Max Factor Creme Puff in Translucent 05 Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Max Factor Creme Puff in Translucent 05.

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"Oh dear, I gained a wrinkle! *laughs" 
It was one of those fine Sunday afternoons. We were preparing for the usual Sunday mass and as usual, the young me would dress up hurriedly to catch my grandmother put her makeup on-I always enjoyed watching her primp herself. 
I caught her in front of her dresser, leaning closely to the mirror, examining her forehead and fussing over a "wrinkle", which was completely new to me at that time. She probably felt my presence so she turned her little head slowly and with her soft, alto voice, she called me up to her dresser. 
"You too will get a wrinkle one day, but don't ever let it pull you down." 
She told me those words as she was fixing the collar of my favorite Blue velvet Sunday dress. Next, she pulled out from her dresser a round, dark blue disk with the word 'Creme Puff' on it, twisted the cap, picked up the cottony puff, and started blotting that "wrinkle" on her forehead. She smiled softly after a few pats, a sign that she's satisfied with what she's done with the "wrinkle" and then off we went to accomplish another day of praise.

I will always remember my grandmama through Creme Puff. Boy, she never swayed from using that product. 16 years after, I never thought that I'd actually use it and love it at the same time. Indeed it is true that the wisdom of our grandmothers and mothers will always echo in our lives, and I guess this principle also applies even on the simplest things, like our makeup choices.


Invented in 1953 by Max Factor himself, Creme Puff was one of the innovative makeups at that time as it was regular pressed powder, but it stayed on like cream makeup. It promises to give skin a soft, even, matte look that lasts. It comes in 9 shades.


More about this tried and tested face powder after the break!

I'm just glad that Max Factor decided to retain the classic packaging of this product. It's not the most efficient, but I'm loving the vintage feel of it. The sponge that comes along with the product is not the usual cotton puff that we see in pressed powders, but rather it is a soft, nylon- like sponge with lots of tiny holes in it. I don't really know what to call the sponge, but all I know is it works very well with the powder's texture-the unique sponge enables me to build the coverage gradually and smoothly on my skin.

Translucent 05 is a fair beige shade with a pink undertone, but it doesn't leave a significant tint on the complexion. It has a creamy yet dry texture, which makes it suitable for dry and oily skin types. 

In truth, Creme Puff is what we know today as Powder Foundation, but I like that Max Factor has included a translucent version in this range, which is perfect for gals like me who can't find a match in Creme Puff's current shade selection, which brings me to mentioning this con: The shades in this range are just too pink for Asian skin tones!


One layer of Creme Puff in Translucent 05

This powder yields a soft, matte finish and medium coverage. It smooths out the skin's texture, but cannot cover face bumps completely.

TIP: This is a very versatile powder. You can use it on its own or on top of a liquid base, and you can use it wet or dry too. 

On its own, you can dampen the product with water if you want to achieve heavier coverage or use it dry if you want light or medium coverage.

On top of a liquid base, use a fluffy powder brush to get a soft, matte finish. Should you need more coverage, just use the powder puff.

This powder gives me a nice, even, classy, matte look that lasts for hours, plus I find that it is great for retouching too. Formula has no SPF which is supposed to make it photo- friendly, but not quite because if I apply a lot, it tends to leave a slight white cast due to the pink undertone. It's great for daytime use though!

I love how versatile this powder is: it can be a pressed powder, powder foundation, and a retouching powder, plus it comes in translucent and tinted versions too-truly, it is a PRO product! Aside from my minor issue with the shade range, I think this is a great powder that gives you that classic matte look that transcends generations. I now understand why this is an iconic product!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i missed my lola too.. i love watching her fixing her long hair (it reaches her waist) doing a neat "puyod" then doing her routine.. applying her powder.. i used to love the smell of it but i cannot recall the brand anymore..

    ms m how much for this one? 05 Translucent looks pink is this okay for yellow toned skin like me?

  2. I was honestly about to buy thi at one point, but yes the pink tinge which Maxfctor just seems to have in all its base products just put me off, glad it didn't show up on you though, but I still wouldn't purchase, but the amount for the price is quite alright, actually.

  3. I will try any product that will control my oily skin that will give also cover my flaws. I hope this will come with spf.

  4. I was a bit surprised with its price (cheaper) considering it's Max Factor! I opt for a pressed powder which won't let me look like always blushing. hehe.

  5. aww yes! both my mom and my lola swear by this. They're fair-skinned though, so I haven't given this a try. I'm glad that they have it in translucent. Definitely checking this out.

  6. True enough, max factor really is a staple among older women. My mom loves it so much, and the same goes with her friends. I haven't ventured much into using max factor - pink undertones for a foundation is really a big factor for me. But, ill try translucent soon and reconsider. Haha. Thanks for posting this!

  7. I've never heard of this one but it looks good. the coverage is superb yet the price is affordable. I'm actually surprised about the price. I thought it would cost 900+ :) Another must-try from Max Factor

  8. Tricia: Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts, dear. :)

    Abegaill: I thought so too, but was surprised to find out that it's 500php+ only! :)

    Newbee Marie: Welcome! :)

    Deedee: lemme know how you like it. ;)

    Rhain: Hi, dear. It's 575php. :)


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