Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick + Swatches.

Price: P350.00/each
Bought From: Free
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I always wear a staining lipstick when I'm going to meetings. Why? Because meetings can go on for a long time and retouching is pretty impossible to do while I'm at it-I don't want to distract my client and divert his/her attention to my patchy lips and bleeding lip color. I am also not in favor of retouching lipstick in front of clients as it looks unprofessional or halting a meeting just to do it as it is trivial, but I also believe it is important to look nice all the time--A staining lipstick will solve all these issues.

I'm not talking about Magic Lipsticks, guys-I doubt that one will wear Blue lipstick that turns to Pink eventually to a meeting. I'm talking about regular lipsticks like Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick-this moisturizing lipstick stays!


This lipstick provides a cushiony, lasting, hydrating finish to the lips. Claims to minimize the appearance of fine lines and stop feathering for an all- day, perfect pout.


I'm swatching 9 shades for your guys so click READ MORE now! :)


Love Me

- A nude pink shade.

This is one lovely MLBB shade!


- A pink-violet shade

This shade looks good on me despite it being a cool shade, thanks to its Violet undertone. Violet looks good on warm skin tones!

Plum Promise

- A Plum shade with a Red undertone.

This shade is not entirely Plum, but more of Dark Red to me. I was expecting it to be Plum though!

Head Turner

- A hot Pink shade.

This shade reminds me of the beach due to its Tropical, summery appeal. :)


- A Coral shade with a Pink undertone.

Oh, now this is one lovely and authentic Coral Pink shade! I love that it didn't turn out Orange on me (which is sometimes my experience with Coral lipsticks), thus it's a keeper!

Kiss And Tell

- A Blue- based bright Pink shade.

If Head Turner is for warm skin tones, Kiss And Tell is for fairer skin tones as it is much lighter and leans on the cool side. Both hot Pinks are pretty universal anyway so wear whichever you like!

Hot Summer

- A Cherry Red hue.

Queen Bee

- A lantern Red shade

Little story: I went to SM Aura yesterday and saw that they have little Red lanterns displayed on all the entrances to anticipate the Chinese New Year. I was wearing this particular shade of lipstick and I thought it resembled the little Red lanterns, thus I called it a "lantern Red shade". That's all! :D


- A true Red shade.

If your staple lip color is a true red shade, this is a good addition to your collection because it leaves a nice, Red stain-I added it to mine.

Here's the stain from the lipstick. Please note that the stain doesn't really look blotchy like this-it's just that I didn't wear the lipsticks long enough for them to stain my lips properly as I was swatching everything one after the other for this review. If left one on for a while, it will leave an even stain that doesn't come off easily-you might even need a lip makeup remover to get rid of it. By the way, the light shades yield a light Pink stain while the dark shades yield a dark Pink stain.

The lipsticks have this nice Vanilla scent, sheer, hydrating texture, and the color selection is pretty and varied. My only issue with it is its color coverage doesn't last as long as the stain-it comes off completely and easily at that due to its wet, moisturizing consistency, but the good thing about it is the stain will make up for the lost color coverage so I won't distract my clients with patchy lip color. 

While I don't think it's imperative to own all colors from this collection, it's nice to own at least one or two from it for moments when retouching your lipstick is simply impossible or rude.

So which color do you like? :)


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the plum promise.hope to have this lippie color soon;)

  2. i love cc lipsticks ms m! and my 4 personal fave from above were: Love Me, Angelic, Head Turner and Kiss & Tell

    and they're very affordable (lalo na kung tupperware dealer ka because you can get discount price)

    i am wearing their aqua line in Bali! its perfect nude for me =) not drying on lips it even gives moisture on it

  3. The shades are all beautiful omg. But I like headturner the most because its hot pink. I think it's perfect for my skin tone and for my everyday office look. A bit classy and intimidating,i like that vibe. I love how plain and simple the packaging looks but very classy. All shades matches you. thanks for the review!

  4. Queen Bee, and Kiss and Tell.. for me, these two shades really stand out.

  5. I really love Colour Collection lipsticks! I was pleasantly surprised when I got a hold of a sample because I did not expect it to perform really well. Colors stay on the lips and are really hydrating.

    It's so cheap omg i want them allll like pokemon. haha

    Kinda hard to get a hold of a dealer, though.

  6. I still can't disassociate "tupperware" from "2-week leftovers in the fridge no one wants to touch". The colors do seem pretty though. Love Me, in particular, looks so fresh

  7. I've never tried anything from colour collection because I don't know any tupperware dealer near our place. :/ Their lipsticks seem pretty good pa naman. And this range has a lot of pretty shades perfect for different occasions. I super love the reds the most. :)

  8. Valerie: Haha! IKR. Or the thought of grandma bringing ice box cake to the table in no less than a Tupperware box. :p Love Me is lovely indeed-great choice! :)

    Abegaill and Deedee: Same. I think one has to go all the way to Commonwealth if we want to purchase directly from their store. :/

    Kleah: You're welcome. :)

    Rhain: Thanks for sharing, dear! :D


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