Five Best Lip And Cheek Tints To Look Pretty This Summer

The heat index is soaring and given this, who wants to wear makeup? But...who wants to look like a drab?

Times like this, lip and cheek tints are heaven sent to womankind because it makes you look fresh, healthy, and happy despite the scorching heat, without the fuss, effort, and heavy feeling. Be sure to keep one this summer!

If you don't have one yet or you're looking at expanding your LaC collection for more choices, here are my top five picks.

- Do you have dry skin and want something that won't create patches on your cheeks and yield great pigmentation at the same time? Try this versatile lip and cheek color from this proud Filipino brand.


- This affordable alternative to Happy Skin's lip and cheek tint is handy, has great pigmentation, and gives good coverage; it comes in 5 4 shades.


- This well- loved brand of lip and cheek stain should be your go- to if you are new to this type of makeup; their stains are easy to use and gives the right amount of rosiness to the lips and cheeks, which is perfect to ease any makeup newbie into the product. Try their new ones from the British Rose makeup collection!


- This cute, Pantone- inspired makeup range by Tony Moly comes in various shades and imparts vivid, waterproof color!


- It would be a shame to forget to include this product in this list; it's a global best- seller and a must- have for beauty aficionados like me!

Got your favorite Lip And Cheek tint? Share it with us! ;)

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm not into lip and cheek tint but, my BFF even if she owns lots of them she keep repurchasing the lip and cheek tint from ever bilena.

  2. I have Tony Moly's! Yeay. I really like it but I only use it for my lips not on my cheeks, I don't know why... but maybe I find it a bit uncomfortable? I prefer powders as a blush for me (I am giving creams a go too). I am such a sucker for this brand's packaging and that's why I have a lot of Tony Moly makeups at home.

  3. I like using Sooper Beaute Lip and Cheek Tint in Aquarius on my lips and i pair it with Sooper Beaute Polaris on my cheeks.

  4. I really like the packaging of the tony moly liptone tint! Its so cute that I ended up buying it >___< So far, I tried it only on my cheeks and I'm happy to say it lasts all day :)

  5. I'm always be a fan of lip and cheek tint. My favorite is from Ever Bilena^̮^ I hope to try those on your list.

  6. I remember when I was in HS, someone sell a Benetint, I bought it for only P150. Then I discovered that it was fake. :( Any way, Etude House Darling Tint in Berry Red is my favorite lip and cheek tint, it makes my lips more lovely and gives me that korean look. :)

  7. I want to have everything that's suggested here Ms. Martha...he he

  8. I know you said lip and cheek tints :D but I happen to love the Revlon MoistureStain, the red one! It's buildable, I love sheer summery stains by day and a more opaque red at night. Let it set and it stays on for hours!

  9. I know you said lip and cheek stains but I just love Revlon's MoistureStain in red (045/New York Scene). It's a light, summery lip stain by day and buildable to an opaque red for night. Allow it to set and it stays on for a long time! It also has a nice, cushy, spreadable jelly kind of texture that doesn't dry out my lips upon application :)

  10. Lip and Cheek Tints were the reason why I began to drool over make up. My first was from Ever Bilena, followed by Avon. Now, I'm currently using the My Lips Eat Cherry from The Face Shop. I've been eyeing to buy the BeneTint when I was in Manila but umaatras ako parati for some unknown reason :))

  11. Currently using and loving The face shop my lips eat cherry lip and cheek tint. It's cheap, handy and gives me that right amount of flush and glow.

  12. I got one from Sophie.. 90 pesos lang ata.. A small tube can go a long way.. Cheek tint siya.. Cream type.. :)

  13. Sophie's cheek tint.. Cream type.. For 99 pesos

  14. Cheek and lip tints remind me of my college days! I only have 3 items in my kikay kit then: lip and cheek tint, mascara and pressed powder. Bench "pinch me" was my all time fave,but they changed their formula so i tried body shop and i loved it.

  15. been eyeing one from TFS and EH i have tried one from TBS but the rest on your list is superb!

    Lip and Cheek tint nga pala yung marami sa Happy Skin! i should try one. Also been reading and seeing raves on KJLM Lip stains via IG and i am also curious with it (and even planning to be a reseller)

    yay for another top five recos!

    Also, i want to thank you ms m! I received my beauty loot yesterday.. my little darling handed it to me.. she said, mommy may package ka po.. hope you could still remember her, i bring her nun first time na nameet kita sa CBTL sa BGC para sa meet and greet mismong birthday ko.. thank you so much.. every thing you sent me lahat gusto ko.. it contains 7 items and it means happy 7 years of blogging.. and yes been your avid reader for seven years na.. hugs and kisses!

  16. I also like the Sophie's cheek tint. Tried it last month. Funny thing: akala ko for lips yun. I tried on my lips FIRST before sa cheeks ko! 😂😂😂 basa basa di kasi dba? Hahaha

  17. lip & cheek tint from KJM COSMETICS perfect this SUMMER. THIS ONE IS SOFIA ANDRES FAVORITE TINT.! WE HAVE IN MY IG/FB SHOP @amore.beautyscentsation/ TEXT:VIBER 0905-201-6695


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