Nekkid Beauty Cleansing Cream Unscented Review

Here's a review on Nekkid Beauty Cleansing Cream Unscented.

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The good ol' cleansing cream is an ideal makeup remover for people with normal and dry skin because its rich consistency melts makeup quickly and effectively like other cleansers, but keeps the skin's integrity intact by retaining moisture. However, most creams are highly fragranced and may cause skin irritation in some while others may find it not pleasing at all. It's good that newcomer in the local beauty scene, Nekkid, decided to come up with an unscented cleansing cream for those who are allergic to fragrances and who want a simple and true product to take the day away.


Nekkid's Cleansing Cream is a rich, emollient, and mild makeup remover: It promises to remove makeup thoroughly while leaving skin soft and supple with its highly moisturizing, suds- free formula. 

You know, if I had dry skin, I'd prolly rejoice upon seeing the ingredients list because it's loaded with some of nature's very emollient ingredients! I like that the ingredient list is simple and almost everything is natural. It's got Beeswax though, so steer clear if you're allergic to anything produced by Bees. Nekkid also suggested in their website that cleansing creams like this product may be suitable for those with sensitive skin and Rosacea, but if I were you, I'd consult with a dermatologist first especially if I am suffering from any skin condition. ;)

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This cleansing cream has a SUPER RICH texture: It's whipped, creamy, and feels like frosting! A small amount can go a long way and it's very spreadable as well. Initially, I thought that this product is not at all removing my makeup, but when I inspected the gunk after using, I saw that all my makeup was trapped somewhere in the middle of it-I realized, it's like the cream pierces through the layers of makeup, lifts 'em all away, and traps 'em in its buttery consistency-it cleanses thoroughly after all! Another great thing about this makeup remover is it really leaves my skin soft and moist, as if I have just applied moisturizer-there's absolutely zero dryness, irritation, tightness, and roughness. I even feel that the cream creates a barrier on and protects my skin from all the friction as I rub off my makeup! However, it's not advisable to use this product as a mascara or eye makeup remover though as it may cloud the vision or cause mascara to clump even more.

My only problem with this product is it leaves a residue just because it is pretty high on Beeswax, a viscous ingredient. Beeswax is also the reason why this cleanser is a little tough to tissue and rinse off.

This is a pretty good makeup remover because it feels nice on the skin, is gentle, pleasurable to use, and size is pretty big for a P350.00 product. I highly recommend it to those with normal and dry skin, or those who are simply looking for a very moisturizing makeup remover. Maybe next time, Nekkid can go easy on Beeswax to make it much easier to remove.


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. packaging is pretty neat reminds me of your previous review about burts bees but this one has label on the side =)

    i like that this one comes unscented =)

    my first cleansing cream is from ponds and it has more runny consistency than this one, same as my current cleansing cream from Etude house (costs less than 200php) and the price of nekkid cleansing cream is very well competitive because of its huge size (one size only ms m?)

  2. This is one of Nekkid products that I wanted to buy! Now that you gave a positive feedback about the product, I'm definitely ordering one. :D I would its moisturizing properties. I'm currently using the aloe cream from etude house which I really really love as well. I haven't finished the tub though. :) It's affordable too.

  3. I agree, for just 350php 200g of this unscented cream is not bad
    I also use virgin coconut oil to remove my makeup. Using cotton of course. Then I just wash my face pag matutulog na. I think it works great to my facial skin.

  4. What i like in this product is its price. Affordable yet seems a good product & not a scented one =) What i dont like is its availability. As a consumer i prefer if the products are available in drugstore or malls.

  5. sobrang inlove ako sa product na to, its very affordable talaga, Plus its unscented. and its not harsh on skin.

  6. I wish I could try this but the availability...I'm sooooo far away.. (i...i)

  7. This sounds very interesting. I've read quiet a good number of positive reviews about the brand and this cleanser. I might try this after I've finished my bifiesta cleanser. Kaso this doesn't remove eye makeup nga lang so I might need a separate eye makeup remover pa

  8. It's the first time I heard of this brand. I checked Nekkid's official site, and I think it's love at first sight! Packaging is sooo gorgeous! Sounds affordable too!

    Ma-try nga...

  9. at first look akala ko candle, then when I read cleansing balm I thought it was one of those facial wash in cream form ( I have been seeing those type of facial wash for US youtubes)pero parang cold cream pala.

    I have been reading a lot of raves and reviews about Nekkid, and it actually looks expensive. Pero I was shocked ang affordable naman pala. I actually have a oily skin but I still prefer using creams to remove my makeup because it feels really nice sa skin. Would definitely try this!

  10. Karla: LOL. Funny observation. :D But yeah, it does look like a candle! :D

    Newbee Marie: Try the body wash and scrubs! :)

    Vin: You can order online. :)

    Jaja: Yup. That's usually the case with any makeup remover: it can't really remove everything and you have to buy two kinds every time. :)

    Flexxy: I feel you. Maybe soon, but for now, Nekkid wants to keep their brand indie and operations small. :)

    Josie: Yes, I use VCO sometimes too to remove my makeup, specifically the one by VMV Hypoallergenics. :)

    Rhain: Pond's was the first cleansing cream I have tried too and I think I will never outgrow that product! :)

    Abegaill: Is that the cleansing something series (lol i forgot the name, but I remember that it's something like that)? I remember that it's the EH cleansing line that offers cleansing creams. If we're talking about the same line, I just want to say that that line has good cleansing foams! :)


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