FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Quitting Your Job For Blogging?

I've been asked by a friend one time to hold a seminar on Blogging because she thinks "I've got a good grasp of the industry already." I'd love to do that one day or soon enough when my business has finally become more stable. Blogging has been good to me and I'd like to one day share how one can make it in the local Blogging scene.

The fact is, you can make money online specifically with Blogging; it's now considered a profession by many and it begs the question: Is it best to leave one's present job to pursue Blogging? That's Glenda's question for today's FMF:

Dearest Martha,

How are you today? Can you share advice on shifting profession like from the corporate world to Blogger? Was it really hard? I would like to pursue this hobby of mine (to blog). I'm happy with my salary right now; I can support myself and even give to my family. I hope you can share your advice as a Blogger. Thanks!


Dearest Glenda,

I am doing well today. I sincerely hope you are, too.

This question reminds me so much of the articles regarding 'quitting your job to travel the world'. Two different situations, but one fact remains: they're doable, but not easy and very risky.

Let me give you a brief background of the status of the Blogging industry today, at least in the Philippines. In the Philippines alone, there are about 300,000 blogs online (both active and inactive); 20,000 are from Manila. If you started a bit earlier, say 2009 or 2010, you have a greater chance of turning it into a profitable venture because you were able to take advantage of the boom of Digital Media and Blogging, plus time is on your side. If you started later, around 2014 to 2015, it would be a bit hard for you to turn your blog into a money- making machine because there are a dime a dozen Bloggers out there already (and most of them are very aggressive) who have the same dreams as you do, not to mention there are the seasoned and celebrity Bloggers to compete with.

Don't frown because there is still hope despite the status of Blogging in our country today; if there's the chance of failure, there is also the chance of success. With the right skills, strategies, attitude, and most importantly, passion, you can get to the top or be ahead of others, at the very least. You can succeed.

They say Passion can get you everywhere and it's good that you have that fire inside you for Blogging, but at this point, is it wise to quit your job for a blog?

I say no. Because Professional Blogging is basically business, business takes time to become profitable and in that incubation period, you can't eat passion and passion is not currency.

You can pursue your passion without having to compromise your well- being. Like me, I love Blogging and I didn't want to do anything else, but I had to look for another source of income in order to earn and save more money so I branched out into other jobs related to Blogging; at least I am still able to do my passion and take care of the other parts of my life at the same time. I haven't been to the corporate world, ever, but I'll tell you that it's best to stay with your job because as you said, you're happy with it; I don't see the point of leaving something that makes you happy for something that's unsure for you at this point. If your concern is reconciling your work schedule with your Blogger schedule, all you have to do is just know which one to prioritize, but make time for the other one too; I know some Bloggers who can still blog despite their hectic office schedules; It is doable!

But if down the road, you become unhappy with your job and you still want to pursue Blogging or whatever, or you feel you're more than ready for a career change, then quit and do what your heart tells you to do, but just be prepared for the obstacles ahead. When I say be prepared, ready your emotions, heart, mind, and soul, and at the same time, your finances; save money while you can, stash away a considerable amount of cash for future cases like this; pay all your debts before leaving, and have contingency plans. Most importantly, have other channels of income aside from Blogging; you could be a Zumba instructor in the morning and Blogger at night; I don't care what else you do just as long as you don't sacrifice your well- being for your passion. :)

Hope this helps. :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love your advices ms.martha.It really comes from the heart and very honest. I can see how much everyone has this too much desire to be a blogger too.
    Who wouldn't love that? Especially be a famous and trusted blogger like you. Though in my opinion its one of the hardest career.
    Well, what's important is loving what we do/ what our current job because no matter what a career we pursue its really depends on our dedication, determination and hardwork:D
    to glenda, I wish you all the best both on your job and blog.* pagsabayin mo na lang sis! Kaya mo yan:) *

  2. I actually never thought of blogging as a main source of income. I mean, I don't work yet but I have "sidelines" which gives me some profit at least. I think of it as a hobby and I don't want to make my hobby a business, I never thought of that :P But this is just coming from a kid, so... yeah.

  3. It seems to me that some aspiring bloggers were after the profit, the freebies, the extravagant events. Wanting to enter the world of blogging not for the passion of writing but in the hope of getting something out of it. I hope i'm wrong.

  4. Very well said, Ms. Philippines! char! Haha
    I agree with you and have the same observation as well. Bloggers from before 2010 have more advantage because they got more opportunities since there weren't a lot of bloggers back then.
    You answered exactly what I thought, Martha. I appreciate you being honest by saying it is really not that easy creating a living thru blogging. :)

  5. Same answer, it's a no. I'm a stay-at-home mom who wants to work in an office, but my age doesn't allow me.

    In today's world, one should not focus only with one job. I know some people who had side income while having a day/night jobs. Today's expenses are higher compared to previous years. It's difficult especially if you have children in college.

  6. This was actually a great read and I'm kind of blogging full time as I just graduated and in between careers and I started my blog in 2011 and it does make a difference.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  7. I would have answered the same. Although I also dream of being a trusted and well-known blogger like you, I know that it's far from reality. Yes, I do have my own humble blog with a little content but it's not enough to keep the food on the table. Others who do have a business where their income comes from, they can maybe consider blogging full-time but for a novice like myself, we might want to consider getting a paying job for the time being. (^_^)
    Thanks for the wonderful and encouraging thoughts Miss Martha!

  8. it's a great advice because it came from you Ms. M, an experienced blogger. :) i admire how you share your experiences to those who aspires to be a blogger. your advice will be a great help for them. :)

  9. I agree with all your points Martha. In this ever dynamic world it is not enough that you only have a passion to live. The competition in the industry is tight. I can see it. If we can do two things together why quit?

  10. Well said! As much as I want to be a housewife (LOL!), I can't because I am not a millionaire or a princess, or have a tree that grows money. I need to work to buy more makeup. Hahaha! <3


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