Happy Skin Beauty In Bloom Summer Collection Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Happy Skin Beauty In Bloom Summer Makeup Collection.

Price: To be revealed within the post
Bought From: Free (Except the lipsticks, which I paid for)
Available in: All Beauty Bar and Plains 'N Prints stores


I've been a recipient of the "you look blooming!" compliment for many times already and I've always wondered the same thing: what does "blooming" really look like? Why does it intrigue and inspire others? Why does it put someone in a whole new light? If "blooming" would have a look, what would it be? What do you think? Am I asking you too many questions? LOL. 

So Happy Skin tried to capture the Blooming Look in their new Beauty In Bloom Collection for Summer 2015 and I think they're pretty successful at it. For them, to look 'blooming' is to have this soft, luminous, ethereal, healthy look. In short, to "bloom" is to look happy for Happy Skin and I totally agree with the concept!


Happy Skin's collection for summer 2015 is inspired by all things pretty and happy like the beauty of flowers and a sincere heart. This 6- piece collection aims to give every woman that happy, petal- fresh, inspired look and at the same time, care for their skin with fortifying ingredients straight from nature.

Here are the prices of the products:

Happy Skin Beauty In Bloom Lip And Cheek Mousse in The Morning After and Summer Crush- P699.00 (individually) and P1,199.00 (set)

Happy Skin Beauty In Bloom 2-in-1 Powder Blush- P799.00

Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Hold My Hand and Bride-To-Be- P599.00 (individually) and P999.00 (set).

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara (Black)- P899.00

Happy Skin Instabeauty Blur Cream- P1,299.00 (this product is not part of the collection, but was launched together with it. I will review this product in a separate post)

Ready for my mega review? Click READ MORE for the review and swatch overload!

Happy Skin Beauty In Bloom Lip And Cheek Mousse

A limited edition set. One of Happy Skin's newest products, Lip And Cheek Mousse is a versatile color makeup that delivers intense, lasting color to the lips and cheeks. It contains Shea Butter, Collagen, and anti-aging peptides to rejuvenate skin.

Summer Crush and The Morning After were once best- selling hues in the Shut Up And Kiss Me range. They were discontinued and are now back, but this time around, as this Happy Skin product.

For a detailed review on Lip And Cheek Mousse, please click HERE.

Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Hold My Hand And Bride-To-Be

I think this product needs no introduction anymore. :) Both colors are limited edition, btw.

For a detailed review on Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie, please click HERE.

Happy Skin Beauty In Bloom Get Cheeky With Me 2-in-1 Blush Duo

Double the prettiness and cheekiness with this limited edition blush duo featuring two universally- flattering shades. Get Cheeky With Me is made with Cherry Blossom extracts that are known for its moisture- retaining properties, thus it makes skin feel soft, hydrated, and nourished during wear.

The product comes with a handy cheat sheet, but I expected that with the size of the compact, I'd get a much bigger blush pan. If the blush pan were bigger, it would have justified the size of the compact.

For a detailed review on Get Cheeky With Me Powder Blush, click HERE.

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara

This proud mascara promises to satisfy all your lash needs from length, curl, volume, definition, and remarkable staying power. According to Happy Skin, this product has a long- lasting yet washable formula that's infused with Japanese Fibers for sky- high length and skin care ingredients Swertia Japonica to encourage lash growth and Hydrolyzed Silk to help repair damaged lashes. Its proprietary Maximeyes Wand claims to lift and separate lashes better compared to other mascara wands by at least 76%. At the moment, it only comes in the shade Black.


This is the Maximeyes wand. It's a traditional wand that excels in the separation department and I approve of its universal design and size: it's not too big, not too wide, and the bristles have the right spacing and density for it to deliver equal length and definition at the same time. However, I don't think that on its own, this wand will be enough to curl lashes.


Happy Skin Lip And Cheek Mousse in Summer Crush on the lips

Summer Crush on the cheeks

Happy Skin Lip And Cheek Mousse in The Morning After on the lips

The Morning After on the cheeks

The Morning After is a dusty Rose shade while Summer Crush is a reddish coral shade-they're pretty consistent with their previous versions. The Morning After is one of the best MLBB shades in my opinion and if you don't have it, you're missing half of your life, basically. Yes, that's how important this shade is to me because it's an all- around shade that you can wear to work, to school, to picking up groceries, to bringing your dog to the grooming parlor, to a date, to a wedding, to your own wedding, to an easy stroll in the park, or to wherever. In short, it's perfect for life! Summer Crush on the other hand is pretty, although a bit too bright for my taste right now as I'm into neutrals lately-it's a flattering coral on morena skin though!

Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Bride-To-Be

Bride-To-Be lippie is the perfect compliment to the Bride-To-Be Blush in this collection's blush duo palette. It's a mellow, midtone pink that brings to mind a boho summer.

Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Hold My Hand

A warm rose shade with a terracota undertone.

What a pretty, pretty shade! Hold My Hand is one of the best Happy Skin lippie shades in my opinion because it's so elegant, wholesome, and it enhances the skin tone of any wearer. It's also the kind of neutral that isn't boring or old, and it's a unique Rose shade!

Beauty In Bloom 2-in-1 Blush in Just Peachy

Happy Skin Beauty In Bloom 2-in-1 Blush in Bride-To-Be

Just Peachy is a cool, candy peach shade while Bride-To-Be is a cool, blue- based candy pink shade. Both shades will suit fair, medium, and medium dark skin tones, plus they come in neutral undertones, making them suitable for any skin undertone. I have no other issues with it aside from the size of the pan. 

I appreciate Happy Skin for offering multitasking products like this one. Maybe they can consider making Blush/Contour duos next time, ala- MAC Sculpt And Shape? I love that MAC product and I got really sad when it was discontinued. Yeah. Maybe Happy Skin can revive that really useful makeup product! :)

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara

Top, L-R: Bare Lashes; One coat
Bottom: L-R: Two coats, three coats

The fibers in this mascara are fine and they blend so well with the lashes that people (and even you) will think that you are blessed with really long lashes. The mascara has a whipped consistency: it builds up fairly easily on the lashes, but it feels a little sticky when it has just been applied and gets stiff when it dries up. That said, I wish that the mascara has a softer consistency.

Staying power is good enough for everyday use, but it tends to smudge for a little bit when I work out so I only use it on normal days.

Look at that separation and length going on in there-it's beautiful and virtually clump- free. I like that this mascara gives me pretty lean, long, pigmented strands, but I would appreciate a little more volume for my sparse lashes. 

Aside from  delivering great length, separation, and definition, another good characteristic of this mascara is it comes off very quickly and easily with just warm water. Try this when you have this product: wet the product with water and rub your lashes gently downwards, and then you'll see that the mascara is sliding off and rolling into tiny balls. The mascara's easy-off formula is a very good feature because it won't stress out the lashes and cause lash fall, plus that means less time spent on makeup removal and more time for sleep for you.

That's all! Whew! I think this is the longest and most varied product review I made so far. :p 

What's nice about this collection is even though the colors are safe, they're not too basic, non- intimidating, and are practical. It's so nice of Happy Skin to offer an alternative to the usual loud, daring, and bold hues of summer. Also, this collection offers you a fast way to look blooming even if you're feelin' blue or uninspired. ;)

As for the mascara, it's okay-I think it could still be improved in the volumizing department and I wish that it will be reformulated and won't be as sticky next time. My favorites in this collection are Shut Up And Kiss Me in Hold My Hand, Get Cheeky With Me 2-in-1 Blush Duo, and Lip And Cheek Mousse in The Morning After.


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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Whew, these products don't come cheap! Thanks for the review. I love the lip shades! :)

  2. Grabe! The whole Blooming line yata tong review na to, and I love it! Hehe..

    I find the "blooming ka ngayon!" compliment the nicest, instead of the "pretty mo today" or the likes. For me it means, my being pretty that day comes from within me and not just by what I put on my face. It's either I'm really happy, excited or something that made me glow... Or it's really just my makeup done very well. Hehe..

    I have to agree with you on the size of the blush, that was my initial thought too when I saw the packaging. The actual blush is too tiny for its packaging.
    The lippies look good actually, I'm not really into nude or light lip colors so I didn't pay much attention to this season's lippies, but upon seeing the colors on your lips, i think i need to check them out personally again. Same with the lip and cheek tint, they look great on the cheeks!
    But the greatest surprise is the mascara! I honestly don't have much expectation on their mascara, thinking it's just your regular mascara. But seeing them on your lashes made me think twice!
    Overall, a good collection from Happy Skin!

