FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 7 Bang For Your Buck Eyeshadows Below P1,000.00

Been quite busy lately and I could not find time to play with my eyeshadow babies. :(( Well, I guess I'll just satisfy my desire to play with my palettes by answering today's Fan Mail Fridays query by Karla:

Hi, Ms. Martha! 

Before I address my question, I will tell you a little something about myself. I am currently a college student and I am also taking up professional cosmetology training. As a student, I have a tight budget. As a trainee in the field of makeup artistry, I try to work with my budget to buy cosmetics that are high quality, yet affordable. Your blog has been very helpful. I have been following your blog since my early high school years. (Your posts "Recession- proof Your Beauty Bag" and "Finding Good Makeup" were my favourites. :D) 
Now, as for my concern, my question is regarding eyeshadow. I'm not a huge fan of eyeshadows because I have slightly hooded eyes and I wear glasses. I also have oily lids. :( I have a few palettes that I use for practicing on myself and some for the people I do makeup on. They are good but, the quality is not great. I'm looking for some high quality eyeshadows that are still affordable. I need ones that have plenty of colours (neutrals, brights, smokey colours, mattes, satins, shimmers, etc.) that I can use for makeup artistry purposes. I'm also looking for a palette that I can have for personal use that is student budget friendly and good quality. My major problem with eyeshadows is fading, even with primer. I'm looking for a palette that has mostly matte neutral shades with a mix of satins or shimmers and some shades that offer a pop of colour (like purples because they tend to work best with my eye colour). (I'm not too fond of shimmery and glittery textures. I prefer mattes and satins). I'm specifically looking for something that could be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes (for cosmetology purposes) and a dupe for the Naked Basics Palette (for myself). Basically, anything similar to those in quality and colour range. My budget is less than 1k (for myself) to at most, Php. 1,500 (for makeup artistry purposes as I would want the best for my possible clients). What would be your product suggestions (for both categories), Ms. Martha? 
Thank you! 
P.S. I really love your blog! :) Also, I never got to thank you for this: because of you, I learned how to make eyeliner work for my eye shape without looking like I have bats on my eyes (I love winged eyeliner, but I used to be so bad at doing it, hahaha),  so, thank you, Ms. Martha!  

Hi Karla,

Thank you for that long, heartwarming and detailed letter. Looks like you spent time crafting it so I published everything as my way of appreciating it. :)

I'd always tell my readers that eyeshadow is one of the makeup products that they can skimp on simply because a lot of affordable brands have already proven that they can create really good ones at half the cost. While I'm still a fan of luxury eyeshadow brands, I'll say that affordable eyeshadows are already good enough! With that, let me show you my list of 7 really good eyeshadows below P1,000.00; you'll be surprised to know that there are luxury brands in the list! Click READ MORE and check it out. :)

- This professional German retail brand of cosmetics is a known manufacturer as well. Suffice to say, they make good makeups, especially eyeshadows.

- Inglot is one of the revered eyeshadow brands in the world because they've got one of the boldest, brightest, best eyeshadows around. It's also a favorite of a lot of makeup artists because of the Freedom Palette system that lets anyone customize their palettes according to their liking.

- Surprise, surprise! Make Up For Ever, a luxury professional makeup brand owned by LVMH, is part of the list! Recently, MUFE made changes to their eyeshadow range to bring down the price by getting rid of the pans and turning the shadows into refills instead. MUFE has GREAT mattes and I would recommend this brand to you for personal use (and even for work) since you mentioned you love mattes.

- You haven't been asking, but Stila is well- known for their buttery, ultra rich, and pigmented eyeshadows. Popular colors are Kitten and Diamond Lil'.
5. Tony Moly Eyetone Shimmer and Eyetone Matte (P298.00/piece)

- Here's a good one that I discovered lately. Tony Moly's Eyetone collections offer really wearable shades and they have good quality, surprisingly. Go for these for your practice sessions because they're affordable!


- Beauty UK is a known drugstore brand internationally, specifically for their eyeshadows. This is what I would recommend to you as a semi-dupe to Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. Beauty UK is available at Makeupholics.

Prestige Total Intensity Eyeshadows (P545.00/pan)

- Prestige Cosmetics, in case you did not know, has AWESOME eyeshadows, specifically colored eyeshadows (you know, not the neutrals and basics). This is a fairly new discovery of mine and so far, I'm loving the overall quality of the Total Intensity Eyeshadow line!

That's all, Karla. Enjoy shopping!

How did you like this list? Feel free to share your favorite, great eyeshadow finds below P1,000.00! :)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. All the brands listed have really high quality when in comes to eyeshadow. I love the packaging of art deco,it is so pretty.:)

    I am currently enjoying my sleek palette and naked eyeshadow.

    i would love to try the prestige total intensity eyeshadow soon. This is really helpful Ms. Martha . :)

  2. I haven't tried anything from the list you've mentioned but I have tried eyeshadows that are great also at below P1,000 price tag like the Ellana Minerals Mesmer-Eyes Eyeshadow Quad @ P400.00 and Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow in Adventurous @ P795.00

  3. i haven't tried the drugstore brand makeup revolution, but I read reviews that they have good pigmentation and have good dupes for palettes from naked and too faced at an affordable price .They also have an online shop.

