FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Is it worth it to be an affiliate?

Just this week, there has been a breakthrough in Science proving that Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity is true: ripples from two black holes that collided billions of years ago have just reached Earth confirming that indeed, enormous objects cause distortion in space-time, aka Gravity, as proposed by Einstein. It would've been lovely if Einstein lived to hear this news, but I bet wherever he is right now, he's happy knowing that he started and left something valuable to the next generation!

Oh, there goes my science- loving side! For our FMF today, Marcia inquires about online affiliate programs.

Hi Martha!

A lifestyle blog is in the pipeline for me this year; my plan is I want it to earn on its own to sustain itself; in this light, I've become interested in online Affiliate Programs. I want to ask if you've tried it and if yes, I'd like to ask your thoughts about it; is it worth it? If ever, I'd like to use this as one of the income- generating channels for my future blog.

Your response will be highly appreciated.

Much love,

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Hey Marcia!

Great question! It's also nice and refreshing to hear someone who's clear of what she wants to happen with her blog.

I tried two affiliate programs in the past: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics and Sigma Brushes. 

Sigma, the first one, was not that successful due to a lot of factors: 1.) I just started blogging and didn't have a sizable audience to sell to. 2.) The products were expensive for my audience then. 3.) International online shopping wasn't such a big thing then. 4.) I never promoted my affiliate link and the brand actively anyway; And so I uninstalled my banner a year after; when I checked my account, I think I just earned a dollar or two, which I didn't bother to withdraw anymore.

Second was Ellana Mineral Cosmetics; it was pretty successful, but I wouldn't say that it earned me pretty good cash. When the brand was relaunched a year or two ago, I joined as an affiliate, and was given enough support by the brand in the form of free products so I could promote my affiliate link often through features and reviews; a year and a half after, I earned about 3k, which, again, I did not bother to cash out; earnings were pretty small for me so I gave it up.

Judging from my experience, I will say that affiliate program can be worth it or not worth it, depending on how persistent you are in promoting your link. Promotion is the name of the game if you want to earn big bucks from being an affiliate; aside from these, here are a couple of valuable advice to help you with your plan/strategy for affiliate marketing:

1. Install affiliate banners in your site; install more than one, but don't overdo it; three should be enough: one leaderboard, one sky scraper, and one in between posts; this is just my preference; tweak it as you wish.
2. Promote your link at least once every week.
3. Use social media to promote your link. Advertise on Facebook; it doesn't cost much.
4. Do giveaways and leverage on others to get the word out there about your link.
5. Don't just jump into an affiliate program; check out the authority and background of the website, how easy to sell the products are, and if the earning opportunity is win-win.

Bear in mind that when you are an affiliate, you are technically owning a part of the business so treat it as your business: nurture it and wait for it to grow; you won't earn millions from it overnight, just like any other business so be patient (unless it's monkey business!).

Good luck and I wish you all the best in your future blogging career. Work smart, stay humble, stay authentic. I trust that this article has helped my other readers as well. ;)

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  1. Oh I thought I'll be reading a Physics related item the whole time hahaha I love that bits!

  2. Well, that was a refreshing and insightful read :)

  3. Thanks for this advice. Also a newbie blogger, but for me I am focusing on content for now. I still have a long way to go. Happy Valentine's Day, Ms. Martha!!

  4. As of now I am only affiliated with Nuffnang so far I earn naman but not enough to cash out. Planning to apply in Google Adsense soon, I hope they approve mine. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. so many bloggers nowadays, but it's great because people will also have many source of reference when they search the net. :)

  6. Something refreshing .. There so many bloggers nowadays, my youtube account has subscribe to many youtube bloggers hehe

  7. I got an insight! Thank you for this post. I actually wanted to be an affiliate. But then I realized I wasn't ready for it yet and my audience isn't a lot either. :)

  8. Thanks so much for this! I'm a newbie blogger (well not really, but I am not a consistent blogger so I may as well be). Your advice about deciding when you want to turn your blog into a business and working hard to nurture it into what you want it to be is really on point. We'll definitely keep this in mind.


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