Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in Y365 Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in Y365.

Price: P2,700.00
From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Make Up For Ever Greenbelt 3, SM Mega Fashion Hall, Shangri-La Mall


When I was still starting this blog, I'd literally take on every racket that would come my way just so I could buy makeup to review. I remember having a racket that paid me handsomely (amount was 4k; it was handsome already 6 years ago), I immediately rushed to Make Up For Ever at Bonifacio High Street to purchase one of my dream foundations then, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation; God, I loved that foundation; performance was too perfect for me except for the shade range, which I didn't mind at all because I was head over heels with the way it fared on my skin. 

MUFE HD foundation has now evolved into the new Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation, an even better version of its predecessor; this foundation has just sealed MUFE's status as one of the purveyors of fine foundations and leaders of HD makeup technology because Ultra HD Foundation just gives you pixel perfect skin on cam and off cam!


Ultra HD Foundation is Make Up For Ever's latest offering to the world of professional makeup artistry; It is built to meet the demands of 4k technology, the latest technology in film and T.V. that simply means 4x the resolution and definition. It comes in 35 shades locally to match all skin tones and in undertones of Yellow, Pink, and Olive; Infused with radiance boosters from Evodia fruit and Time Released Hyaluronic Spheres for all- day hydration.


Make Up For Ever does not use sunscreen in their foundations, specifically in Ultra HD because this ingredient is the obstacle to skin- like looking foundation (darn you, white cast).

Ultra HD's packaging is identical to the previous one, except for the silver lining that holds the pump and bottle together, and MUFE's new logo embossed on the cap.

Consistency is more liquid now than before, lighter now than before, and melts onto the skin better than before; It feels like a moisturizing, sheer veil on the skin yet conceals and improves the skin tone so, so well.


Bare skin

One layer of Ultra HD Foundation

Holy schmokes! Wait, is that foundation or moisturizer?! Ultra HD looks like my skin with just a layer of moisturizer! Coverage is light to heavy and can be layered on without the additional weight. Formula doesn't feel sticky, evens out quite well and quickly, and improves the look and tone of your skin; it feels exceptionally lightweight, but coverage is so good. Most people think that HD foundation equals thick foundation, but not this one; As mentioned, it's built for the latest, highest resolution for film and T.V. that produces mega vivid and true pictures that's why it's very natural- looking. Also, the line is offering 35 shades so no need to mix various shades to come up with one that closely matches your skin tone. For morenas like me, I found that Y365 looks better on our skin tone. 

The thing is, the Ultra HD shades look light on the bottle, but actually fare darker when applied on the skin so my advise is don't rely on the bottle swatch; test it on your skin instead or try going a shade lighter.

I think I don't have to explain how this foundation is photo- friendly to the 10th degree; just check out this photo! Staying power is very good as it stays intact for 6 to 8 hours and fades minimally after that, and persists to stay natural- looking during wear. I did not experience a breakout with this foundation.

Ultra HD Foundation is so good, I pronounce it THE foundation to beat in the PRO category for this year; it's so good that I think it will convert non-foundation wearers to foundation wearers and I'm always complimented by people regarding how good my skin looks like when I'm wearing this foundation! It's best for all skin types! 

If you love looking good all the time (ahem!) whether in photos, in selfies, and in actual, then you must grab this foundation! Or, if you just want to splurge on makeup (if I may add, worth it makeup), I'd recommend this!


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  1. Perfect! This has an excellent formula indeed, the finish is incredibly natural not leaving you an artificial look. It gives you a healthier complexion too. Its great to know that it's in fluild texture that blends easily plus the shade range may be the largest has offered to date. No wonder it earned your highest recommendation:D After your review I can't really wait to try this. Thanks you so much for the unlimited great recommendations and honest reviews:D

    1. You're welcome! All my beauty blogger friends love this thing! :D

  2. This is my dream foundation, too. I've read nothing but good things about it. Sadly, I can't afford it at the moment. Priorities. Hahaha. Thanks for the review, Ms. M. You really look like Chrissy Teigen talaga! :)

    1. Thanks, dear. Been getting that a lot lately haha! :D

  3. Looks so good on you! I think I know what I want for Christmas. So Santa, if your listening this is on my wish list! :)

    1. Same! I hope Santa drops a box of this in my house haha!

  4. you got me Ms. M! i'm lovin' this foundation na. :D gotta ask my sister to get this as gift for me and other MUFE items too! :D

  5. I really want this! But I have another bottle of Happy Skin foundation pa and I can stick with that while I save for this :) wait, what is more worth it to splurge on? Eyeshadow or foundation? Both are so important for me so I can't choose!

  6. i hope i can have this foundation someday!! i've read good reviews about it, but it's somehow expensive (BUT I THINK IT'S WORTH THE PRICE) :D it's really looks good on you Ms. M! Gorgeous.. :)


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