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Charmed by these new collections from Charm Makeup Brushes, Eye Of Horus, and Zen Zest!

Are you planning to treat yourself to something nice this Christmas? Nah, who needs nice!? Let's go for 'something nicer' with these new beauty collections from Charm Makeup Brushes, Zen Zest, and Eye Of Horus!

 Here's the newest edition of the Charm Travel Pro Brush Set series called Suzie!

Suzie's delicate, ethereal, and sweet, and she's adorned in Rose Gold-such a gorgeous color! The set also comes in a much wider yet still compact brush bag with a new feature: a handle at the back!

Here's another feature: There are two extra flaps in the interior of the brush bag that double as a case for other makeup tools such as falsies, tweezers, wedge sponge, towelettes, and pocket tissue.

And just like the previous Travel PRO brush sets, Suzie come with 14 professional quality brushes namely: Blush/Powder Brush, Stippling Brush, Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, Angled Brow Brush, Gel Liner Brush, Spoolie, Angled Eyeshadow Brush, Wet/Dry Eye Shader Brush, Flat Liner Brush, Bullet Brush, Eye Blender Brush, and Lip Brush.

Charm Travel PRO Brush Set Suzie is limited edition and retails at P2,750.00.

Click READ MORE and prepare to be smitten by more beauty collections! :D

Meet Charm Pocket, a 5- piece basic brush set that you can pop in your bag for expert touch- ups!

Charm pocket contains the following brushes: Powder/Blush Brush, Eye Shader Brush, Lash/Brow Comb, Brow Brush, and Concealer/Lip Brush.

These brushes come in a standout canvas pouch that's so easy to spot in your bag and conveniently fits makeup kits too! It's only P500.00 and it's an awesome gift to your girlfriends!

So which Charm Makeup Brush set would you like to see under your tree? How about both? :D

For more information about these new products, just visit CHARM MAKEUP BRUSHES on Facebook.

Sometimes, we want to give more this holiday season, but our budget doesn't permit us to do so. Well, that's not the case anymore because Zen Zest's holiday gift sets are here! Finally, you can give to everyone from your family, friends, to your colleagues, and even to the friendly security guard in your building, your trusty company messenger, and the hardworking and always cheerful janitor in your office/condo without setting your wallet ablaze!

Zen Zest offers their bath, body, and home products in delightful, decorative boxes that range from P120.00 for the duo of small body mists and P200.00 for the duo of large body mists-there are a wide range of scent choices for Men and Women. There's also the moisturizing liquid hand soap and hand lotion for only P200.00.

You can also go for Zen Zest's individual products and curate a set like this for your best friends-just buy a toiletries bag or a pretty box and it's good to go!

For more information about these products, please visit ZEN ZEST ASIA on Facebook.

Lastly, Eye Of Horus unveils the new Brow Define to give you on-point arches for the holidays! These waterproof brow definers come with a tiny, cylindrical tip for precise application and have added Castor Oil to induce hair growth, and Coconut Oil and Candelilla Oil to condition and strengthen brows. There are three shades to choose from: Husk (Light/Medium), Dynasty (Medium), Nile (Dark).

Eye Of Horus Brow Define retails at P950.00 and will soon be available in Please visit EYE OF HORUS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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  1. What I like about Zen zest is they use natural products. Sana I wouuld have my complete Brush Set din... I appreciate that the 3 main brushes has another plastic cover.

  2. That Eye of Horus eyebrow pencil looks to be a good product. I haven't heard of an eyebrow pencil that also helps in hair growth. Hope they would be available at a store soon.

  3. I want to buy the charm brush set. So cute and the packaging sure na secure un brush

  4. I want to purchase that charm brush set . Ganda ng packaging and sure na secure un brushes.

  5. The Charm travel brush pro is just heaven. The brushes look so nice! I've bought some ZenZest gift sets last week and I'm super happy with it. Perfect for giveaways. It's pretty affordable too. :) Even the non-gift sets are affordable. The scents smell good too.

  6. Teri: everything came with plastic tubes-just removed them before taking a photo. :)

    Julienne: Thanks! :D

    Hanna: True! :D

    Christine: They're conveniently available online. :)

  7. Teri: everything came with plastic tubes-just removed them before taking a photo. :)

    Julienne: Thanks! :D

    Hanna: True! :D

    Christine: They're conveniently available online. :)

  8. Wow what fabulous review, i love the color of makeup brushes ! Thanks:)

  9. So thankful that I found this. I love this brushes review. Thanks you're awesome! :)

    Makeup Brush Set


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