Sumptuous Sundays: Breakfast at Antonio's

Waking up early, slipping into my favorite easy dress, stepping into a comfy yet fashionable pair of sandals, putting on my favorite Rayban Flash Lens, and driving off to Tagaytay to have breakfast while listening to alternative tunes-this is my idea of a perfect Sunday morning.

And that's what me and my BF did a few weeks back, and our chosen breakfast place was Breakfast At Antonio's.

PRICE RANGE: P200.00- P600.00

The family behind Antonio's Tagaytay said that they love breakfast food, thus they had put up this place. I also think it's a great move to bring the Antonio's experience to those who dislike going through the hassle of reserving a table and food, not to mention having to pay a lot of money for a meal (because Antonio's meals are very expensive). However, the dishes in Antonio's are unavailable here, but you can still experience his famous cooking through the restaurant's timeless breakfast and brunch offerings, and best part is you don't have to have a reservation-walk- in customers are definitely welcome!

At Breakfast At Antonio's, you will dine in an open air space amidst a lush setting. It's simply impossible to not take your time and savor your meal when you dine in here!

Check out what my BF and I ordered after the break!

Eggs Benedict

- Two warm English Muffins topped with poached eggs, farmer's ham, and Hollandaise sauce. Portion looks quite small, but don't be deceived as this dish is truly filling! The Cinnamon and Sugar glazed Pineapple and Banana slices went perfectly with the savory dish, making the entire thing sweet and salty, and it greatly appeals to the Pinoy palate.

Banana Pecan Waffle

- Golden waffles with fresh Banana slices and Macadamia nuts, a scoop of butter, and light caramel drizzle. They ran out of Pecans during our visit, but I was completely fine with Macadamias-I love this nut! :) This waffle dish is creamy all throughout, but it's not "nakakaumay" to eat. :) You can request for Maple Syrup too like what we did.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake, cupcake portion

- The restaurant offers seasonal cakes and we chanced upon this one. It's authentic cheesecake (meaning it tastes really cheesy, not creamy) topped with creamy Caramel and sprinkled with a bit of Sea Salt-the result was heaven! There are regular cake slices, but we found them too huge and thankfully, they offer cupcake portions of the cakes (like this one) so you can have a bit of everything without over stuffing yourself.

We actually ordered Bacon, Swiss Cheese, and Over Easy Eggs Roesti as appetizer, but we only remembered to take a photo of it when we finished the plate. :p The Roesti was really good: It had the right crunch and it wasn't too oily, but it's best to share a plate (unless you have a big appetite) as it's very filling!

Overall, food is really good, but what made it taste even better was the beautiful setting Breakfast At Antonio's was in. I look forward to driving back to this place again and trying out their other offers!

Must Try at Breakfast At Antonio's

1. Eggs Benedict
2. Salted Caramel Cake
3. Roesti

Breakfast At Antonio's is located in Aguinaldo Highway, Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay City

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The place is so nice, feeling like you're really with nature. The food looks yummy especially the cupcake. The way you describe, it made me drool over it. Haha. Will try this out when I get to Tagaytay

  2. Will surely check this place on my next visit to Tagaytay.

    Hey, I love macadamia nuts. It's my next favorite nut after pistachio! :)

  3. I've never been. Once, I was supposed to go with my cousins as saling-pusa, but we couldn't even get a reservation. Went for Sonia's Garden instead. Food looks mouth-watering, though. --Matromao

  4. Abegaill: I can't wait to go back here and de-stress...plus pig-out haha!

    Foodworldme: Oh, maybe you mean Antonio's? This place doesn't require a reservation. :)

    Mrs. Kolca: We have the same nut favorites! :D

  5. Oh snap, it's separate nga pala! Good to know this is the walk-in type. :))

  6. "And I say what about Breakfast at ... " Antonio's? You had me singing there. :) I want all of those dishes! I hope this craving doesn't kill me! Thanks a lot for super yummy food posts!


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