Unboxing: BDJ Box X Revlon Elite Box August 2015

The regular BDJ boxes are taking a break for a while to give way to BDJ Box Elite. Today, you'll be one of the firsts to see the actual content and pics of the first- ever Elite Box from BDJ.

BDJ partnered with Revlon to kick- off this milestone. Theme of the box is 'Love Is On', Revlon's campaign for the year. I've learned about this campaign of Revlon a few months back and I actually like it; I like how it promotes makeup as one of the keys to loving yourself and this box contains some of Revlon's products that will let you love yourself a bit more.

BDJ X Revlon Elite Box contains the following products:

Revlon ColorSilk Hair Coloring Kit in 42 Medium Auburn (P395.00)
Revlon X Marchesa in Grey Suede (P225.00)
Revlon X Lip Luster in Pink Cognito (P350.00)
Revlon Eyelash Curler (P300.00)
Revlon Powder Blush in Oh Baby Pink (P575.00)
Revlon Photoready Eye Art in Black Brilliance (P625.00)
Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown (P575.00)
Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Smoky Topaz (P525.00)

I saw in other unboxing posts that subscribers got varying shades specifically for almost all the products. However, my Marchesa lipstick is not the Marchesa version-it's the regular one. Wish I got the former because I love the print; I hope the paying subscribers got the former. 

BDJ Elite Box costs P1,480.00 and total value of the first box is P2,945.00. Despite the Marchesa boo-boo, I'm happy with the box because everything's full size and new, literally-it's like your first dibs on Revlon's newest shades and products! Looking forward to the next one, but for now, I'm excited to try Revlon Brow Fantasy and Ultra HD Lip Lacquer!

Visit BDJ BOX on Facebook for more information on this box and to subscribe.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have yet to try any BDJ box! Looks great and you get more for the price you're paying but I don't think I'll try one just yet. I'm on a decluttering kick and I don't like to stock on some makeup products that I don't know if I'll ever use. Though if you think about it, this is a great way to try products from different brands! Maybe I'll try BDJ one day but for now... I'm going the minimalist route! Maybe if I find a good and interesting brand, then I'll try to subscribe. Thanks for this post. :)

  2. Hi Miss Martha, its total is 3,570 :) I got "love that red" lipstick! This is my first BDJbox "Revlon"

  3. That's a very sulit box because everything is in full size! I'm excited for your review on that Lip Lacquer. It looks like a nude shade to me and I've been reviewing your past posts for my first purchase for nude lippies.

  4. I wanted the Smoky topaz shade but I got carnelian, apparently the lacquer shade will always match the nail polish (valnetine), a bit too deep red for my taste but I can make it work. I got the Marsala version of the Super lustrous lipstick in love that red.

  5. If ever I got this box and the colors are not what I wanted or would wear, this might be a bad box for me. I also don't dye my hair nor paint my nails. I'm going to wait and see what the next box is before getting another box for myself :)

  6. Wow. Lots of makeups:) Sure Revlon lovers out there who received this box is definitely very happy. I think this box is sulit naman lalo na you had the chance to try new products or shades by revlon:)

  7. So far, this is the best BDJ box this year. Miss Martha, please do a review on Photoready Eye Art in Black Brilliance (*_*) Can't wait for my October Elite box!

  8. my kind of box! i love revlon (their palette is real awesome -- still missing my lost one huhu) i love the box content you got most of the shades were on neutral shade, meaning you can wear them daily (like the nail polish and lipgloss you got! -- reviews and swatches please)

  9. Hi Miss Martha, I also got these in my box. Exactly the same stuff - sad that my lipstick in Pink Cognito is not in the Marchesa version, too. Ang ganda pa naman sana. Akala ako ako lang yung nakakuha ng hindi Marchesa. Anyway, I'm most excited to try the brow fantasy; I'm into brows lately. :)

  10. Wow!!! Revlon galore!!! A variety of beauty products!!!Hope to see you do a review on the stuff that's in here...cheers!

  11. This is surely a beautiful box. super worth it. Nung nakita ko pa lang yung teaser photo sa FB, I already know it's revlon. Sayang di ako nakasubscribe. Medyo nadala kasi ako sa last few boxes then elite pa. :/ I thought baka masayang lang yung bayad. Anyway, I am curious with the eyeshadow thingy, on how to use it. Hope you can review it! :)

  12. I just like how the products are color coordinated! :)

  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, ladies! :)

  14. Ooh! I love your box better than mine. Mine was mostly in the shade of red and gold. I think I would have used them more if I got shades similar to yours. I haven't seen your October unboxing blog yet, have you received your box? I hope you can check my unboxing out too: http://mochajava-chickenpoxformysoul.blogspot.com/2015/11/bdj-october-elite-box-first-look.html?m=1


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