Hair Color at Cedar Salon: Review/Experience/Prices

A new quarter is here, therefore it's time for a new hair color. It's also my way of celebrating my new beginning because as mentioned in my Getting Real at 27 blog post, I've had a pretty rough start this year.

The featured salon for this month (or maybe this year because I only have my hair dyed once or twice a year!) is Cedar Salon, a new salon located at Wilson St., Greenhills.

Cedar Salon has been around for 7 months only and is owned by Tin Rodriguez, a makeup artist/young entrepreneur. Tin came from a family with a strong salon background as her parents were the founding partners of David's Salon and owners of Menage Salon and Profiles; she may just be continuing what her parents have started or carving her own path in the beauty industry, but one thing's for certain and that is she aims to make Cedar Salon the majority's top choice for professional hair and beauty services.

Hygiene is of utmost priority to Cedar Salon and it is quite obvious with these freshly- sanitized brushes.

Going back to my hair color, my stylist for the day was Jake, one of the head stylists at Cedar Salon. They use Schwarzkopf for hair color. I told Jake that I want my new hair color to still be Brown, but something new, something different than my usual reddish brown. He handed me the swatch book and asked me to choose my color, but I wasn't in the mood to come up with something that moment so I just told him "It's up to you and I trust that you will give me a great, new color." I think that act qualifies for bravery, doesn't it? :)

Jake decided to mix 7-4 and 7-55. It's from the Light/Golden Browns shade family.

 Let the new beginning, begin! :D Click READ MORE and see my new hair color.

Cedar Salon has a spa- inspired interior and ambiance that's calm and soothing-it's not busy, noisy, and cluttered so aside from a beautifying experience, you're in for a relaxing escape as well. To further the spa- like experience, Cedar's staff are trained to speak only when asked and talk in a soft, hushed voice, just like a masseuse in a spa!

Hair color's done! A smoothing treatment was applied onto my locks to combat dryness that occurs right after hair color treatment. Schwarzkopf smoothing treatment REALLY softens the hair and it smells sooo good!

 For the final touch: haircut! Bye, split ends. I won't miss you! ;P

Presenting my new hair color:

Jake's combination was successful! 7-4 plus 7-55 equals an authentic Honey Brown shade. It's so lovely! This shade had softened my strong facial features and I think I look younger in it, too! :D
Here's a comparison of my previous hair color by Status Salon and my current color by Cedar Salon. Hair color starts at P1,500.00 and depends on the length of your hair. Mine is at P4,000.00+, according to Tin, which is pretty affordable already in my opinion. Trust me.

Thank you Tin, for the lovely, pampering experience. Here's to a more fruitful year for Cedar Salon!

My overall experience was pleasant: staff are well- trained, hair stylist knows what he's doing, and place is spacious and really clean. There isn't enough parking spacing though so I guess that's something that the management may want to solve in the near future.

Here's Cedar Salon's menu of services and corresponding prices.

Cedar Salon is located at 200A Wilson St., Greenhills, San Juan. Please visit CEDAR SALON on Facebook for more information about their services.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like the idea of combining those two colors. It's lovely~ and yep, I agree with the affordability of the service. I've asked my friend who loves changing her hair color and she said it's too costly daw talaga. Not reaching 10k but almost.

  2. Wow! Love your new hair color! Yeah, it's an awesome salon to go to. Thanks for reviewing this Ms. Martha!

  3. I agree, your new color is so pretty and makes you look younger:) I admire the act of bravery you did. Hehe. Your hair is shiny too:)

  4. I love your hair color! Not too loud. :) Yun nga lang, medyo pricey. haha. Well mas mahal naman talaga pag long hair. Gusto ko nga matry once yung mga nakikita ko sa IG, like MIGUELified or something. :) Mukhang magaling at maganda din

  5. It's lovely on you. I wanted to go cooler with my new hair color, but I was advised to try something warmer instead because of my skin tone. I went for 7-57 naman using the Vivere voucher. (Thanks again for that!) :)) Next time, I'll try 7-55 or ask to mix it with 7-57.

  6. Arianne: Thank you! :)

    Matromao: Yay! How did you like their service? I saw your blog post about it btw and love the color on you! :)

    Abegaill: I heard it's expensive at Hair Shaft? Anyway, this is fairly affordable because my hair length is usually 6k+ in most salons. :)

    Ana: Thanks! :D

    Kkumkugo: Yeah, hair color is indeed a pricey service, but it's just sooo lovely. :p Maybe you can show this to your friend to help her save more money. :)

    Jeremy: Thanks! :D


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