Unboxing: BDJ Bioderma Beauty Box June 2015

The only thing I like about the rainy season is it's cool, therefore favorable for my mutts, specifically Denver the Golden Retriever. Summer is torturous to Denver and to me as well because I always worry that he might have a heat stroke. So thank you, rainy season because you're here, at last!

I digress. Bed weather is finally here and BDJ's new box featuring Bioderma is reminding us to be more diligent with our skin care routine.

Bioderma is a good skin care brand. In fact, I ended up liking all the Bioderma products I have tried so personally, I'm excited for this box. Click READ MORE for the unboxing.

Here's the content of the BDJ X Bioderma June 2015 box:

Bioderma Atoderm Crème Nourishing Cream 8ml (P1,598.00)
Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Soothing Emollient Care 8ml (P1,418.00)
Bioderma Atoderm Ultra Rich Foaming Gel 10ml (P1,238.00)
Bioderm Sébium Pore Refiner 5ml (P1,468.00)
Bioderm Sébium AKN Smoothing Purifying Care 5ml (P1,038.00)
Bioderma Sensibio Soothing Purifying Cream 5ml (P1,628.00)
Bioderm Sensibio Eye Contour Gel 2ml (P1,248.00)
Bioderm Photoderm Max SPF 100 5ml (P1,348.00)
The Body Shop Lip And Cheek Stain (P795.00)
The Body Shop Voucher (P200.00)

Atoderm is a range for dry, sensitive skin types. Atoderm Crème is for relieving dry skin and Atoderm Intensive is for advanced dryness, specifically the type that involves itching. Atoderm Gel Moussant is a gentle cleanser for the Face and Body and specifically targets oily skin.

Bioderma Sébium is for pore concerns. Pore Refiner is a treatment that helps minimize enlarged pores while AKN is a cream that cleanses pores during wear and even acts as a makeup base.

Sensibio is designed for those with sebhorrhoeic dermatitis. Soothing Purifying Cream soothes irritated skin and has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory actions. Eye Contour Gel is a gentle eye cream that de-puffs and soothes under eyes on sensitive skin. Photoderm Max Fluid SPF 100 is a light sunscreen for those with sensitive skin.

It's nice to see a surprise in the box from The Body Shop. I got a full- sized Lip And Cheek Stain in Rose Pink (woot!) and a P200.00 discount voucher that you can use when you purchase P1,000.00 worth of TBS products.

The Lip And Cheek Stain is P795, voucher is P200, and Bioderma samples are prolly around P600.00- P800.00 so we can assume that total value is about P1,595.00 to P1,795.00.

This box received mixed reactions from a lot of people: some were disappointed because most of the products were small and some were overjoyed because it's a whole new brand and has brought back the discovery aspect in Beauty Subscription Boxes; There's a short yet insightful discussion on this in a local beauty blog and I will kinda' repeat here what I said there: Bottomline, it all boils down to the expectation of the person: Some like mainstream products and some like products from the niche category, some like huge products and some like travel- sized products, and that's okay, but not everyone will be pleased all the time. Personally, I think this box is pretty okay because the size of the products is handy, assortment is good, there are enough products to use in the box for you to gauge if Bioderma fits your skin type, and thankfully, there are no sachet samples. Besides, there's a full- sized product in the box. What I just don't like here are the one- time use products aka products that aren't resealable like the eye cream and Gel mousse cleanser-I was forced to use up both products at once. :p

Just to be transparent, this box was sent to me for free by BDJ, but opinions are mine. ;)

Hope you all liked this blog post! What do you think of this box, guys? :)

Please visit BDJ BOX on Facebook for more information about this box and for inquiries.

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i haven't been a subscriber lately to any beauty box especially bdj because they ran out of slots so fast. -_- but i liked how they curated each month's box now unlike before which have too much sachet samples. i'm particularly interested on Bioderma Sébium. do a review soon pretty please! ^_^ thank you.

  2. Awww another BDJ box! I envy you Ms Martha and the others who were able to subscribe. I've learned of BDJ box only last May and I tried to subscribe but the slots were already full. Huhuhu! Hopefully they will open more slots soon. I agree when you said not everybody will be pleased all the time. Sometimes too much expectation leads to disappointment. I love TBS lip and cheek tint because it's really handy especially when I am travelling with a small bag. I got Bioderm samples from the BDJ event last June but haven't tried them yet.

  3. makes me excited to receive my box too. �� thanks for the unboxing ms.martha

  4. I'm a bit disappointed not to this box but the fact that they will be releasing Elite boxes soon that might cause to release postpone regular boxes till the end of 2015. I subscribe using my own money and I think the elite box could cost me almost a 3-month subscription already. :'(

    1. Opinions really vary from person to person... and i like how you are very enthusiastic with this bioderma bdj box.. tho yes it is given for freetl to you still you commend how they put up the box.. the products are all promising and i wish i could subscribe as well.. soon i will :)

  5. Having a hard time to subscribe on BDJ. Most of the time there is no slot, last month no boxes available and now I saw from their post that they will releasing elite boxes.I love to experience too the so called" unboxing the BDJ box" :) and see for myself if it's really worth it;) I'm eyeing on Bioderma Sebium;)

  6. BDJ! I havent had the chance to subscribe to BDJ boxes. Im hesitant because they send different products every month and i dont want to use too many products on my face. I have heard a lot of great reviews about Bioderma. Hopefully I get a chance to try out the products I really like.

