Pink Sugar Creamy Matte Lipsticks Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Pink Sugar Creamy Matte Lipstick.

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Being sick the whole week has its ups and downs; down because I can't clock in my daily workout and up because I get to swatch some pending makeups in my "To review" stash. Off the hook from Pink Sugar for this year is one of my favorites from them, Creamy Matte lipstick; 10 lusciously creamy demi- matte lipsticks that pack a punch of color and moisture.


Pink Sugar's maiden matte collection that features 10 soft, creamy, semi- matte lipsticks in bright, trendy hues; formulated with Vitamin E and Shea Butter to moisturize lips.

This lipstick looks cute and doesn't look like P349.00, although I think the cap will look more chic if finish were matte.
Pigmentation is medium to heavy, texture is velvety, and has a strong vanilla-strawberry scent that is a bit too much for my liking; I wish the scent will be toned down next time or better yet, changed into something more mellow or removed altogether. Consistency is smooth and soothing, and doesn't dry out lips, although it can highlight dry areas so moisturize prior wear; you also have to layer this lipstick on twice to get a more intense payoff, but at least it doesn't feel heavy on the lips.

Swatch overload below!



- a hot pink shade

Catfight is your classic hot pink shade. Good thing it has a blue based undertone, which made it great even for warm skin tones despite its fluorescent finish.

Dupe for: Nars Schiap; softer version of MAC Candy Yum Yum


- A midtone true red

Diva is a universal red; it's also a midtone red that can be used day or night.

Dupe for: MAC Russian Red; L'Oreal Color Riche Pure Rouge

First Kiss

- A tropical peachy pink

First Kiss makes skin look bright and effortlessly youthful; a must- have if you have medium skin tone because this shade just looks good on that!

Dupe for: Nars Niagara; MAC Relentlessly Red; MAC Full Speed


- A semi- frost dark wine

Sangria is a vampy shade that's made even sexier with a hint of frost; fyi, this is a Pink Sugar original shade!


- A bright orange red

Bombshell is a fiery red that's perfect for the summer nights; the hint of orange complements warm skin tones really well!

Dupe for: MAC Lady Danger


- A beige-rose shade

Arguably this line's most popular shade; Desire is a your MLBB with the right amount of Rose to give skin a blushing effect.

Dupe For: LA Splash Smitten Lip Couture in Lovegood


- A true purple shade.

When you want to be different, Royals it is. Also, if you have warm skin and you want a violet lipstick that doesn't look off, try this.

Dupe for: MAC Heroine; Illamasqua ESP lipstick

Bang Bang

- Vibrant tomato Red.

Bang Bang is a tomato red that's in between Diva and Bombshell; if Diva is for night and Bombshell is for the beach, Bang Bang is an everyday Red.

Dupe For: Nars Red Lizard; MAC Red


- Pastel Pink.

Selfie is a bright Pink that my 2009 Blogger self would wear; I just feel a lil' old for this lipstick; it's great for themed parties though!

Dupe for: MAC Pink Nouveau


- A soft peach.

Rumor is a spring- worthy shade that makes face look blooming and happy. Despite its coolness, it doesn't make teeth appear yellowish

Dupe For: MAC Betty Bright, MAC Flamingo

These lipsticks don't claim to be long- wearing, but I do find that they stay on and come off gradually, thanks to their lip hugging finish (yet they stay comfortable). I also appreciate that the colors are true to the tube and don't feel like Pink Sugar skimped on pigments. Fragrance aside, I think Pink Sugar is a great lipstick line overall; it's very affordable and products have very nice quality; as for the color range, I appreciate that they re-introduced statement brights and colors, but because of my age and current makeup preference, I will say that I wish they will release a neutral collection soon. In this batch, my faves are Royals, Desire, Catfight, and Sangria!


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31 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ang cute ng facial expression sa Bombshell photo! A constipated Bombshell Diva? Hihihi!
    I would love to have Desire, First Kiss and Catfight. The only Pink Sugar lipstick that i have right now is from the HD line, the Delicious shade.

  2. OMG I LOVE YOUR BOMBSHELL FACE. hahahaha! You're still so beautiful even with that funny expression LOL

    I am seriously drooling over all of these shades. I also like that you listed their shade matches in other more expensive brands :)

  3. I didn't expect your facial expression (bombshell) you look younger :D.

    1. Thanks! The Mirenesse eyeliner in orgasm helped too! :D

  4. I have catfight, i love its texture, not drying at all :)

  5. Cute facial reaction! Hahahaha. I would love to have the royals one. Been eyeing out to have the perfect violet lipstick. I hope that Ican slay that lip color just like how you did!! ;)

    Question: Maybelline has released their new line of creamy matte lipstick do you think that pink sugar can level with them with this line or is it even better? In terms of longevity, matte-ness (if there's even a word like that, haha), broadness of available shades, and other. :)

    Thanka Ms. Martha! :)

    1. Hi Marybhel,

      You're welcome. :) I haven't tried Maybelline's newest matte lipsticks yet, but when it comes to matteness, I go for Pink Sugar. :) In terms of pricing and shade selection, both are pretty much comparable to each other. :)

    2. I have tried the Maybelline's newest Matte Lipstick and I think it dries up my lips sooo much! as in upon application it felt like all of my lip's moisture was gone in seconds, my friend has the same story. I dunno if it's just for me or us, hopefully not to others. :)
      I think Pink Sugar is a must have then. IS this only available online?

  6. most of the shades are for warm skin tones, LIKE!

  7. I'm inlove with first kiss,its so pretty.Sangria is the kind of shade my Mama wants.❤(^-^)

  8. You're so adorable:) I ordered thru online the shade desire along with other Pink Sugar products, hope I included also the catfight and royals!

  9. just after browsing sa apat na napili ko merong dalawa ang nasa list of fave nyo -- my picks: First Kiss, Desire, Royals and Rumor

    pretty shade of purple, my favorite!

  10. I have one in Sangria, and I loveee it! <3

  11. Sangria for the actually look great in all colors but Royals stand out:P

  12. Desire and Rumor!!! It is love. Anyway, is it moisturizing? You mentioned that we need to moisturize prior in putting it on so I;m guessing... it is not? I have very dry lips and no matter how pigmented the product is I can't enjoy it 'cause of my chapped lips...

    1. It is moisturizing and non- drying, but tends to highlight dry patches so you have to moisturize/scrub away dry areas for a smoother finish. :)

  13. new lipstick line that i want to collect! beautiful shades especially the Sangria. ;)

  14. Rumor is a nice shade, but it looks patchy. Does this line have a better formula than their HD lipsticks? Cause I didn't like that line.

    1. Hi Aviva! Oh, those are really my lips; forever patchy. :/ Rumor is the shade that's prone to looking patchy so I always make sure my lips are smooth when using it for a better- looking finish. I like the formula of this one better than HD. :)

  15. So seem enjoying your selfie.. You're so cute and gorgeous as well.

  16. But... You don't look sick, you look fabulous! When I'm sick I look gray and my eyes are droopy. Haha


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