My Travel Wishlist + Nail Care Travel Tips

When traveling, I’m the type who likes dressing up so nope, I think I will never become a light traveler-ever. :D Hey, it’s nice to take outfit shots in a different city and with all their glorious landmarks!

Four countries made it to my dream Wanderlust Destinations for this year and the upcoming years. To make it more fun, I decided to wear outfits that best represent my chosen countries and the respective seasons that I want to experience in these countries. Have a look:


Ah, the famous Hanami Festival aka Cherry Blossom Blooming Season. Springtime is the time when Japan gets tickled Pink with sakura flowers and it prolly is one of the best times to visit and see what makes it a beautiful country. My BF and I are actually planning to visit Japan this coming March 2016, just in time for the Hanami Festival. I plan to wear a breezy dress with my comfiest wedge footwear as I stroll along the parks in the city and adore cherry blossoms.


One of my long overdue trips is to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I’ve always wanted to visit Angkor Wat and I hope I can materialize this soon! I heard that summer could get really hot in Cambodia so I figured that a light dress, lots of SPF, and a pair of rubber shoes will keep me stylishly comfy as I wander the majestic Angkor Wat complex and go food tripping and looking for local finds at Pub Street.


I’ve seen Paris in autumn in photos and gosh, it’s so romantic! As if the whole place is not romantic enough! If I will be fortunate enough to visit Paris in autumn, I will wear a pair of soft cotton pants in a jovial color pattern such as the one above--thought it would look nice against the amber hue of the city. I’d pair this outfit with a khaki trench!


One of my dreams is to celebrate Christmas in New York specifically at Times Square! For this trip, I’ll wear a pair of thermal pants (a stylish one, of course!), my favorite wedge sneakers, and a thermal shirt. I’ll wear a Khaki Green Coat, gray cotton scarf, and a black beanie along with this outfit!

When traveling, it is also important to bring our trusted skin care products to keep our skin stylishly healthy. Don’t forget about your nails too because just like your skin, they lose moisture, become dry and brittle, and need nourishment too! Locycare Nail Gel takes care of your nails by keeping it healthy with its nourishing blend of nail fortifying ingredients; it comes in an easy-to-bring, squeeze tube that you can definitely pop in your purse and take everywhere, even while traveling!

Share your top four travel destinations and your personal, on-the-go nail care tips with me and don’t forget to visit Locycare on Facebook!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Your outfits are so gorgeous! I love your bags:)
    Anyway, I've been dreaming to travel around the world one day, its one of my dream since childhood:D My top 4 travel destinations are New Zealand, Italy, Japan and Paris too. Oh I want to have a vacation in USA:)
    Anyway, keeping nails stronger is a important thing. A brittle and discolored nails can be an indication of lack of nutrients. Eating a well -balanced filled with protein, vitamins and minerals is a must:) I always keep it dry and clean too. Though sometimes I wish my hair is as stronger as my nails:D

  2. I dream, too, of seeing Japan when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom... I see in pics that they look so beautiful and romantic. On the other hand, Siem Reap is one of my fave place ever. You are right, summer there is soo hot. Just like in Thailand, it is better if you wear long and conservative clothes there. Hope you get to visit SR soon. Shopping is fun as well because the prices are low and you can haggle too.

  3. I love your bags especially the first two!
    My top 4 destinations are: South Korea, Japan (there's really something about those Sakura trees!), New York and Paris.
    I don't like dressing up when travelling since I like packing light so prolly no OOTDs for me. However, when it comes to skin care, dedma ang "pack light" rule ko! :)

  4. I am not much fond of dressing myself up. Boo. A simple white tee and shorts paired with my ever reliable Chucks would do thr trick for me most of the time. How I wish I can gather the same courage and dress like a lady (just like your outfits here!) I'll be looking forward to your post once you get to visit Paris (that's one of my dream destination too!)

  5. I like your choice of clothes for every country. There are times that when we travel we just want to wear everything comfortable and sometimes we just want to wear something beautiful because we want to have a quality picture. I think it is important that as long as we are happy with our clothes and personal care products, the least of our consideration are the weight of our luggages. Also, women are good in packing clothes and other stuffs so I think it is very manageable. :)

  6. kinilig ako nung nabasa ko ung post mo Ms. M! :) i would LOVE to visit Japan, S. Korea, Paris, and New York!! i love to travel and experience other cultural activities in other countries. :)

  7. I love your choice of outfits! I would love to go to Canada, Spain, Switzerland and France. I just wish i can be as stylish as you. Anyway, I heared from somebody that Locycare is good.

  8. Thanks for sharing your travel wish list, ladies! :D


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