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Here's a review on ArtDeco X Emilio De La Morena Collection.

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I'm getting fond of reviewing makeup collections lately 'cuz they're so fun to write about. That said, I'm looking forward to new makeup collections to swatch and review! :D

Today, let's look at ArtDeco's latest makeup collection for Spring/Summer 2015 made in collaboration with esteemed fashion designer, Emilio De La Morena. I won't beat around the bush any longer-let's go straight now to the collection. :)


This makeup collection is all about freshness and light as it's comprised of pretty pastels in soft textures. Click HERE to know more about the inspiration behind this collection.

 Ready for a mega swatch? Click READ MORE now! :D

ArtDeco X Emilio De La Morena Beauty Box Quattro (P475.00) and Eyeshadow Refills (P350.00)

ArtDeco's best- selling Beauty Box comes in limited edition designs every year and they're always worth collecting. The Beauty Box featured in this collection is Beauty Box Quattro that can house four eyeshadows and either one of the following: blush, illuminator, camouflage cream, or eyebrow powders-you can also fill up the remaining space with more ArtDeco eyeshadows if you wish! Btw, the eyeshadows featured here are just Testers-the ones for retail are much slimmer than these and they fit the Beauty Box perfectly.

1 (81)- frost Blue-Lilac shade with violet shimmer
2 (95A)- frost petal pink shade with silver shimmer
3 (60)- frost icy mint shade
4 (109)- frost white shade

For a detailed review on the eyeshadows and Beauty Box, please click HERE.

ArtDeco X Emilio De La Morena Blush Couture (P995.00)

A versatile multicolor palette for the cheeks.


This artfully crafted powder blush is so pretty that I just wanna stare at it forever! :p It's right up there with artisan complexion powders such as Shiseido's Camellia Compact, Clarins Graphic Powder Blush, and Giorgio Armani Eccentrio Face Palette, but at a way, way cheaper cost. 

The packaging is slim and lightweight, and has this subdued exquisiteness to it. Emilio's signature is impressed on the embedded mirror, thus making this product even more special.

Blush Couture contains three complementing powder blushes that you can use individually or together to create a whole new color. You can also use this product as an eyeshadow, highlighter, or as a sheer veil to give your complexion a rosy glow. The three powders have a uniform, shimmery finish.

1- light peach (shimmer)
2- midtone pink (shimmer)
3- salmon pink (shimmer)

The powders have a uniform silky texture-they're very easy to blend and coverage is light to medium.

ArtDeco Volume Supreme Mascara, Black (P850.00)

ArtDeco's newest mascara that promises dramatic volume that lasts for up to 10 hours. It features the flexible Kaleidoscope brush that promises to coat each lash in a breeze.


The Kaleidoscope brush is made of rubber, but it's not the stiff, scratchy kind-it's actually soft (like silicone) and I like that it combs efficiently through my lashes, thus ensuring an even coverage and it's very flexible, but not flimsy.

ArtDeco Lip Brilliance in 03 and 62 (P795.00)

- A high shine gloss infused with Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and Collagen.

Please click HERE for a detailed review on this product and for swatches of the other shades.

ArtDeco Soft Lip Liner in 81 (P495.00); ArtDeco Art Couture Lipstick in 01 (P895.00)

- The lip liner has a perfect texture in my opinion: it's creamy yet hard enough that it won't snap on you. The lipstick, on the other hand, has an emollient consistency-it's like a pigment- saturated, Beeswax- based lip balm.


There are three things to love about Emilio De La Morena's eyeshadow color selection: One, they all complement each other. Two, these are very wearable pastels. Finally, these are probably the most flattering pastels for morena skin tone I've ever seen.

Check out how I used the eyeshadows from this collection HERE.

Blush Couture, however, is too light for my skin tone-it took me three layers to achieve this sheer pink wash on my cheeks, but thank God it did not look overdone! 

I like Blush Couture's skin- like, glowing finish, but I wish it gave my complexion more color. I tried it on a fair- skinned friend of mine and it looked amazing on her. Pigmentation is actually okay, but the shades are friendlier to fair skin. Oh well! If you have fair skin, you'll benefit more from this product.

Check out Volume Supreme Mascara.

This mascara did not disappoint: it gave me very good volume and it also fattened up my lashes-every single one of them. I also got favorable, secondary effects and those are length and good curl hold. Staying power is really good as it can withstand a workout-the Crossfit kind of intensity and perspiration levels-but it comes off easily with an eye makeup remover. It just has a tendency to clump though so apply gradually.

I feel good about this mascara, not to mention it's very easy to use in general so even if it's P850.00 and I can get the same effect it gives from other cheaper mascaras, I still see myself buying it in the future. Also, if you are yearning for a more flexible mascara wand with bristles that don't feel sharp and scratchy, you should give this product a shot. ;)

Lip Brilliance in 03

- A semi-translucent shade with a pink undertone and blue-violet shimmer.

03 is pretty much a clear lip gloss with shimmer. That's it! Great as a lipstick/lip balm/lip tint topper though.

Lip Brilliance in 03

- A tomato red shade with slight silver shimmer.

03 can actually pass off as a glossy lip tint because it has a watery color coverage. Whenever I'm wearing this shade, I always feel like channeling a Koreanovela heroine. :D

Soft Lip Liner in 81

81 is a Rose Pink shade. ArtDeco's lip liners have really good quality and I can attest that they last long, plus they can double as lip colors, too! This particular shade is right up my alley because Rose is a staple lip color of mine.

Art Couture Lipstick in 01

- 01 is a glowing Red-Orange shade with slight silver frosting.

Art Couture's best asset is its long- wearing formula: Its super creamy formula clings onto the lips and can resist a meal and a few cups of beverages-best for those gals who hate retouching in the middle of a meal just to pose for photos! It just has the tendency to feel heavy on the lips if layered on, but one layer would suffice because it's heavily- pigmented!

Hope you enjoyed this swatch and review directory of ArtDeco X Emilio De La Morena makeup collection. I will recommend this line to you if you're into the fresh, blooming, pretty-as-a-petal look, but open to sporting a dash of bold color every now and then. The must- try items in this collection for me are the following: Volume Supreme Mascara, Eyeshadows, Soft Lip Liner, and Art Couture Lipstick--Blush Couture, too if you have fair skin and you love collecting makeup. :)


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  1. oh dear im most curious about the mascara! i love it's lengthening effect ms m!

  2. whenever i see ur pics ms.m, i always tell myself like ive seen u na! Now i got it why it felt that way!! Kasi u lool like my fave singer!! Si sitti po!! :) especially in your pic here sa blog mo na naka orange red lippy ka!! I hope i dont offend you.. :)

  3. The eyeshadows seem to be a powdery and sheer. Maybe they're good as toppers when you want some shimmer on your lids.

    I like how the blush was made! Very high-end touch. Though I think they're all cool toned?

    Btw, red lips super suit you! :D

  4. I love the color of the eyeshadows too! The blush is too light. :/ Sayang naman. But the lipstick is so pretty. Pati yung red lipgloss. Yung isang lipgloss, mahal for me, then walang color. :/ The mascara looks good too! Ang ganda, di nagcclump. And pwede na for the price. :)

  5. Rhain: Hope you can try it soon! :)

    Abegaill: Yup! I'm looking forward to repurchasing the mascara. The eyeshadows would look good on you, I think. :)

    Chixylove: Actually, they can be used on their own because they're quite pigmented, but yeah, you can also use them as accents on top of bolder shades. :)

    Janine: I get that all the time lol. :D Thanks!


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