Beauty Trends for 2015

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Hear ye, hear ye, announcing this year's Beauty Trends straight from the runways and top lifestyle resources. Click READ MORE and check out this year's top Beauty trends!

Brown Eyes

- This classic look takes center stage in this year's Spring and Summer makeup looks. Oh, yay, that means I'm "in" this year because to be honest, this is the only eye makeup look I put on all the time!

A Pop Of Colored Eyeliner

- Spring and Summer may be all about being fresh- faced, but this doesn't mean you can't swipe on a neon green or electric blue eyeliner to break a monotonous look. Trust me, a pop of colored eyeliner looks gorgeous on clean makeup!

Clean, Fresh, Barely There Makeup

- 2015 wants us to challenge our skin care habits and routines with this look: Minimal foundation, skin that projects through makeup, and just a touch of bronzer to warm up the complexion.

Purple Eyes

- Marsala may be the color of the year, but even beauty experts agree that it's not a favorable color for the eyes, unless you have the guts to pull it off. Purple is the closest thing to sporting this year's IT color on the eyes!

A Rockin' Lip Color

- Especially Orange lipsticks! This look will never go out of style and we'll be seeing more of it once more this 2015. Time to hoard grandma's vintage orange lippies!

Clean, Solid Winged Line

- Say goodbye to Graphic Eyeliner looks because the classic, clean winged line is back!

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Messy Hair

- Tousled, semi- combed, wispy, sticking out hair-yes, it's one of 2015's fashionable statements for your crowning glory. This is my staple hair look! :)

Photo Credit: eazyfashion.com

LOB (Long Bob)

- To put some sense into your Messy Hair look, try a neat cut like LOB, an acronym for Long Bob. Not everyone can sport short hair, but surprisingly, this modern take on the classic Bob looks good on almost anyone!

Photo Credit: fashionista.com


- Sounds like a product straight from Dragon Ball Z, eh? Currently a potential beauty superstar in Korea and a bomb waiting to explode in the other parts of the globe, a Finisher acts as a sealant for all the skin care products you have just applied and is used specifically during daytime. Is it a primer? Nope. Is it a moisturizer? Nah. Is it an SPF product? Na-uh. It's a Finisher, a product all on its own. I'd love to see more of this product in the coming days or months!

Which Beauty Trend for 2015 are you interested in? I'm interested in the Finisher and LOB, but I have to consult my long-hair-since-4-years-old self first before I take the plunge! :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm super interested with the finisher too! Parang yung makeup setting spray lang ng nyx. :) And as for the hair, I know how you feel. I first had my short hair (armpit length) when I was on my 3rd year highschool and I feel okay that day but felt sorry for my hair another day. I had a hard time making my hair short again after that incident but then I realized I need to change the way I look. So late last year, I had my hair layered, trimming 5-6 inches of my hair. I liked it naman, but maintenance is kinda hard. My hair grows fast so now, it's long na ulit. :)

  2. I want to get ahold on the finisher!!! Pasok na pasok din ako sa mga beauty trends this year, ah! Haha!

    Love you, Ms. Martha! I missed visiting and commenting here!!!

  3. LOB is gorgeous! This is nice for gals who have medium length hair like me. Okay sya kasi the loose na curls give volume to the hair. YouTube tutorials are helpful kasi there are bloggers who do tutorials for this! :)

  4. Ooh excited about those finishers. Especially for oily girls like me. Looking forward to reviews on this. Glad to know that a winged line is still on trend. This is my everyday go to look. Instantly makes you look more professional and put together.

  5. I don't know how to rock purple eyes but I do love my oranges! I love the fact that 2015 is all about the skin and being natural. It's like the year is telling girls that we don't need to do a lot to follow the beauty standard and just be ourselves! Because not everyone has perfect straight hair or clear, bright skin, but 2015 is telling us to show our uniqueness off!

  6. Looking at all the trend forecasts, I'm hoping 2015 will be my year. I like all the trends you listed and a lot of them are my go-to looks. (Brown eyes, purple shadow, pop colored eyeliner, messy hair... Though that last part I do unintentionally. Haha. Sabog lang talaga hair ko forever.) It's exciting to see.

  7. Abegaill: Oh, same here. My hair grows really fast so I rarely have it styled, not to mention it's VERY straight and can't hold a style for more than an hour. :p

    Foodworldme: Haha same here. I think even before the messy hair became a trend, I've been sporting it already. It's my signature style lol. :p

    Stacie: I love how "freestyle" the trends are this year. :)

    Christine: And the winged line instantly amps up your look too! :)

    Gem: When I finally decide to go for a LOB, i'll surely watch these videos that you're talking about. :)

    Angelamhiere: My blog missed you too! Love you too! :D

  8. Hi!!! Can I ask what you use for doing your winged liner? It's amazing how clean and precise your eye liner always look. I can't seem to get it right prolly cause of my very oily eyelids. Applying liner is the toughest for me since liquid eyeliner tend to run around on application, gel or kohl liners smudge after a few hours. I hope you can help me with this. :)

    Thank you in advance!:)


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