Etude House Sunprise Natural Corrector Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Etude House Sunprise Natural Corrector.

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Just this week, I reviewed two multitasking sunscreen products and here's another one from Etude House called Sunprise Natural Corrector. Does this signal a new trend? Sunscreens evolving from plain UV blockers to a two, three, four, more-in-one product? That should be cool and I can't wait for this concept to develop. :)

Etude House presents a sunscreen that can somewhat conceal some discolorations and even out your skin tone, plus helps delay wrinkles from appearing. Sunprise Natural Corrector is a 3-in-1 sunscreen that protects and at the same time beautifies the skin.


Sunprise is a range of versatile sunscreens by Etude House and it features the following variants: All Proof (long- wearing), Must Daily (gel), Super Aqua (hydrating), and Natural Corrector, a tinted sunscreen with anti- aging properties courtesy of Adenosine and Niacinamide. Sunrpise sunscreens feature a concentration of SPF 50+ PA+++.

Swatch and the rest of my review on this product after the jump. ;)

This sunscreen has a light, powdery scent, coverage is medium to heavy, creamy, and spreadable. Unfortunately for morenas and dark- skinned ladies, the product comes in one shade only and it's suitable for fair to light- skinned ladies and to some extent, medium- skinned ladies; It doesn't settle onto the skin quickly too.


Bare skin

One layer of Sunprise Natural Corrector

Without a doubt, this product is just too white for my skin tone. :p It also leaves a heavy white cast due to the high SPF content so I would only use it during daytime, particularly on casual days. What I like about it though is it blurs fine lines, roughness, and enlarged pores, and can substitute my moisturizer.

Sunscreen set with Canmake Marshmallow Powder

To combat the white cast, I used a concentrated, darker shade of pressed powder to adjust the shade to my skin tone and it worked. :) If you're morena, I would suggest the same thing or you can just apply a sheer layer and top it with your preferred BB Cream/Foundation. Staying power is okay, but it made my T-Zone REALLY oily during wear. :( Yikes!

I really like the way it smooths out my skin's texture so on top of being an anti-aging product, sunscreen, and corrector, it's a blurring cream as well. Sunprise Natural Corrector has a pretty good concept, but how I wish its shade were not that strikingly white and its formula were friendlier to tropical climates. Hope Etude House fixes these product issues because it's a promising product; if they did, it would be a really awesome product and I feel that it's going to be part of my routine.


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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love the concept!they definitely should develop that.but the problem with korean products is that they have limited shades.i mean i have no problem with the shade since i have a fair skin to begin with but they should add more shades since they're expanding their market to other countries (i.e. philippines). their sunscreens,bb creams etc. also tends to get oily due to our humid weather unlike in korea which has a colder season which is favorable to their dewy-kind of look. anyway, hope they'll do something about that. great review as always ms. m! :)

  2. I tried the Sunprise natural corrector tester when I was at The SM Store and the shade is too white for my morena skin. I've learned another tip from you today about correcting white cast with a darker shade of pressed powder or foundation. Is it true that the spf content of makeups cause oiliness?

  3. I tried the Sunprise Natural corrector tester when I was at the SM Store. The shade is too white for my morena skin. I like their cute packaging though. And I've learned another makeup trick from you again, to correct white cast with a darker shade of pressed powder or foundation. Thank you, Ms. Martha for all these tips. Yes, I'm a late bloomer when it comes to makeups. Is it true that spf in makeups cause oiliness?

  4. I love how just love how it conceals the skin. Un lang medyo heavy talga sa face and expensive hehe.

  5. There are still so many products that I haven't tried from Etude House and this is one of them... glad that you get to review this first before I bought one as I'm looking for a concealer to replace my ZA one.

