Finding My Zen at Neo Day Spa

The quickest way to soothe a tired being, at least to me, is through a massage. I admit, I am quite a massage addict (especially now!) and I don't mind allotting a few bucks every week for it, if that means bringing back my balance and improving my well- being for me. I am also an advocate of going all- out in spas once in a while and that means throwing in a body scrub or heck, getting a private room for yourself because we all deserve to be pampered!

For spas, one of my top picks is Neo Day Spa, specifically the one at BGC because I'm always in the area. It's one of the longest- standing spas in the area with a string of loyalists of their services including their signature Zen Package, a combination of Zen Bodywork, their signature massage, and a body scrub treatment; I tried it recently and I'm going to muse about my experience.

Interior is minimalist and the almost uniform walls, solid, cool hues, and solid lines evoke a sense of balance. The mint- laced air soothes your senses immediately. The place has this serene feel that the moment you step inside, it feels like you escaped the city.

Refresh yourself while the therapists prepare your room or bed. Don't forget to try out their Ginger Lemongrass Tea-it tastes so unique and good, I had 5 cups of it in my visit!

If you opt for any of the packages, any of the massage services, and any of the body scrub treatments, Neo Day Spa lets you personalize your experience by letting you choose your body scrub and massage oil. I chose the massage oil in balancing Earth and antibacterial Ginger body scrub.

 Here's the area for hand and foot treatments.

 I got a private room because my mom tagged along. We both needed a break!

The room has just the right size for two people. Amenities are clean most especially the shower floor; yes, I'm particular about this, I dislike slimy, icky shower floors.

Delight! We got our very own robe and disposable underwear on top of the towel. I just think that the disposable underwear is brilliant because Zen Package includes a body scrub portion; no one wants to wear soaked underwear before going out!

 Our preferred scrubs and oils.

 Ready for my treatment! Just a recap, My mom and I are having the Zen Package.

Hi mom!

The treatment started with the Body scrub; the therapists used a variety of hand techniques, which I thought had helped improve blood circulation further; It is a full body scrub up to the neck. Next, we were wrapped in plastic and the scrub was left on for 20 minutes for our skin to absorb the benefits of the oil in the scrub. Afterwards, we were asked to rinse ourselves in the shower.

Last part of the package: Zen Bodywork Massage, a combination of acupressure and Western therapeutic massage. According to Neo Day Spa, this massage is supposed to ease body tension, balance the body, and free the flow of energy in the body. I'm more into the 'caressing' types of massage (e.g. Swedish) and Zen Bodywork is is like 50% pressing and 50% caressing so I wasn't too keen about it; surprisingly, I liked it because the therapist knew the points to press on my body to release tension, plus there were ample moments wherein I got my favorite caressing moves. The massage lasted for an hour.

Zen Package lasts for about 2 1/2 hours including preparation and the treatments, and priced at P3,000.00+/person. It's a great week- ender to ready yourself for the weekend or before any hectic week; I would also recommend this massage to active people or anyone who works in a physically- demanding field because it lightens up the body!

Neo Day Spa BGC is located at 26th St. cor. 3rd ave., BGC, Taguig City. 815-6948.

Visit NEO DAY SPA's Official Website to know more about this spa and their treatments.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My mom always push me to go the a spa. She told me that working girls like us deserve this kind of pampering. In the end, our body would be very thankful naman!

    Did you managed to fall asleep?

  2. I also love spa and massage! but sometimes, i opt for home service massage, hehe, pag tinatamad ng lumabas and when i just want to be relaxed and pampered. :)

  3. Thanks I was just ready to look into a massage in the area and this came at the perfect time. I might need to check it out now. Thanks.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  4. I'll some of my 13th month pay for this!

  5. Ooh! This is perfect after a stresful week! Definitely checking out if there's a Neo Day spa near my area. The traffic of travelling from QC to BGC will just stress me out again. Hehe

    I like massages too, and I also like it when they let me choose the oil to be used during the session. I haven't had a body scrub done in a spa for quite some time now so I think I can splurge naman. Heck, it's my reward for a job well done this past 3 months! Hehe

  6. I want to bring my Mom here! She loves spa and definitely loves massage!

  7. This looks peaceful and heavenly! Maybe I'll treat myself with a trip to Neo Day Spa for Christmas! Hehe

  8. Just went to a spa last month and Neo Spa was one of our choices. But since le boyfriend wanted to eat in Highlands, we decided to go to MoA. :) Will definitely check this out soon. The place is so neat. I love body oils during massage. Haven't tried any full body scrub, but it seems so relaxing and refreshing


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