Hauls :D

Got bitten by the shopping bug last week and purchased a couple of fashion and beauty items. I love my hauls this week, especially the clothes because they're so classy and versatile!

But first, let us start with my Beauty Hauls:

I'm breaking out badly currently due to stuck whiteheads under my skin and this prompted me to splurge on Mario Badescu, my go- to brand for controlling and ending breakouts. I just purchased my favorite Special Cucumber Lotion and I'm trying out Enzyme Cleansing Gel, which will keep my skin balanced as I treat my skin with acne- fighting and oftentimes drying products. My biggest purchase is Acne Repair Kit that includes Mario Badescu's top- selling acne busters namely Drying Cream, Drying Lotion, and Buffering Lotion. That said, I have high expectations on this!

Oh, I got GWPs for my Mario Badescu haul too! :)

I visited Powerplant Mall last Sunday and there was a green fair that happened at the activity center. I went around the area to look for some interesting stuff and found something interesting indeed called Oil Pulling Oil with Peppermint Tea Tree from G Stuff. I've been planning to do Oil Pulling for the longest time, but what stops me is the idea of gargling pure oil-thankfully, I found a product that's specifically made for this ritual!

Sharing my fashion hauls after the break. :)

Geez, Uniqlo has this new collection of really nice, plain, versatile dresses that you can wear in a Monday meeting to a Sunday garden party. I bought a White one-I wanted to purchase it in Gray, Red, and Black too, but I figured it's best to try and test if it's comfy or not first!

I also bought a new White Strappy Wedge from Charles and Keith to replace my favorite white wedge pair from Dune that my Golden Retriever had mistaken for a toy. :p

Lastly, here's my haul from Poshmark Boutique in Tomas Morato, Quezon City-it's a boutique that houses various online fashion/beauty/accessories/wellness shops and brands. I got a loose cotton long- sleeved tee with a sewn- on necklace from Vaintage, and Navy Blue criss- cross off- shoulder and slim skirt with slit and nautical blue stripes from Pink Boudoir. I like the set- up and product selections in this store and for sure, I shall make it a point to drop by again when I'm in the area.

That's all for today! :D

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Awesome! You really have a nice taste when it comes to fashion. I must say you are very classy. I love the plain dress from Uniqlo. I bet it looks good on you! I was a curious about the effectiveness of the acne set? Does it improves pimples afterba week. I had lots of pimples due to staying up late at night. It was so hard to balance motherhood and my work. Thumbs up for your fashion halls! :)

  2. i love the white dress and the wedge frm C&K white never gets out of fashion =)

  3. Great shopping hauls! Parang I want to try the skincare acne line you bought!

  4. Oh my! That's a pretty dress! I'm heading over to Uniqlo to check that out :D

  5. Oh I hope Mario Badescu will do its promised job on your breakouts..

    That wedge is a bomb! Charles and Keith is my favorite brand of corporate shoes and bags. Classy yet affordable:)

  6. How much does an acne repair kit cost? I think I need one.

  7. The Mario Badescu pink lotion is really really good. As in dries out pimples overnight. Havent used this brand in years though. Please do a blog post on your oil pulling experience. I've read about oil pulling but the idea of a mouth full of oil is kinda gross.

  8. Great haul! I just dropped by Uniqlo yesterday and I couldn't help myself. So many great clothes right now.

    I've been reading a lot lately about oil pulling and have really given it much thought. The idea of swishing oil in my mouth just feels so...oily to me. Haha. But so many people have been recommending it that I think I'm gonna give it a shot! :)

  9. I also use mario badescu products and I love it! esp the Glycolic Toner which I have a review about. :)

    x hernameistrina.com x

  10. Can't afford mario badescu set currently. Haha. I like the dress and the wedge, they fit perfectly. :) And simple clothes are really the best ones. Di mahirap bagayan

  11. Awesome buys. I like the the white dress too. I will wait for your post on Mario Badescu experience.
    Have a nice day always.

  12. Kleah: Will report back on the results. :)

    abegaill: True! my goal for this year is to come up with versatile pieces. :D

    Simplyme: Thanks! :D

    Trina: Hello and welcome to my blog. Ooooh. Glycolic Toner. I'll check that out, but I have to learn how to let go of the Special Cucumber Lotion first-it's my favorite! :D

    Deedee: Same here! I hope it's not as weird or bad as I imagined! :p

    Christine: Yep, the drying lotion is my fave too. Great for white heads! :D Yes, I will blog about my oil pulling experience. :)

    Newbee: It's 2,950php :)

    Louise: Hello dear and welcome to my blog! :D


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