Mary Kay Endless Performance Crème-To-Powder Foundation in Beige 1 Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Mary Kay Endless Performance Crème-To-Powder Foundation in Beige 1.

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Cream-to-Powder foundation is a pretty old makeup concept, but it didn't take off unlike its other counterparts, really because it's either drying to the skin or it doesn't turn into a powdery finish; Wasn't a huge fan of it as well because I'd always get patchy coverage with it, at least with the ones I tried.

Mary Kay released their own called Crème-To-Powder Foundation. The first time I tried a Mary Kay foundation, I was impressed (it's Timewise Liquid Foundation) so I didn't have second thoughts about trying out this one; After trying it out, I realized that cream-to-powder foundations have come a long way! This foundation should be your go- to for really busy, warm days because it sticks!


Designed to stay weightless for a fresh feel all day, this product features Mattifying Complex that helps reduce shine sans dryness by absorbing air particles from the air to the skin, Dry Emollient Technology that makes the product resistant to heat, oil, humidity, sweat, transferring, caking, and fading, and Soft Touch Powders create a soft, natural coverage. Locally, it comes in three shades: Ivory 2, Ivory 4, and Beige 1.


This product is sold as a refill and the case is sold separately; the case is about P595-P695.00. I'm okay without the case because the refill compact is enough to house the foundation properly plus it's so compact.

Beige 1 is the darkest, but obviously, in this swatch, it's too fair for my skin tone. Mary Kay, Y U NO bring darker shades to the Philippines? :p Shade range is very limited and that's the very first weakness I saw in this range.

Consistency is light cream with a powdery texture. Coverage is light to medium and it melts into the skin, as seen on the swatch. It has a strong perfume-y scent that reminds me of Kryolan's bases.


Bare skin

1 layer of the foundation with KATE by Kanebo Cover Concealer for Cover and Soap And Glory Kick Ass Concealer

It has a very lightweight texture and it glides on very smoothly-it doesn't have the 'tug' that most cream foundations have and the caked- on look that most cream to powder foundations offer. It's about a shade and a half lighter than my skin tone, hence the white cast. Beige 1 is comparable to MAC NC35.

Finish is matte, but not flat matte; you will even see a bit of skin projecting through its layer so it's perfect for those who want a lightweight cream foundation. It sets into a powdery finish fairly quickly. The finish doesn't make my face feel taut. However, I noticed that it tends to look 'dry' on the normal parts of my face so I make sure to moisturize these areas before using this foundation.

I took this foundation on a pretty brutal spin to test all its claims: It was a very hot day and I ran errands for my business, and perspired and oiled up a lot in between; these were the perfect ingredients for a makeup disaster, but this foundation held up: it persisted to look fresh, faded by only about 20%, and my T-Zone didn't look too greasy! Kewl! Needless to say, this foundation stuck with me and has effectively masked my haggardness! :D

Mary Kay Crème-To-Powder Foundation is a must- have for combination oily/normal and oily skin types and its sheer, lightweight formula is appropriate for tropical climates. If you want an industrious foundation that will last a busy day and defy perspiration and oil, this is one of the foundations I will recommend. More shades, please!


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. How very unfortunate that there are only three shades available in the Philippines. Que horror! I cannot imagine wearing a lighter foundation outside the house! Kudos to you, Miss Martha! I am very self concious when it comes to foundations. I don't wear foundations that often but when I do, I want it to match my skin color as close as possible! I know lighter foundations can be remedied with a darker powder but it would be great if it would match you perfectly without you putting on another product to correct its shade. Hmm. Cream to powder makeup is very interesting to me! What comes to mind is the Majorette blush from Benefit. Very interesting texture. It seems like this has the same texture. I would love to try it had it not have such limiting shade range. Hmm. Thanks for this post!

    1. You're welcome. I saw in MK USA that there are darker shades. I wonder why MK PH didn't bring them here. :p

  2. Hi Miss Martha, did you need to retouch with powder throughout the day? Or was oil blotter paper enough na? I am looking for a foundation that does not need retouching especially on hot days kasi parang too heavy na on the skin.

    1. Just once on warm days. On cold days, oil blotting paper is enough. :)

  3. I've always wanted a foundation that 1) won't look flat 2) will suit oily skin. I'm tired of blotting and retouching everytime. Haha. I also haven't tried a cream to powder foundation, so I think that's another reason to pick this one out soon! Thank you for the great review! :)

  4. It's the darkest but it's light XD I haven't really tried Mary Kay products, all Mary Kay products I have are from you XD I have tried their sunscreen and it was good :) Though I left it with my mom because it says Timewise so I think it will suit her skin better.
    I haven't tried cream to powder finish makeup but I really like how this looks on you :) Is it weird to say that I think after the rest of your makeup, the color looks good on you? It doesn't look off, still beautiful!

    1. Thank God for makeup skills and shade- matching powders! :D

  5. I think their darkest shade would also lighter on my face. I do hope that Mary Kay comes up with darker shades since we are an Asian country and most Pinays are still morena :)

  6. Super konti ng shades. Like pinakakonti I've ever known. :/ Sayang naman. It seems good. I am so surprised with the price of the case ha. Ang mahal. :/

    1. Same! :( Mary Kay has always been the pricier direct selling beauty brand, but their products are really good. :)

  7. Being such a neophyte in make-ups, I haven't tried crème-to-powder foundations before. Even though I might not be purchasing one anytime soon, I like how this post can be bookmarked for future reference ;) Thank you! ~ Starr

  8. The only cream-to-powder foundation I have tried is the one from Skinwhite, simply because it's very cheap. I stopped using it because it felt sticky, but looking at this finish, it really stays on you well. I was so surprised upon scrolling when you wrote that the one you tested was the darker shade. Mary Kay should formulate shades to cater Asian skin types.

    1. Really? Skinwhite has one? I'll go check it out. Interested to know their take on it. :)


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