Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Eye Liner in Envy and Orgasm Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Eye Liner in Envy and Orgasm.

Price: P1,340.00/each
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I think one of the hardest things in life is finding an eye liner that sticks to the waterline the entire day; this is why even if it's cool, I don't do this look often just because nothing sticks; it's even harder for those who have watery eyes. But I think that will change now because I've unearthed a brand that will be the best friend of every woman who loves to line her waterlines and have watery eyes: Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Eye Liner; I've been lining my waterlines lately because of this!


Smooth and pigmented, these eye liners are apparently built to last and stay true; formulated with Shea fruit and Cocoa butter for moisture benefits and Raspberry Oil for anti-aging benefits; available in 10 shades.

Left- Orgasm; Right- Envy

The pencils are automatic and they come with sharpeners; other brands would have the sharpeners at the bottom, but Mirenesse placed theirs at the top. I actually like this configuration better because there aren't a lot of things going on: it's just the sharpener cap, that's all whereas with other similar brands, it's the cap, sharpener, and sharpener base.

Envy is a dark green shade and Orgasm is a pale pink shade; products have a matte finish, pigmentation is medium to heavy, and they dry into a budge- proof, matte finish; I even had a hard time removing the products with a makeup remover, but good thing they don't feel as if they're clinging uncomfortably on my skin.


Envy on lower lash line

Orgasm on waterline

Move over mint green eye liner, pale pink is now my choice for a subtle dash of color on my eyes; the great thing about this shade is it's not stark, it's not too neutral, and the hint of pink a healthy look and lift.

So, you wanna see magic?

After 8 hours of wear

Take note, I did not retouch the eyeliner for 8 hours...8 frikkin' hours and it's still partly intact. I've never worn an eyeliner on my waterline and made it stay for more than 5 minutes, therefore I think this is the best pencil liner in the world because it stays on dry and even on wet areas. Well, have you encountered something better than this? Then stone me! :D

Ok, let me also tell you that I don't have watery eyes so maybe that's another reason why the eye liner stayed on. Regardless, I find it amazing that this product can hold up on a completely moist area.

The best part? My waterlines did not feel dry, taut, itchy, or turn red. The liner washes off effortlessly with makeup remover and cleanser + water!

It's expensive for an eye liner, fo' sho', but it has really good quality; if ever you come at a point in your life when you're digging the colored waterline look, this is a great eye liner to invest in. I'd personally recommend Orgasm because it's a pretty, universal shade that lifts the eyes softly.


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. If this is a 5/5 (staying power) on your grade sheet definitely this is a must ;)

  2. This is the first time that I've seen / heard this product. And what the hell... it's staying power is marvelous! Eyeliners are my best friend since I have these Chinita eyes and I need to open them up. But of course, it always smudgeeeeeeeeeeee. I hate it, my skin is oily and it tends to be irritated a lot. The color orgasm is everything. It looks great on you! Thank you for sharing this.

    1. You're welcome, Rachel. Indeed, Orgasm is everything. Such a pretty highlighting color!

  3. I'll stone you! Hahaha. Just kiddin'. This is superb! I rarely put eyeliner especially on my waterline because I always tend to cry whenever I put one, so I just go ahead and skip adding one during my makeup routine. But I think this one is the answer for all of my eyeliner problems. I wanna invest on the orgasm shade because as they all say that it gives an "awake" or fresh look, I need this because I tend to have dull eyes especially after a long day. This product seems to be worth investing on. :)

    1. Yes! This is the first Mirenesse product I have used and it has impressed me so much! Now I wanna get more of their products. :)

    2. I think you'll definitely have more of their make up products soon!! Haha.

  4. I love reading your reviews, even though the products seem to be pricey, it makes me think and wanna invest to good products rather than cheaper ones (quality wise). And now I really wanna work na para mkapag invest for more MAKEUPSSSS!!! :)

  5. I have watery eyes, oily skin and i'm sweaty,too that is why i need eye products that are waterproof and smudgeproof. My uneven eyes makes it hard for me to create nice eyelines but i like tightlining because it gives that subtle definition to my eyes. Problem is, i end up with smudged eyeliner even before the day ends. I think i have to invest in products such as this so i be assured that i'll have eyeliner that lasts throughout the day.

    1. Yup, eyeliner is always a good investment because it can make or break your look. :)

  6. I guess this one is very ideal for someone who doesn't want to touch up some Eyeliner during the day.. But pricey.. 😊

  7. i first heard that brand upon your blog post about your first purchase on sephora ph and finally you did awesome review about them.. amazing products!!! worth the money!


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