  4. thank you for this ms. m! i was about to ask the uk looks interesting.i've heard mua palette are also good.for oily lids, i heard that it's good to invest in eye you recommend it? or can you share some tips? thanks a bunch! ^_^

    much love from

  5. thank you for this ms. m! i was about to ask the uk looks interesting.i've heard mua palette are also good.for oily lids, i heard that it's good to invest in eye you recommend it? or can you share some tips? thanks a bunch! ^_^

    much love from

  6. Hmmm... this a good fan mail friday! Coz like her, im on a tight budget as well.. as in minsan lang maka afford ng mga revlon madalas maybelline and san san lang :) this is why your blog ms. M is my window to heavenly makeups and ive been dreaming them all..hope i could graduate soon and buy those those uhhhhh!! Anyway, ive been eyeing the posh palette and im so happy to know na your endorsing makeupholics.. i buy goodies sakanya! And to the letter sender, chos! You can check out the city color eyeshadow palette..dupe sya ng naked and the color pay off is excellent!! Napaka mura pa!!

  7. Solid recommendations, Martha. I want to try out MUFE. The refill pans mentioned above are all reasonably priced, IMHO, considering that the brands are popular in the pro MUA world, not to mention Hollywood. Pricey, but understandable. I'm not looking to get the cases as I feel they make the product more expensive tuloy. Plus, the refills come in decent containers. Not fancy, but easy to handle. That's good enough for me. I haven't sworn off the cases, but I'm not actively saving up for them. I keep thinking, "Just add one or two more pans for that price of that container!"

  8. Never tried eyeshadows too just like contouring;) I do basic makeup only in my work. But ofcourse some point I would like try to learn how to apply eyeshadows too but I don't know also what to buy.hehe.You have a good affordable list, I'm eyeing on Inglot rainbow and beauty UK palette.

  9. wow MUFE is a surprise to me! :D
    I've been very interested about Inglot's "freedom system palette" the very first time I've learned about it however I thought that would cost me a thousand bucks! haha Thanks for this post - very helpful.

  10. i am in love with Stila's Kitten shade... i swear by the buttery texture and it is so pigmented that a little goes a long way. it took me a year to hit pan and i use it almost every day. it is also the perfect champagne color that you can use it from day to night.

  11. Inglot eyeshadows are love. :) I super love how pigmented they are and yet affordable as well. There are lots of pretty colors too. I love all the eyeshadows on the list. I also like the LA girl nude brick eyeshadow palette, a dupe for Urban Decay. The colors are pigmented, and will be more pigmented with a primer. There are other kinds of palettes too, like the colorful ones.

  12. Thank you! This list helped me a lot too! I'm actually really interested in trying out that Urban Decay Naked Basics dupe! I'm loving all the neutral colors and finishes!

  13. Thank you! This list helped me a lot too! I'm actually really interested in trying out that Urban Decay Naked Basics dupe! I'm loving all the neutral colors and finishes!

  14. All I can say is WOW!!!!Thanks for making this article on affordable yet good quality eyeshadow. This list makes it easy when making a purchase. Now everyone can be more beautiful with makeup, and still not put a dent to their budget at the same time. Cheers! Have a great day, Ms. Martha!!!

  15. Hi ms martha. Any drugstore brands you would recommend? Those that are good for blending and would last long? The brands you've mentioned seem expensive eh.

  16. Hanna: You're welcome! :) Go ahead! Prestige is such a good brand! :)

    Trisha: For much cheaper brands, check out NYX, Maybelline, Revlon. :)

    Ana: You're welcome! Glad you liked it. :)

    Cath: You're welcome! Hope you can try it soon. :D

    Abegaill: LA Colors are known for eyeshadow palettes too. :) Now that you mentioned it, I should check it out. :)

    Audrey: Hi there and welcome to my blog. I agree! :) I still haven't put a dent on mine considering that I've been using it often for the last 3 years. Such a wonderful product! :)

    BeTS: You're welcome. :)

    Jeremy: Thanks! Inglot and Beauty uK are good choices!

    Matromao: Thanks for the insight. Actually, the palettes of MUFE are surprisingly affordable and I recommend that you get them because the artist shadows' packaging is not sturdy enough to protect the product as it's just a plastic pan. Cheaper option would be Z Palette or Wild Peach Palette. Ow, Inglot's coming up with Flexi Palette, their version of the customizable magnetic pans. :)

    Janine: Thanks for helping out. :) I've been seeing that City Color brand and been wanting to try it. :) Maybe I should soon! :)

    CJ: For someone with really oily lids, yes, you should invest in eye primer. The only cheap eye primer I would recommend is ArtDeco. :D

    Melanie: Avon's eyeshadows are pretty okay too. :) I should make another list called best eyeshadows below P500.00 :)

    Pbhie: Oh yes, I read about that too as well as BH Cosmetics. Also Sugarpill! Argh! So many nice brands to try. :p

  17. You're right re: Prestige eyeshadows, I've swatched them and they're very pigmented and seems easy to blend . I've only recently got interested in eyeshadows (after going to Liz's makeup workshop) and I kept myself from buying those prestige singles. I'm still trying to develop the habit of using eyeshadows everyday, so for now, my 'basic' palettes should be good.


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