water spa, but with less people, and breathtaking views. :)

  2. I've tried Nuat Thai a couple of times, yes they offer affordable yet good massage! and also they are everywhere haha they have a lot of outlets...

  3. I heard that going to the spa regularly does lots of wonders to the body and the mind. I really should start doing it (and put it on my budget!). Thanks for sharing Martha!

    PS: I just noticed the note that said don't send you math queries, haha! I take that to mean that maybe someone already did? :P

  4. Abegaill: Thanks for sharing! Been meaning to try Ace Water Spa, but I just couldn't find the time! And the Antipolo spa sounds enticing! I'll put that in my list. :)

    Pat: Indeed! It eases tension, which can be very beneficial to the mind and body in the long run. Someday, when I get really rich, I'll hire my own masseuse haha!

    Melanie: True! Add to that, they close pretty late! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing . such a good thing about relaxing spas and refreshing body and mind.

  6. Thanks for sharing . such a good thing about relaxing spas and refreshing body and mind.


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