Sumptuous Sundays: Ludo Board Game Bar And Cafe

There’s a new breed of restaurants that I think people will talk about and put in their must- visit lists very soon: Board Game Cafes. Why? Because such restaurants encourage authentic human interaction, something that we lack nowadays. I have no idea if these cafes have wifi though, but with fun board games to play with, who needs that?! If you were born in the 90's, you will appreciate this concept, but for Gen Z, please keep an open mind and put aside IG, Twitter, and FB for a while-please try something new. :D

Anyway, one of these cafes is Ludo Board Game Bar and Cafe in Quezon City.

PRICE RANGE: Appetizer starts at P120.00; Main Course starts at P180.00; Dessert; Drinks start at P80.00 (alcoholic drinks are also available)

Ludo is a food and board games lover's haven. They offer around 30+ kinds of board games to test your wit, skills, and friendship. (lol) 

The board games that you can play with in here are Zombicide, Taboo, Cash 'N Guns, Mall Of Horror, and more. No Snakes 'N Ladders though. Pfft. Staff are pretty accommodating and they will gladly teach you how to play a certain board game or even play with you all throughout as needed. Also, it could get a lil' noisy here so if you want some peace and quiet, please eat somewhere else. :p

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Lightly- toasted classic Gyoza that has the right amount of savoriness to it. I found it a little oily though. :p

Katsudon (Top) and Tori Furai (Bottom)

Most (if not all) of their mains are Rice Bowls because I think Ludo thought that it's more convenient for the customers to eat in a bowl especially when they're playing with the board games and yes, I agree. As for these Japanese Donburi bowls, they are very filling and they taste decent.

Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip (6 pcs./8 pcs.)

Deep fried Chicken wings with a crackling Honey glaze. Oh, I'd say that these wings are the best part of my experience along with the board games. The Blue Cheese sauce complimented the sweetness of the Chicken in a way that only my heart can describe. :D

Salted Caramel Milkshake

It truly tasted like Salted Caramel bars, but only in liquid form and it's a nice drink to have when playing the board games as it gives you that much- needed sugar rush-you'll need it! ;)

Ludo's food is not great, but it's not bad either-I'd say that it's three notches above cafeteria food, but it's not quite restaurant food. Is this acceptable? For me, a little because I believe that food is not Ludo's main commodity, but rather the unique experience. There's still room for improvement for the food, but overall, I like the concept of Ludo-at least somebody thought of putting up a place where humans can be humans again, if you know what I mean. :)

Must- Try in Ludo:

1. Chicken Wings With Blue Cheese Dip
2. Salted Caramel Milkshake

Ludo Board Game Bar and Cafe is located in Scout Fuentebella cor. Scout Torillo st., Sacred Heart, Quezon City (near Tomas Morato). Call +639209218482 for inquiries.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Naaks and cool naman! Best for group date yan with family and friends esp if you guys can't decide kung saang bahay kayo mag lalaro edi dyan na Lang sa Ludo πŸ˜„
    The more the merrier and the louder the better!
    Anyways I agree genuine human interaction is getting a bit obsolete na, aside from board games like that we should also find time to play other sports (besides masarap kaya mag sweat) or just simply have a heart to heart talk with close friends and laugh your heart out.😊
    Have a great week guys

  2. me and my cousins love playing board games still ms m! (most of the kids nowadays loves playing games on their gadgets)

    and its new to me to found a board game cafes!

    now im craving for salted caramel milkshake!!!

  3. Ludo turned out to be a crazy fun night for me and my college friends. At first, I was overwhelmed by how loud the other tables were getting, but as we got into our game, we were getting just as noisy. :))

    Another selling point has got to be the uniqueness of their games. We finally got to try the much raved-about Cards Against Humanity and a Korean Jenga-esque game with little hammers.

    Hope you got to try the Philippine edition Taboo there. The beki members of our group made the game R-rated, but hilarious.

  4. We are really planning to go here! We were really just looking forward to play the games there as BF and I love board and card games talaga. We play Munchkin. I hope someone knows that. Haha. We are not expecting the food to be exemplary though. This place is near our office lang. :) Thanks for the food suggestions. Will definitely try that

  5. I love the idea of being able to enjoy board games and having good food!


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