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Here's a review on Happy Skin Glisten Up Strobing Kit.

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And just when you thought Strobing will go away the moment it was unveiled, it's here to stay; highlighting and strobing kits are popping out left and right, and it's getting me more interested than ever; I know, I know, Strobing is just a fancy way to call highlighting, but for what it's worth, I guess it's worth a try! I've been trying it out this technique recently and I'll blog about it soon.

Happy Skin jumps into the trend and released a limited edition Strobing kit called Glisten Up, two pocketable sticks of radiance and color; scroll down for the lowdown!


Contour, blush, and strobe in three simple moves with these convenient coloring sticks from Happy Skin; Enriched with moisturizing and caring ingredients such as Shea Butter, Collagen, and Grapefruit extracts and pure pigments to pack rich color and rich care in one swipe.


Glisten Up is comprised of two sets: Contour + Strobe and Strobe + Blush; you can also purchase the products individually, except the blush stick.

When I saw the size of the products, it's like you paid for just one product and it's split into two and given a different shade and function; a lot may find this disappointing given the price of the set, but I don't mind because I prefer products that can be used up easily (but not that easy!) so I can move on quickly to a new product/brand, unless I really, really like it! Either side you're on, it's totally understandable.

Well, looks like the products can't be used up that easy because they are pretty pigmented. The blush is a watermelon pink shade and the highlighter is a frosted champagne. The blush reminds me of the pigmentation of NARS Multiple, but at a more affordable price; I love how the finishes of the products complement each other.

Texture is a smooth cream that glides on and imparts color effortlessly; it's moisturizing, but no stickiness to be felt here; in fact, the products yield a semi-powdery finish, but in my opinion, it still needs to be set with powder.


Here's a cheat sheet for you! :)

In here, I applied the product on top of liquid foundation set with the powder and the sticks didn't interfere with my makeup in any way because as I said, they have a semi- powdery finish; however, applying too much can cause patches on a powdered face. It can also be used on top of liquid foundation and before powder to intensify other powder products; just apply an extra layer if you're using tinted powder for the colors to project through powder.

TIP: If you don't want to use too much of the products, apply on top of powder.

TIP: You still have to set the products with powder so they won't run off; use a translucent powder to maintain the boldness of the colors.

Glisten Up Strobe and Blush stick when blended and set with powder

The blush tends to be overpowered by the highlighter so I make sure that the two won't touch when I'm blending them; a bit tedious so I seldom use the blush stick anymore. The highlighter may look intense on the hand swatch, but it yields a nice glow to the cheeks and complexion; if you have oily skin, just don't overdo it on your T-Zone. Otherwise, you'll look oily, not glowing.

Side note: Strobing, to me, is not only contouring with light, but also creating luminous skin in all angles; I think that's what separates it from Highlighting. More about it on a separate post.

Staying power for the products is good; if you have really oily skin, however, you will need to retouch the powder on 'em for a couple of times a day or better yet, put them under powder.

Glisten Up is a cool concept and works best on normal and dry skin and to some extent, combination oily/normal skin types; if you're a makeup artist, you'll find this set useful to your line of work because I was told by a couple of MUAs that they love using cream cheek products as they make the color last longer. Now if you're just a regular makeup user, here's my advise: If you're a makeup newbie, stick to powders first and master the art of sculpting and highlighting before using this product as it requires intermediate makeup skills. If you're an intermediate makeup user or you don't care which level you're in as you're up for trying just about anything, between the blush and strobe stick, I suggest go for the strobe stick because it's a close dupe of NARS Multiple; should you want to buy the set, I suggest go for the Contour + Strobe kit; that should be an interesting duo.


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm looking forward to your strobing tutorial :D

  2. I'm so interested on this new products of Happy Skin. I love this brand eventhough I have tried just some of their products, I can say that its worth it. I will gave this( strobing stick) a try even I'm not pro on makeup. I know I can get use to it.Hehe. I love how it gives that certain glow in your face. Oh, I'm more excited of your post about strobing, still curious about it.

    1. Yeah! I've recently appreciated Strobing too; will try to create a photo tutorial soon. :)

  3. oh yeah! it can make you look fresh! what a nice product. :)

  4. Interesting! I'd like to try strobing soon! :) Do you think cream or liquid highlighter works better than powder ones? Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

    1. I believe so too because for me, Strobing, should look dewy. :)

  5. The set is a little too expensive, but I think the highlighting stick is good. It gives off this "gorgeous skin" effect, which would be perfect for summer.

  6. super nice!!! just perfect for those who always in hurry.. as easy as 1-2 (Apply + Blend) and you're ready to go.. I just wish they were little bit less expensive =)

    1. But at least you can buy them individually if you don't want to commit to a set. :)

  7. I am still a bit confounded on strobing, so thank you for the cheat sheet you posted here. Thanks for making a note about those with oily skin attempting to use the product, and the advice not to use too much over T zone areas.


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