The Body Shop Smoky 2-in-1 Gel Liner in Black Review + Swatches

Here's a review on The Body Shop Smoky 2-in-1 Gel Liner in Black.

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I am almost out of my HG eyebrow product from MAC called Brow Gelcreme and I dunno how I will move on as I've been using it for the past two years! I'm literally making the most of what's left of it every single day and I need to find a replacement right away because this product is limited edition. :( 

And then here comes The Body Shop's Smoky 2-in-1 Gel Liner-I got all giddy when I learned that it's also meant for defining the brows. Eureka! This versatile product is nice to use on the brows as it is on the eyelids!


This 2-in-1 product is for defining the eyes and brows. Contains Marula Oil to soothe and nourish brow strands and the skin on the eyelids, and it comes in two shades, Black and Brown.


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Product comes in a small acrylic pot and with its very own cruelty- free brush. I find that the brush is best for lining the brows than the eyelids due to its domed tip.

There are only two colors for this product: Dark Brown and Black. Consistency is slightly creamy in the beginning and then it dries into a comfortable, matte finish. It's also very pigmented-in fact, it's one of the most pigmented gel liners I've seen so kudos to The Body Shop for that!

2-in-1 Gel Liner used as an eyeliner and on the brows

Eyeliner: The texture of the product makes it so nice to use for eye lining: It glides on smoothly and evenly, it is very easy to spread, plus it dries up efficiently. However, it transfers to the eyelash curler for a wee bit so make sure it's completely dry before curling your lashes.

Brows: Unlike MAC's Brow Gelcreme, this product has a wetter consistency, therefore it's easier to go overboard during application. This is how I werq it: 

1. Lightly and gently dip the brow brush into the pot. The way I do it, I position the brush on top of the pot, just let go of it, and let it hit the pot on its own (sorta' like free fall) because I always get so much when I use force (even with gentle force) when grabbing the product.
2. I start by mapping my brows then I dab the product starting on the center, tip, and edge of my brows, and then I grab a cleaner brow brush to spread the product.
3. I finish off the look by brushing a spoolie on my brows to soften harsh lines.

This product claims to last for 12 hours-it does stay on quite long enough (but not this long), but expect a slight smudge if you have really oily lids. I use different hues for my brows and eyelids (Black for the lids, Brown for the brows) so I need both colors of this product! Overall, I like this product and it's a good choice if you're looking for an affordable, matte, pigmented, versatile eyeliner! :)


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love its dual purpose. And it's so pigmented nga. I little amount would suffice for me if I were to use that. The brush looks a little bit big for creating a thin line for eyes, but anyway, we can use our own brushes naman for that. And it's affordable ha considering its purpose. I like the packaging, talagang hindi mawawala ang brush. I am currently using a gel eyeliner kasi that the brush is separate from the gel itself. Super prone na mawala. :/ I would love to try the brown one!

  2. I wish I can do winged and cat eye perfectly so I can appreciate eyeliners that much :(

  3. It's really pigmented! Nice one! But honestly I'm not used to using brush. I find pencil liners easier and not time consuming. Haha!

  4. It's really pigmented! Nice one! But honestly I'm not used to using brush. I find pencil liners easier and not time consuming. Haha!

  5. Oh wow, can also be used for the brows? This product is such a plus! I'm such a sucker for multi purpose products. Can't believe this versatile product costs only almost 700.

  6. Abegaill: Me too! Have to get it this week because my MAC brow product is literally dead already haha!

    Cath: Agree! Just one of the products that made me love The Body shop. :D

    Evey: To each his own. :D

    Fati: Practice makes perfect! :D


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