Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows.

Price: Empty Trio Palette- P300.00; Artist Shadow- P875.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Make Up For Ever SM Mega Fashion Hall and Greenbelt 3


I'll say again and again that Make Up For Ever arguably has the best eyeshadows in this big, beautiful world of makeup-I'm sure my MUA readers will agree with this. :D They recently have formulated their eyeshadow range and I think I've fallen for it even more!


Make Up For Ever's newly- reformulated eyeshadow range, Artist Shadow, apparently has a better texture and color payoff, and at least contains 70% pigments for the most intense finish. Finishes available are matte, iridescent, satin, diamond, and metallic. The range offers 200 colors and they're all available locally.

The products featured herein are being sold separately. If you recall, MUFE's refill eyeshadow pans used to come with their very own compact and that's the reason why it was pretty expensive. In order to cut costs, bring down the price, and cater to a wider market, MUFE discontinued the compact packaging and replaced it with a disposable case instead plus introduced travel- sized palettes to house the eyeshadow pans. It's now more efficient and convenient both for the brand and consumer, and I'm happy to know that the palettes are not at all expensive.

So how much can you save with this new eyeshadow concept of MUFE? Let's put this in numbers:

Years ago, a pan of MUFE eyeshadow costs approximately P1,150.00 so if I bought these three eyeshadows I have that time, they will cost: P1,150.00 X 3= P3,450.00

Fast forward to 2015. MUFE's eyeshadows got cheaper (now P875.00 each), but an empty trio palette (P300.00) was introduced. The four products will cost: P875.00 x 3 + P300.00= P2,925.00.

With MUFE's new concept, I saved P525.00 compared to the previous one. Cool, right? :D

You can save even more if you choose to not purchase the palette, but if I were you, I'd get palette because the eyeshadow is literally housed in a plastic pan and it won't protect the product in any way.

Swatches and the look I came up with with these shadows after the break. :)

The palette is made out of plastic and it's slim yet sturdy-a little wide, but at least it's lightweight. The palette (or is it the eyeshadow pan?) has tape on the hollows to secure the eyeshadow pans. It would be a little tough to eject the pans though, so patience is a virtue! :D

Here are the swatches:

Top: a midtone Brown shade with a neutral undertone (matte)
Center: a rich Black shade with silver glitter (matte with glitter)
Bottom: a charcoal gray shade (matte)

MUFE's matte eyeshadows were once hard to blend, hard to even out, and pretty much hard to use overall-I know I said that they have the best eyeshadows and I stand by that, but just like every brand, they have their bad apples too! Thank God they already addressed this issue in Artist Shadow: The matte eyeshadows are finally soft and easy to blend, yet they still remain pigmented!

In general, MUFE's eyeshadows are now more travel- friendly, bigger, and color payoff seems to be truer and bolder, plus they have introduced new colors in the range.


Brown and Black w/ glitter used on my outer crease

I did a soft daytime look with these eyeshadows. If you want them to last longer, use an eye primer, of course!

If I were a makeup artist, I'd choose MUFE's eyeshadows as my weapons of mass beautification in a heartbeat, most especially now that their overall quality has been improved, big time!


Please visit MAKE UP FOR EVER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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  1. i love mattes!!! and the middle shade is like a dupe from MAC e/s =)

    i will give them a try ms m!

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  3. I seriously love the subtle smokey eye makeup you did. Not too harsh to wear during the daytime :D

  4. Super pigmented eyeshadows! I hnestly haven't tried one, kasi nga somewhat expensive. Haha. Pag may bonus siguro sa company, I'll reward myself one. :) I hope they have bigger palettes though, like with 9 slots siguro. If ever you want to bring more colors. :)

  5. wow they lower their price na pala but still good quality. your daytime makeup look is so pretty. btw.

  6. I super love this product. Its pricey, yes. Pero sulit ang pera dito. Feeling beautiful ako kpg eto gamit ko. Lol!

  7. Flexxy: Oh, I agree! :D Haha!

    Hanna es: Thank you. Glad you liked it. :)

    Nix: Yup, that's my style, always. :)

    Rhain: Yay! Enjoy (I'm sure you will. :))

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