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For a limited time, Shiseido Beauty Penthouse returned once again and recreated the Shiseido Ginza boutique beautifying experience (I visited their boutique in Japan; check it out HERE).  VIP guests were treated to signature sweets inspired by Shiseido's latest beauty offerings for Summer; we've had sparkling juices, blushing macarons, radiant cocktails, and perfectly smooth and luscious pastries. Any guesses on the new products Shiseido have launched this season?

Bright, even, and white skin can be yours now and for longer because Shiseido unveils a new White Lucent, one that does not only correct spots, but helps skin resist it: White Lucent Double Strike Whitening; it's an improvement of its predecessor, White Lucent; it features the ProApproach X2 technology that mainly has SakuraResist Technology, a composition that includes derivatives of the Japanese Cherry Blossom, which helps skin stay bright, plus various targeted technologies unique to each product; according to Shiseido, this is the new height of resistance to Melanin and inspired by tried and tested dermatological whitening procedures; this range is designed to laser target dark spots, correct them, and prevent them from coming back.

Below are the products included in the range:

White Lucent MicroTargeting Spot Corrector (SakuraResistTechnology X MicroTarget Technology)
- Targets dark spots with laser- like precision, similar to whitening laser treatments; it targets and corrects tiny, scattered dark spots.

White Lucent MultiBright Night Cream (SakuraResist Technology X MultiBright Technology)
- Inspired by IPL treatments, this cream promises to target the common skin problems at once such dullness, acne marks, and visible pores; apparently helps skin regenerate from the damage incurred during the day.

White Lucent Luminizing Surge (SakuraResist Technology + Luminizing Surge Technology)
- This product provides an ion- charged barrier that protects skin and helps it absorb the rest of the White Lucent products better; alcohol- free.

White Lucent Luminizing Infuser (SakuraResist Technology + Deep Infuse Technology)
- Inspired by IV drip treatments; works by softening the skin initially to deliver the whitening actives efficiently into the skin.

I tried the new White Lucent range along with Shiseido's upcoming facial treatment, Cryotherapy, which you will soon experience in selected Shiseido boutiques.

Cryotherapy uses a cold tip and is meant to firm, lift, and brighten the skin; a negative ion patch is attached to the body during the procedure because it helps open up the pores, allowing effective delivery of the products into the skin.

Left face: treated with Cryotherapy; Right face: untreated

Whoa! Just look at my left face; it looks so bright and renewed! Cryotherapy is perfect for aging, dull skin; now since this treatment opens up the pores, makeup and dirt can enter effortlessly and cause a zit so be sure that you have no trace of makeup left or if you're wearing waterproof makeup, inform the SA so she can remove it thoroughly prior the treatment.

Shiseido's got a new foundation and it's making my hands itchy. :D Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation is formulated to synchronize with skin tones, skin conditions, and skin type; it's basically smart foundation.

Synchro Foundation adapts to skin conditions with Time Match Powder and Micro Fit Polymer, ingredients that help repel oil, maintain a healthy look, and a freshly- applied finish the entire day.; Transparent Correcting Polymer and Transparent Color Pigment EX allow the formula to adjust to any skin tone; Airy Cushion technology makes the texture universally comfortable; finally, skin care extracts (Mother of Thyme, Hypericum, and Hyper- sensing Polymer Glyceline) nourish the skin. The entire line offers 16 shades. My shade match in the line is Golden Ochre 40.

For the cherry on top of the experience, a photo shoot commenced; the session highlighted beautiful, healthy, transparent skin, one that doesn't need a lot of makeup on.

For more information about Shiseido's new beauty products, visit SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Got hungry by reading what you had at the event. Haha. I really envy you with all the events you are invited, I sure hope that someday I can be just like you. :) Loe the fact that they even had a photoshoot setup!! Really nice. :)

  2. You look lovely, I like your outfit too^̮^ I wish my Mama would try someday some of Shiseido products.

  3. All of these events that you've been invited make me envy you. HAHA. Anyway, the moment I saw "does not only correct spots, but helps skin resist it" it just make me want to have it, like really! I have a few dark spots left on my face and it is noticeable 'cause I got whiter but some parts didn't. It's annoying. Shiseido is a famous brand and I really do like using their products.

    1. Haha. :D Yeah, agree; when I read that this new WHITE LUCENT line helps skin resists spots, I was like SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! LOL! :D

  4. Wow. Lucky you!
    I like you're before and after photo it really makes a difference when skin is properly treated with the right product. But you're naturally beautiful.

  5. What a lovely set-up! The flowers and Shiseido bottles spells femininity and elegance.
    I would love to try Cryotheraphy one day. My aging skin needs that treatment.
    I love the outfit! And oh, i spot the sneakers you mentioned on your post last January!

  6. Replies
    1. I loved the bottles too! One of the reasons why I want it! :)

  7. the packaging is so pretty :D I'm glad they made it pink unlike the boring white.

  8. i been loving korean and japanese skincare products because it is really made for asian skin like us, i witnessed your shiseido journey from the past years and I know this brand is trustworthy for the quality. I love how serious this brand is when it comes to taking care of our skin. looking forward of more reviews and testimony from this line


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