FOTD/EOTD: Pastel Pretty + Get The Look

Pardon the messy brows. I'm currently growing them to improve their shape. :)

I miss creating EOTDS so I created one last week-schedule, can you please loosen up a bit so I can play with my eyeshadow palettes more? :p

Anyway, this look called Pastel Pretty is inspired by a small pot of Lavender and Baby's Breath flowers that adorned my table in a restaurant that I went to recently.

Items used:

ArtDeco X Emilio De La Morena Eyeshadows
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (Black)

I'll show you how to cop this look after the jump. ;)

STEP 1: Apply your usual primer. Grab a frost icy pink/lilac-pink eyeshadow and your shader brush, and apply on your lower lids only.

Tip: No eyeshadow primer on hand? Your usual face primer can be an alternative. Other options are cream eyeshadow and concealer.

STEP 2: Grab a frost lilac/baby blue eyeshadow and your blender brush, and apply some color right on top of the previous color. Notice how I used the brush: I laid it flat and swept it right and left to dispense the eyeshadow onto my lids-this is what I do to get a much softer wash of color without the jagged lines. Try it. ;)

STEP 4: Grab a soft silver/white shimmer eyeshadow and highlight your brow bone area.

STEP 5: Grab the same color you used in Step 1 and a bullet brush, and apply the color right below your lash line-don't be afraid to extend for a little bit to the top portion of your under eye to create a halo effect, but be sure to blend the eyeshadow properly.

STEP 5: Grab a matte black eyeliner and line your upper lids closely. Opt for a thin line so you won't drown out the eye makeup look. Apply your favorite mascara afterwards.

STEP 6: Grab a mint green/white/flesh eye pencil and line your waterline. This will further enhance the eyeshadow colors.

We're done!


Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation (O80 Deep Ochre)
Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Seductive Pink


I hope you liked the look and tutorial! Btw, I'm also opening the floor to eye makeup look requests. Shoot me some on the comments section. ;)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i have a couple pots of colorful eyeshadows.. but i never get to use them coz i don't have the guts to really sport a pastel colored makeup.. i am comfy with neutral and nude tones.. but i think its time to get out of my comfy zone and try this one out! :)thanks for this mini tutorial ms. M:)

  2. Thanks for posting this article, Martha. I will be attending a wedding this Dec 28, and it's the kind of look I want to do for my make-up.

  3. im proud to say that i learn basic eyeshadow makeup because of your posts ms m, and i love how your brows appear neat and perfectly arched here =)

  4. So pretty. I love how it emphasized the eyes, making it look shinier. I also love the tips you mentioned about applying eyeshadow. :) I'll try that white eyeliner tip. Ang ganda pala talagang tingnan. I've heard about it but didn't dare try kasi I don't think it will look good. Ngayon ittry ko na siya. Thanks for this eotd. Learned another trick. :)

  5. I bet the eye makeup would match dolly pink lips too! Nice one! :D


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