Maybelline Mat Velvet Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Maybelline Mat Velvet lipsticks.

Price: P350.00
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Other Locations: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


Feelin' a bit under the weather lately, not to mention I'm kinda' stressed just deadlines! Good thing I've a couple of new lippies to play with (And swatch for you guys!) to take my mind off work and to help me relax; makeup is always fun and play for me, therefore it is one of my top stress relievers. 

I recently received a set of Maybelline's new Mat Velvet Lipstick for review; Now let's swatch these.


According to Maybelline, Mat Velvet is a revolutionary matte lipstick as it yields none of the dryness, heaviness, and waxiness of traditional matte lipstick.

The whole packaging is similar to Maybelline Lip Polish; this is just the sexier, sultrier sister.


Mat 12

- a beige-peach shade.

Mat 12 is a crowd favorite-a lot of my followers on Instagram (@thebeautyjunkee) gushed about this shade when I uploaded these lippies on my page; What's not to love? It's an MLBB/Nude shade that looks pretty good on Filipina skin tone!

Mat 1

- A watermelon Pink shade.

This summery Pink hue will come handy in the next few months to some. It's a pretty shade, but I just don't dig tropical pinks too much. :p

Mat 10

- A cool, midtone Pink with a hint of violet.

Now this shade is a more warm skin tone- friendly version of Mat 1, thanks to the Violet undertone. Violet is really a great neutralizer.

Mat 6

- A berry shade.

One of my favorite shades in the bunch. It's such a wearable fall shade that's great for daytime!

Mat 9

- A red orange shade.

Red-Orange shades are great, but I find them a bit ho-hum already.

Mat 2

- A bright Coral-Pink shade.

Off topic: Oh hi there, puffy cheeks. Gosh, can I just  share that I'm suffering from swollen lower gums here, hence the puffiness. Trying my best to not look it in the photo! :D

Mat 11

- A bright, true red.

Ooh, what a lovely true red! Another favorite of mine from this collection. It's one of the super nice drugstore reds I've seen so I would recommend that you get it for yourself (that is, if you're into reds. But who doesn't like Red!??!).

Mat 8

- A hot orange shade.

If you're looking for a vintage orange lipstick without hurting your wallet, this is an option!

These lipsticks have excellent pigmentation and are very moisturizing, no doubt about that. However, I have a problem with the matte claim. You see, when I read matte, in my head, it's bold, shine- free or at least, demi-matte; the boldness is there, but it didn't quite pass even the demi-matte mark; it goes on glossy in the beginning and when I allowed it to dry for at least 20 minutes, final finish was satin.; staying power is okay. Still and all, it is a pretty good lipstick because of its superb pigmentation and moisturizing finish; just don't think of it as a matte lipstick, but as a regular liquid lipstick; this one's going to be the best friend of dry lips!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Mat 12 for the win! It's been sold out for so long now, I'm not sure if they have been restocked.

  2. I love the shade selection but I'm quite heart broken it's not the "matte"I expect it to be.

  3. Maybelline released pretty colors again! Moisturize lips for ber months! However, I would go with Ann this time, I hope it's really a matte one. :)

  4. Mat 6 and 11 are pretty shades. must check out Maybelline counters soon! :D

  5. They're most definitely NOT matte! Not at all. I hate how they claim these are matte. The colors and pigmentation are good, though! They're on sale for P250 until December 31, I believe.

  6. got MAT12 last night =) and yes it was love at first swipe ♥♥♥

  7. I tried swatching a couple of shades and yes, they are not matte. The first shade that i looked for was MAT12 but the SA said that they don't have a tester for that shade. I guess MAT 12 is the most popular and saleable shade of this collection.

  8. Mat11 and 12 are such a steal! Though most of the shades are little bit the same with the Maybelline Rebel collection. still I would love to try this one.

  9. My sister was pretty bummed that it wasn't "matte" like it's a little hard to remove kinda matte. Still the shades are pretty..

    CJ | From Manila with Love : Beauty, Life & Feminism

  10. I agree! i was like, "parang di naman matte" when i saw the first photo. I didn't expect there would be 'shine' once you apply them.

    Still, the colors look great! I like the pinks and the oranges. I can't pick a specific shade because I like them all! Hehe

  11. They all look so good I can't choose just one!

  12. Same as with the bold matte collection, this isn't that matte. :/ Though the shades are so pretty, and it's affordable. So okay pa din. I love Mat 2, 6 and 11! :)


Thank you for your comments!