  3. This collection features a distinct packaging design for the boxes, but Happy Skin has retained the original main packaging for the products. In my opinion, they did the right thing. The distinct appearance of the boxes draw the eye to the display, no matter the place they display. (Believe you me, my eyes instantly drifted to the collection when I visited Rustan's Department Store and Beauty Bar.)

    I'm just glad to see that The Morning After is back, though I'm afraid the cheek mousse applied on the lips won't be as moisturizing as the original lippie form. More matte? Perhaps. More hydrating? Well, I've read the mousse reviews, so my expectations come with a grain of salt. Either way, I adore the color that flatters both pale and morena ladies.

    I might try Bride-to-Be as I usually purchase one item from each new Happy Skin collection. Lippies get more mileage on me than blushes do.

  4. Happy Skin never fail to release colorful packaging. Very attractive!

  5. Ang pretty naman po! Love the colors.. nakakabata po! hahaha... (^...^)

  6. I think "you're blooming!" means you are even more looking fresh, prettier and happier. Your happiness radiates in your face! And i hope you stay that way. Anyway, from your previous post, i fell in love in an instant with Happy Skin's The Moning After shade. And seeing it swatched again and learning from you that is versatile to be worn everyday and everywhere, i must say that i'm not just inlove with it- i'm obsessed! I want to have it. I need to have it. And the name of the shade sounds like i will look blooming, too like having an afterglow! (i know you know it ;-) )

  7. Been waiting for this review kasi bet ko ang blooming make up, ang gaganda! Nakakaexcite gamitin..sad to say..im broke right now. Huhu. Pag iipunan ko yan para sa May khit half of collection meron na ako :)

  8. I can't wait to get my hands on the lip and cheek mousse :). Summer crush looks good on you Martha.

  9. i had high hopes for the mascara. i think i will be sticking to my fairy drops for now. Im not so concerned about length kasi i wear glasses. I am more into volume.

    speaking of hapoy skin i am so getting girls night out soon!

  10. Hold my Hand is the color. THE COLOR. I need this! XD It's so pretty!!!

  11. I tell people they look "blooming" when they suddenly look inexplicably pretty and happy all of a sudden. I don't know what it's supposed to mean either, now that I think about it.

    Hard to decide between Hold My Hand and Bride-To-Be. The HMH swatches looks better on the phone, while BTB looks better on the laptop. The bigger question is, though: what do you do when you fall in love with a limited edition lippie? You have no future together!

  12. This is amazing review and the whole collection looks amazing and such lovely packaging to match. I need those lippies and that blush is so pretty alone and blended together. I need to stop by a counter and check these out.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  13. ooh those lippies are looking good! Can be used all year round but your right not basic but also not all out there.

  14. Wow, this is the best product review! All reviews of the products in a line in a single post! Medyo info overload but the post really is awesome! Di na namin kailangan magrefer sa other posts mo since everything is here! I suoer love the colors of the lip and cheek mousse. Bagay to anyone. The colors are really summery. And it is pigmented. Same as with the shut up and kiss me lippies! I love the lalagyan when you buy both lippies too. Pwedeng pen case or something. :) And the blush duo, oh my, it's so flattering. As for the mascara, I know they would improve that in the future. :) Thumbs up for this super awesome collection from Happy Skin. Never failed to impress

  15. I agree on the compact blush duo. with the size of the compact and the price, I would expect to get a bigger pan.

    I really liked the lip and cheek mousse. I was really looking to get the morning after last year but I already bought have my revlon stick which is almost the same shade so I made a pass on it then i found out that it was limited edition and no longer available :( glad they relaunched it in a lip and cheek mousse this time. It looks like it dries up as matte so thats a win for me as I prefer it that way. Its so beautiful as a blush too! You're right, it is perfect as an all around shade, you can use it everyday but its still classy that you can use it in an event or special occasions. Love it! Will be getting one for myself soon :)

  16. The Morning After shade is definitely a must-try <3

  17. Hold my hand and bride to be shades fit you so well!! I think this might be my fave collection of Happy Skin so far.:) very wearable shades.:)

  18. Wow, just wow! I love the effect of the morning after blush on your skin. :"> Yes, you are indeed blooming with those blushes that fits your skin tone perfectly. :) It's my first time to see your face on your blog posts and you look so youthful like my mom! No joke.


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