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There will come a time in your life when you will naturally desire change. You'll get tired of monotony, you'll desire to expand, and you'll begin to wonder if there could still be a better version of you and that's okay; change is what continually gives life meaning so when the urge for it comes, take it.

Change is a indeed a universal principle and it is needed even in skin care. You need to change your regimen to change your skin--as simple as that! And if you're ready now to take that brand new step in your skin care routine, there's Kiehl's, ready to change with you.

#ChangeYourSkinPH is a new campaign by Kiehl's Philippines that encourages everyone to step up or revamp their skin habits and regimen for better skin. This campaign is for everyone, from males and females, young and old, and new or old customers. 

The first step in change is knowing that you need change. A skin consultation is the primary step to determining the kind of change your skin needs. It's good to know that Kiehl's offers free skin consultation in all their branches so you can determine the perfect Kiehl's products for you.

Even Kiehl's fans like me can benefit from the skin consultation just because our skin type changes as we get older, therefore we would need a whole new type of skin care products. I had a taste of their free skin consultation at the Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkinPH event held at 12/10 Makati.

So what's my new skin type ladies and gents (Or did it really change)? Click READ MORE to find out. :)

From being Oily all throughout, my skin is now Combination Normal-Oily. This explains why I've been feeling that my skin is not as oily as it used to. #Aging

Before, my go-to skin care in Kiehl's was the Blue Herbal line because it's intended for oily skin types. Since my skin type has somewhat changed already, the Kiehl's staff recommended the following: Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner Alcohol- Free and Purifying Foaming Cleanser, and Midnight Recovery Eye because he noticed my puffies! :D

Here are the Kiehl's products that I think I'll be using 10 years from now. :D

We also celebrated Kiehl's 8th anniversary in the Philippines and they gathered their media partners for an intimate, "Thank you" gathering over cocktails, coffee, and hors 'd oeuvres. Thank you also, Kiehl's for coming over to the Philippines 8 years ago; you don't know how much you've made one girl, a true, blue Kiehl's fan who used to hoard her Kiehl's stuff from the US before you opened here, very happy. :D

So guys, time for a change. Don't forget to drop by any Kiehl's stores and try out their free consultation. Don't forget to ask for samples! :)

Visit KIEHL'S PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this campaign.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Whoah, I never heard of this shop before nor got there but the skin consultation I think is pretty amazing. What's more awesome is that it is free.

  2. I can still remember during your first meet and greet, you told us na you are amaze by kiehls, from then I really wanted to try it for myself but it's very expensive. Pero I'll make ipon and will try their products.

  3. I went in their branch in Makati before and I was overwhelmed with their products! Its nice that they have a derma (or skin expert) on duty though their products are kind of pricey for me. Need to save for their products bec I read a lot of raves abput them.

  4. I've tried availing their free consultation and I've learned that I'm combination-oily too. They also gave free samples! How amazing is that. And both are absolutely free. It wouldn't take more than 5 minutes btw. :)

  5. I appreciate the skin consultations. At least, each individual product can address my skin concerns. One-size-fits-all skincare is definitely not something I believe in.

  6. I happened to pass by Kiehl's Megamall the other day and saw their free skin consultation sign. I wanted to avail it but I was too shy because it was already 9pm and my face was too oily, coming from QC pa.

  7. I passed by Kiehl's Megamall store the other day and saw their free consultation sign. I really wanted to try it but I got too shy because it was 9pm and my face was too oily, coming from QC pa.

  8. This is great! It's nice to know what your current skin type is so that you'll know what type of skin care products you should use from then on.

  9. Jenny: Aww, that's so sweet of you to remember! Yes, Kiehl's is awesome and I hope you can try it soon. :)

    Anne: Right on!

    Chalee: Hey, they're pretty nice and they don't "judge" customers so just drop by and get a free consultation. :)

    Dessa: For starters, if you don't have sensitive skin, try the Midnight Recovery Oil. :D It's AMAZING and I swear by this serum!

    Matromao: Same! I also liked that they mixed and matched the product recommendations instead of recommending straight up an entire line. It felt so personalized and it was also the kind of answer I was expecting since I have a mixed skin type.

    Kkumkugo: Yes, free is always good haha! :D


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