Maybelline Lip Polish Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Maybelline Lip Polish.

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It's not a lip balm, no not even your average lip gloss. It's Maybelline Lip Polish. Maybelline's setting a standard with this cushiony lip product that slides on like a dream, feels as smooth as acrylic, but as soft as gel. Oh I know what to call this product now-a Lip Cushion!


Lip Polish is Maybelline's newest lip product. It's said to be a fusion of gloss, balm, lipstick, and treatment with a serum- like shine. It claims to soothe and moisturize lips all day, and comes in shimmer, patent, and sheer finishes.

It's very cheap, but the packaging is nowhere near like that-not even an inch. The product comes in a pocket- sized acrylic tube with a lipstick- shaped insert and it added that cute effect to it. The spade shaped wand fits my lips just fine and the tapered tip allows me to line my lips precisely.

You shouldn't miss this luscious product from Maybelline. I'm swatching 8 colors for you after the jump!

Just to give you a grasp of what it really is, it's a lipstick-lip balm-lip treatment-lip gloss hybrid with a super cushiony feel. It's as pigmented as lipstick, shinier but more lightweight than gloss, more emollient than lip balm, and has a shine that's as brilliant as oil (but it doesn't feel anything like it!). Pigmentation ranges from light to heavy depending on the formula and color, and it is unscented too. It gives my lips this pillow- like, volumizing effect, albeit it's a little runny and may bleed when you use more than two layers. What I love about it is it doesn't feel sticky at all-not even a wee bit! It actually feels like 'soft glass' to me!


Pop 6

- A bright red shade

Pop 6 is a refreshing that has this young, vibrant feel to it. It's the kind of red that you won't shy away from!

 Pop 5

- a fresh baby pink shade.

This shade has the look and sheerness of a lip tint (but more pigmented), perfect for those lazy and casual days or to cap off a petal- fresh look.

 Glam 5

- a lilac pink shade with silver micro shimmer.

Cool, but surprisingly wearable for warm skin tones, Glam 5 is the perfect hue for any princess-y makeup look!

Glam 12

- Sheer red with silver micro shimmer 

It's as sheer as Pop 5, but the shimmers added that vavavoom factor to it, thus it can be worn even during night time.

Glam 13

- A rose-beige shade

It's not really glamorous, but rather simple and natural. I find that this shade yields the most uniform coverage of all the Lip Polish shades I own.

Glam 16

- A neutral nude beige

I feel like breaking into a Beyoncé- themed dance whenever I have this shade on. Glam 16 is sooo celebrity- worthy!

Glam 6

- A berry-plum shade

The violet undertone of this shade makes it so apt for warm- skinned ladies. It's such a unique and gorgeous color, but downright wearable. It's the perfect shade to usher in the colder season!

Glam 2

- a soft midtone Coral.

This everyday shade will add just the right amount of prettiness to any look.

Lip Polish is indeed the right name to call these products because if you've observed in the swatches, they have a shine that reminds you of a top coat for nails. They're not that long lasting though due to their runny texture, but I love the way they feel and sit on my lips. It's very affordable so I suggest you give it a try-word of caution though, you'll be hooked on it softness! :)


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love Glam 2 and 12! Would love to try these lip cushions (as how you call 'em) :D


  2. Those are really inconvenient shade names! Hard to remember. :/ That said, the fuschia one is as usual the one that looks best on you!

  3. Glam 16 is so chic, great for those dark smokey eye looks! It's good to know that it acts as a lip treatment as well. Thank goodness it's affordable! I actually thought of Beyonce when I saw the picture haha :) Will definitely check out these lip polishes ASAP! Thanks for the detailed review! <3 xoxo

  4. They are great they are so hydrating on my lips and I have Glam 13 and Glam 6 I used them every other weeks in rotation ^_^

  5. I first saw this with my officemate, and I was really attracted with its packaging. My officemate told me that it doesn't dry her lips, and it doesn't give a heavy feeling. Thanks for the review. Almost forgot to check them out!

  6. Gawd! The shades are sooooo lovely they suits you so well, I wanna try them all. The only thing is that I haven't tried any lipgloss that will suit me nicely. Mukha akong kumain ng lechon.. I think I'd go for Glam 6 and 13. So fetch! ;))

  7. Lovely shades! Maybelline never fails to have pleasing products yet cheap but it doesn't look like it is.. :)

  8. All shades look great! Just wondering, have you tried Tony Moly Tony Tint,Red Apple?Is Lip tint somewhat the same with lip polish when applied?

  9. im not really into lip shiny glosses but glam 13 is really pretty and natural. it gives a nice plum on the lips! maybe i could try this one

  10. How do these compare to Revlon's Moisture Stains? :) I'm trying to figure out which one to use.
    I'm not a lip gloss fan, but these look quite pretty and perfect for either day or night looks.

  11. Ela: Hi Ela! Haven't tried that product yet, but I can compare this to L'Oreal's shine caresse-this one is lighter than that! :)

    Thanks for sharing your picks, girls! :D


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