Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow in 02 Natural Brown Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow in 02.

Price: P595.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in select Watson's stores


I've searched real hard for information about Heavy Rotation online, but to no avail. It seems like it's either one of the smaller Japanese drugstore brands or it's very, very new.

I digress. I'll cut to the chase and say that this is a very good brow powder! It's affordable and I love that it's sweat- proof and sebum- proof. In2it's Waterproof Brow Powder is the first and last drugstore brow powder I have tried and liked, and Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow joins the list. Actually, I like this better than In2it. 


This product defines the eyebrows and gives you the illusion of a slimmer nose. Powder is made with fine pigments that claim to be waterproof and comes in two shades: 01 Light Brown (for light- colored hair) and 02 Natural Brown (for dark- colored hair).


Say hello to your new brow essential after the jump!

Product comes in a small, rectangular plastic compact-it doesn't feel luxe, but at least it feels quite sturdy. Size and shape reminds me of a wafer sandwich, in a playful kind of way. :p (Look who's hungry!)

It comes with a dual- ended brush. The slanted brush is for the brows and the fluffy one is for shading the nose. The bristles on these brushes are soft and I love that their bodies feel solid, but flexible enough that they go with my hand movements effortlessly.

L-R: Nose shadow, Eyebrow Powder 1 (for inner area), and Eyebrow Powder 2 (for outer area).


Eyebrow Powder 1: a Taupe/Beige shade with silver micro shimmer
Nose Powder: a very Pale Beige shade with sliver micro shimmer
Eyebrow Powder 2: a Dark Brown matte shade

This is how you're supposed to use the three: Brow Powder 1 is for the edge of your brows (the one near your nose) while Brow Powder 2 is for the center and tip. These are merely suggestions though-you don't have to follow them to the letter. I can use either BP 1 or BP 2 only and still manage to get a lovely finish in the end. It's all in the way you blend the product!

The Nose Powder, however, is too light in my opinion, too light that I use it as a brow bone highlighter instead. Brow Powder 1 is a better nose shader.

The powders have this semi-creamy yet light texture that is so easy to blend, sets efficiently, and clings on the skin very well-I like it when brow powders cling onto my skin (but not gel/wax/mousse brow products) because they look more natural and 'blended in'.


Bare Brow

Brow outlined with Eyebrow Powder 1

Brow filled in with Eyebrow Powder 1

This brow powder trio is pretty pigmented, but it allows me to customize the coverage. Texture feels sheer too and it looks quite hair- like! I love using Eyebrow Powder 1 because it matches the current shade of my hair very well.

I wore this brow powder to one of my workout sessions and even if it faded for a little, especially on the tip of my brows, a significant amount had remained and take note, that's without any sort of eye primer! :)

How does it differ from In2it's Waterproof Brow Powder?

Heavy Rotation- affordable
In2it- more affordable

Heavy Rotation- can be used as an eyeshadow and nose shader, on top of being a brow powder
In2it- can be used as an eyeshadow and nose shader, on top of being a brow powder

Heavy Rotation- pigmented but can be built on gradually
In2it- pigmented and yields heavy coverage right away

Heavy Rotation- long- wearing, sebum- proof, and sweat- proof
In2it- not waterproof as advertised

But ya' know, In2it's brow powder is great-I love it too, but at the moment, Heavy Rotation is my favorite because it has better staying power. I recommend this product to all brow powder users out there because it's mighty cheap, mighty versatile, mighty good, and I think it's going to be your next brow powder! :)


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks a lot for this review. I'm a really big fan of the In2T and the heave rotation makes me want to give it a go but what branch of watsons did you bought this from? or if it was given to you did they lay out list of branches you can buy this?

  2. will try this too... any suggestion on how to grow eyebrows... i think mine is thin maybe because of too much plucking coz before thin eyebrows are in..
    thanks in advance Ms. M.

  3. i've always loved in2it's brow powder so this post makes me wanna go straight to watson's and purchase heavy rotation's! thanks for the review ms. martha! :)

  4. It looks very natural. I like it. I think i might purchase this because the shades are beautiful. My hair color is brown so this would be perfect. It is very refined and it significally lightens the brow, makes the brows fuller and even. The packaging is also catchy. I love it! Definitely an eye catcher! All in all i wanna give this one a shot!

  5. I've never tried using any brow powder as my brow is very thick! 0_0 can I still use them with my very black brow?

  6. I don't think we have this in Davao City... :( I really, really want to buy one!

  7. yay for a splurge vs steal post (kinda post which i love from your previous posts ms m) at least we saw comparison here

    been waiting for this review and i was surprised that it costs less than 700php way cheaper than my favorite kpalette lasting 2way eyebrow!

  8. When I saw the picture it indeed reminded me of the In2It brow powder. I have the In2It and really enjoy it and will stick to it. Could you do a post on best products for long lasting brows?

  9. lol at the wafer comparison. My curiosity is certainly getting the better of me and I'm going to Watsons to check this out! I'm a sucker for kilay products

  10. Hi Martha! Heavy Rotation is under Isehan, which is the company that Kiss Me a.k.a. Heroine Make belongs too. I love the Heavy Rotation brow mascara - tried it out when I found it in HK. :)

  11. Hello Ms martha. Im really curious about eyebrow products. Ano po ba preferred niyo?eyebrow pencil, powder, gel or mascara?

  12. Been waiting for this review since I saw your other post introducing it! :) I'm leaning towards korean/japanese products recently so I'm really really glad to know that this works! I love how natural the color is. And can also serve other purpose than for the brows. Yun nga lang, there are only 2 shades available. But nonetheless, it's affordable naman and it's worth it

  13. Steff: Hi there and welcome to tbj! When I state BOUGHT FROM: FREE, it means that the product has been given to me as press sample. :) Heavy Rotation is available in a few Watsons outlets only and the one I know is Watsons SM Makati. :)

    Samantha: Yes, Mandom Corp. mentioned that this brand is under Isehan like Heroine Make. :D Thanks for the additional information. Ooooh. A brow mascara, you say? I'm interested! :D

    Abegaill: Yes! Plus it's very long- wearing-how can I resist that? :D

    Fayesolis: I personally prefer gel and my fave is MAC Brow Gel Creme, but since this is a limited edition product, I use brow powder in lieu of it. :)

    Deedee: Haha. Same! :)

    Sincere: Yes, but don't apply too much-just use it to fill in the gaps. :)

    Christine: Noted! :)

    Nicayh: You're welcome and welcome to my blog! :)

    Simplyme: Hi dear! Please look for my brow grooming tutorial in my HOW TO archive. :)

    Kleah: I think you'll enjoy this product. ;)

    Rhain:I love KPalette too, but this one is just too good to miss. :)


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