September Favorites

I had that rare downtime last weekend; whenever I get that chance, I always contemplate on my life. If I could summarize what this year has been for me in one sentence, it would be: “I survived!” When you’re about to give up on the 11th hour, that’s the time you should keep on pushing because the storm’s about to be over.

I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for my year- end musing; for now, I’ll share my fave beauty products for the month of September!


L’Oreal’s new and improved ever famous liquid foundation now comes in a better packaging and I think that alone made it deserving to be part of this month’s hit list.

Not the biggest fan of Silicone primers, but this one, I like because it doesn’t feel clogging as its counterparts and it visibly smooths skin!

This new favorite toner of mine from Kiehl’s imparts a gentle toning action and refreshes skin, calms redness, and fights breakouts without the sting.


This Vietnamese beauty brand has nicely scented masks that invigorates the skin and senses effectively.


This new lotion by Jergens contains a powerful combination of Coconut Water and Coconut Oil; It’s VERY moisturizing and it’s something that I really feel whenever I use this product!

One of the best pro foundations I’ve tried to date. It’s an even better version of the older HD Foundation, but this time, it’s lighter, has more shades to choose from, but has retained its superb coverage.

What are your beauty favorites for the past month?

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree on your thoughts Ms.Martha. All of us experience these things also, but we didn't give up. We need to survive. I also love L’OREALTRUE MATCH BLUR CREAM, it's included in my daily routine so when this runs out, I will definitely repurchase again.

  2. i tried the L'Oreal Blur Cream and Liquid foundation and i could say that i loved it!! it's matte finish that's why it looks good on the skin. i will purchase those new l'oreal products. :)

  3. The L'oreal True Match Foundation is on my next liquid foundation-to-try-list. :)

  4. My September favorite was the Olay deep moisture bodywash. I love the scent and the moisturization it gives my skin.
    I'm happy for you, Ms. Survivor!

  5. oohhh, im so intrigued by the MUFE hd foundation. ive heard good review locally and from beauty guru's abroad as well. Does it dry matte?

  6. Ooooh that Kiehl's toner is... <3!

    I've tried the sample size and it's uh-mazing!

  7. Oh gosh... Now you're giving me more reasons to get that blur cream!
    last september, I'm loving The Balm's tinted moisturizer, it gives me that glow without looking made up, parang I woke up like this lang ang peg. Lol

  8. The l'oreal blur cream must be good since it is in your favorites! Can't wait to try it as well. Been curious about the new jergens variant because a lot of people are testifying na mabango talaga and not sticky. :)

  9. L'Oreal new products are on my list. I wanted to try them soon. I have this new fave lipstick, from Pinkies collection on their new matte line. Super affordable yet I'm sure everyone's gonna love it.


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