Review: ArtDeco Beauty Box+Eyeshadows

Here's a review on ArtDeco's Beauty Box Quattro, Duochrome Eyeshadow in 259, and Pearl Eyeshadow in 268

PRICE: Beauty Box- P375.00; Eyeshadows- P350.00/each
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Beauty Bar boutiques


I've mentioned in my review of ArtDeco Camouflage Cream Review that the brand has a Z-Palette- type of magnetic palettes that let you interchange your blushes, correctors, concealers, eyeshadows, and whatnots in one tote-able compartment. Here it is: ArtDeco's Beauty Box.

 The one I have is the smallest size called Beauty Box Quattro which can house 4 mini eyeshadow refills from the brand. You can also put two eyeshadows and one camouflage cream in it, or one eyeshadow and one blush. The possibilities are endless.

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This design is limited edition and I don't know if it's still available. Hmmm...I think ArtDeco has to improve in the creativity department because the design's kinda' blah to me.

Well, never mind the design. (But that doesn't mean it can't be improved!) After all, I'm after its usability. It's small, sturdy, and lightweight--perfect for traveling. It comes with a mirror in a decent size.

 This is the Double applicator (P75.00), a travel- friendly eyeshadow tool with big and small sponge applicators. However, it is not included in the palette. You'd have to buy it separately. It doesn't cost a lot, although I think you're better off with the Double Brush Eyeshadow which costs the same, but is more useful.

The Beauty Box also comes in the following sizes:

Duo- P295.00
Trio- P325.00
Quadrat- P475.00
Magnum- P650.00

The Beauty Box is a good alternative to Z-Palette because it's more accessible and cheaper. It's good for personal rather than professional use because the palettes can't house a lot of pans.

 Currently, my Beauty box has two inhabitants: ArtDeco's Duochrome Eyeshadow in 259 and Pearl Eyeshadow in 268.

 These cuties are very small! You can pop them individually in your makeup pouch for retouching at any time of the day. The packaging is perfect for me because it's practically weightless, doesn't eat bag space, and they allow me to take my makeup from day to night without the hassle of bringing big pans and palettes. However, the covers fall off because they don't have any lock whatsoever. What I do is I put them in a small pill box so they won't get scratched inside my makeup bag.

Check out the swatches:

 268 is a dark teal shade with dark blue pearlescent shimmer. Finish is frost, coverage is medium yet buildable.

 259 changes from light blue to light green, depending on the lighting but overall, it is a sea foam blue-green shade with a duochrome finish. Coverage is heavy yet controllable, and finish is semi- metallic.

Both eyeshadows have an amazing texture: Silky and easy to blend. Both are unscented, and there's minimal to no fallout at all during application. Both have good staying power, given they are used with a good eye primer. If used on their own, the colors fade for a little at the end of the day. (Which is also a known issue with pricier eyeshadow brands) If some of you have an issue with the size, I think otherwise: I do not know anyone who can use up a pan of eyeshadow quickly (unless he/she's a makeup artist, of course) so I think the size of the pans are good enough for what they're worth. Add to that, the eyeshadows have good pigmentation so a little will go a long way.

258 and 259 blended on my lids

The eyeshadows also come in the following variants: Glamour (satin with oodles of glimmer) and Matt. If you're a start-up makeup artist or you're simply starting to build your own makeup arsenal, I would suggest to you ArtDeco's eyeshadow line because the quality is superb, yet it is very affordable. Definitely one of the best products from the brand.

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  1. I am really becoming more and more convinced that ArtDeco products are promising! I hope that it becomes available at all leading department stores!!!

    Lovely eye makeup you got, Ms. Martha dear!!! ^__^

  2. It's nice that it has a mirror!:) This is perfect for travelling and if you have small bag.. hihi..

  3. they look like a sd card :p nyahaha..
    u can pull of any eyeshadow color <3

  4. Hi girls! Glad you liked this review! Please do check out artdeco. The brand has very good products. :)


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