  6. Is it also effective in concealing dark undereyes? Currently I am using TCFS Jean George Llong sunblock. Though Im still applying concealer for my dark under eyes

  7. Seems like a good product. I like products that multitask. As much as I would love to try this, I can't because I'm breaking out from using sun creams. It's really frustrating because using sunblock is very important. Can you suggest sun protection products that are good for sensitive or made of gel formula? I've noticed that my skin reacts to creamy products. Thanks, Ms. Martha!

  8. Aww.. that ms. M is the reason why i dont like korean products except for etude house's draw my brows which is my one and only eyebrow holy grail.. but apart from that it doesn't really look good on my skin especially that i think we are on the same skin tone.. napaka puti naman kasi tlga ng mga koreans!! Haaayyy.. i hope they will find a way to adjust the tones of their product according to the skin tone variation of the country they are franchising...

  9. I agree, the concept is good but it has a room for improvement. Typical filipinas are morenas with oily skin. We need products that caters to our needs. The good thing about this is the multi-tasking ability. By the way, thanks for the tip!

  10. The concept is indeed great! Hopefully Etude adds up more shades especially that they cater to Filipinas who are mostly morena by default. But I think its concealing powers is quiet great. :)

  11. Sunprise:) like the name! It's pretty obvious that it will leave a whitecast and looks heavy on the face but I love how it conceals;) not good for oily skin too. Anyway, I think this product is worth to try, who knows it works better naman.

  12. It already felt oily on the back of my hand :p they used to have a cotton variant, but they pulled it out before I could save up for it :(

  13. it's amazing how you are always able to make products work for you even when they're too light! major skills :)

  14. I have a lot of sunscreen now that came from SR. I hoarded a lot and realized I can't use them all :( Oh nooo. It's really white for your skin tone the transformation is nice after you set it. I do the same thing, I always have a brown powder so I could get the right color of my powders/foundation.

  15. I really don't use super high SPF on my face because more often than not, it would have a white cast. :/ Thanks for your review and I would not buy this product. I was thinking of buying it but now I won't. Staying power is not long too.

  16. Oh how I love multitasking products! I like how this sunscreen contains a generous amount of SPF. SPF30 is actually enough if you ask me hehe. I like how it blurs some imperfections and can substitute as moisturizer but a major turn off for me is always the "white cast" but it's nothing that a good pressed powder can't adjust. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts!

  17. Sunscreen with a surprise indeed! I like that it is affordable and has SPF50++ although the white cast and an oilier T-zone puts me off. I hope that EH would soon come up with a sunscreen that won't be too heavy nor oily on the face.
    How about a CC cream+ sunscreen with SPF50++? That sounds cool to me =)

  18. CJ: Oh, I agree with you. Korean brands have been around in the country for some time now and they should know by now that we need warmer shades, yellow shades. :p

    Mommy Charm: Yeah, that should be good. CC Cream with high SPF. Why not make it waterproof too?

    BrownOso: Thank you! What can I say? been a beauty blogger for the last 6 years! :D

    Cath: Same! I really hate it when my bases project that darned white cast. :p

    Valerie: Yeah, the Cotton One is good and it's for oily skin types. :p

    Teri: You're welcome. :D Thank God for bronzers! :D

    Jeremy: Yeah and may I add, for those who have dry skin. :)

    Anne Marie: Hey there and welcome to my blog! :) I share your sentiment. :)

    Jhake: You're welcome :)

    Janine: Hay, I could feel your frustration girl haha. :D Yes, I hope that they will have morena- friendly shades soon!

    Patricia: Hey there! Good question. For sensitive skin, try Avene, Bioderma, and VMV. :)

    Dessa: Nope, it doesn't work like that. :)

    Hanna: I agree with the heavy part. :)

    Melanie: This doesn't work as a concealer to me, dear. It's more like a Blurring Cream, an alternative to, say, Benefit Porefessional. :)

    Chalee: Glad you learned something. I think if SPF is used on its own, it can cause oiliness especially if it's in cream form; I don't think SPF in foundation will cause oiliness because of the concentration. Most of the time, it's the oil and wax ingredients in liquid foundation that cause oiliness. :)


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