  7. I am one of those who are disappointed with this box. Yes, it's all about expectations, I expected variety- even "grocery" type of box with variety of products to try and full size, but this time its not. I even thought of selling the samples, but after few days of no one interested buying it, I decided to try it myself, hoping these little samples will be enough for me to see a difference in my skin. The consolation that I have- I will be able to try an expensive line of skin care product.

  8. I love reading subscription box reviews! i havent tried subscribing to BDJ boxes (yes it is true) when i have extra money to spend on subscription that is the time were the boxes were already sold out and the next available box will be a month or two so instead of getting one i will back out hehe

    i think this box is fine with me because, we want NEW products to try, not a repeats =) and hey there is one of my fave brand which is TBS!

  9. Unfortunately, I didn't get this box. BDJ boxes has been out of stocks lately. I hope I can get boxes again... This Bioderma box is awesome!

  10. I haven't tried subscription boxes but if i would, it will definitely be BDJ box. Some might be disappointed while some might be happy with the contents of the box. Probably because we have our own preferences and expectations but getting something unexpected is usually fun, right? The surprise brought about by the anonimity of the contents as well as value for money should be the reason for subscribing. Oh, how i wish i get to feel the "unboxing" experience soon. For this month's box, i am most interested with the Sebium line.

  11. I've never tried subscribing to any beauty boxes, but it sure looks nice to see unboxings. It gets tempting to subscribe every single time :)

  12. Hi Miss Martha, I have been reading lots of beauty reviews in blogworld :) it all started when i googled a brand product i bought and it brings me to some pinay bloggers including yours! now i decided to follow your blog too! Because of your unboxing beautybox I have tried beauty boxes like glamourbox and bdj elite box too, finally! Reading your unboxing reviews excites me and napapa-wow ako! sabi ko bakit now ko lang nalaman ito ang dami ko ng nalagpasan na magagandang beauty boxes! npakasulit kasi , very helpful mga reviews before buying :)))) yours, Ivy

  13. I've looked at the BDJ website and saw how many are disappointed. I don't mind having this. I pay a lot more in Sample Room so for P580 bdj box - it's fine. I can still review it if ever. What I'm sad is the next subscription boxes are elite. I can't afford it. What I want is to find the product that will work well with my oily, pimple comedome prone, sensitive face. Who knows if I could find the answers through Bioderma.

  14. I'm actually disappointed with this month's box. I just wish they included at least one full sized bioderma product, even a small one. Because I got 2-3 bioderma samples for free before. So it's like I paid more for the samples. Anyway, it's still Bioderma so it will do. :) Oh, and BDJ now have elite boxes for the rest of the year, and no regular boxes, which is a bit sad. Because I got to spend more. So now I'm doubting if I would still subscribe

  15. Oh, it's nice they included a full sized product! The full sized lip and cheek stain and the 200Php voucher for me is the highlight. Haha, I'm just really obsessed with the body shop recently. Also, I agree that the products are handy and the assortment is good! :)

  16. Hooray for BodyShop's lip and cheek stain! Super good lasting power!

  17. Trisha: I agee. :)

    Cath: I appreciate these travel- sized Bioderma products because such products are hard to come by and can't be purchased readily anywhere; they're so handy that's why I always keep 'em when I get 'em!

    Abegaill and Glenda: Thanks for your honest feedback. Oh so they're taking out the regular boxes temporarily? I hope the elite boxes are good!

    Teri: Thanks for the feedback. Try Sebium. It works for me. :) Hope you can get your hands on the Sebium Micellar Water-it's fantastic! :)

    Zaixhi: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Great to know that you're loving my blog. :) Hope to have you around!

    Anne Marie: Haha. I agree! Now I can't wait to see the BDJ Elite box. :)

    Jhake O: Right on! Hope you can try it soon. ;)

    Jeremy and CJ: Will try to review Bioderma Sebium! I have full sized ones in my beauty drawer. :)

    Janine: I wish you can unbox your own BDJ box soon. :)

    Jennifer: Hey dear, sorry to hear about this. I hope you get a better one next time. :)

    Dessa: Thanks for sharing. :)

    Hanna: You're welcome. Thanks too!

    Chalee: I guess people should still remind themselves that discovery is the main thrust of Beauty Boxes such as this one. This way, people can manage their expectations. But then again, BDJ has set a standard for their boxes and that is it's all about shock and awe, and it's quite hard to erase that. :p


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