Happy Skin Get Cheeky With Me Blush in Summer Fling

Here's a review on Happy Skin Get Cheeky With Me Blush in Summer Fling

Price: P699.00
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Other Locations: Available in selected Plains and Prints stores. Please visit Happy Skin's Facebook fan page to inquire


Do you have those moments wherein you remember a sweet event in your life and all of sudden, you just feel your cheeks become warm and when you check the mirror, you got this super pretty flush that's so heaven-sent. Unfortunately, it goes away in an instant just right before you can take that glorious selfie. Lip and Cheek tints were invented to capture that natural flush, but what about those who prefer powder blushes? Powder blushes give you a more 'enhanced' flush, but can you ever get a more natural- looking one from it? Yes you can with Get Cheeky With Me.


Get Cheeky With Me contains Cherry Blossom Extract that help hydrate skin and finely- milled powder that help diffuse light on the skin for a more radiant look. At the moment, it only comes in two colors: Summer Fling and First Kiss.


Click READ MORE for this powder blush that mimics your natural flush!

Packaging is a sleek, book- type compact with a magnetic closure and small mirror embedded on it. Doesn't it remind you of a familiar blush brand? Anyways, you would definitely need a handy brush for this one or if you are skilled enough to apply blush using your fingers then congratulations, you are awesome! :D

Pan is pretty small, but I'm fine with it because I don't get to finish a huge one, really. Besides, pigmentation is very good so this will prolly last you for around a year if you use it every single, God- given day.

Summer Fling is a warm peach shade with a satiny texture and matte finish. It's so smooth, very easy to blend, albeit a lil' chalky-it doesn't create a patchy finish though. It is unscented and coverage can go from light to medium and to heavy.


Two layers of Summer Fling

Summer Fling takes me back to my laid-back beach days wherein I'll just lie on the sand for hours and be one with nature as the liquid golden rays of the sun warm up my cheeks and give 'em this sunset glow.

Give this blush a few seconds and it'll start sinking into your skin and appear as if you're constantly blushin' and flushin' all throughout the day. Staying power is pretty good as advertised: It takes around 5 hours before I see a considerable decrease in its intensity. I've also noticed that it helps keep oily cheeks matte for a while. You can pile it on and it will still look just like your natural flush!

This is a great blush with a just price. If for anything, Get Cheeky With Me's effect is sorta' like Chanel's Joues Contraste, but without the shimmers. I wanted to get First Kiss, but realized that I already have similar shades so my only wish is for Happy Skin to expand the shade options. It will suit normal, oily, and combination skin, and might be tolerable for dry skin because it has hydrating properties and texture is very smooth and somewhat creamy. I'm proud of this product not only because it's Filipino- made, but also the quality is very world- class!


Please visit HAPPY SKIN on Facebook for more information about this product.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. What's nice about it is that it really looks natural on the cheeks. But what really caught my attention is the packaging. Is that a dupe of Benefit's packaging?

  2. hi ms m! meron po bang MCBB? hihi (my cheeks but better) packaging looks like combi of BENEFIT and SHU =) though the price still steep for me =) hmmm also, looks like my MK shy blush but smaller!

  3. Happy Skin products have really cute packaging, I hope they reach Cebu shores soon ^_^

  4. I've been passing by Plains and Prints a lot in gh and staring at the Happy Skin display. Was waiting for someone to review the products. Hope you review the foundations and concealer soon!

  5. Happy Skin product review. Been waiting for it! :) Happy Skin packaging reminds me of The Balm and Benefit. Girly and fresh. :) But which is better Ms. M? The Balm's blush or this? :)

  6. Is the consistency of the blush in the pan good? Since the flap is magnetic, I usually am worried with this type of packaging coz when u drop it, it might spill off all contents when the blush start cracking.

  7. Looks good on warm skin tone. Catchy name too.

  8. Ang cute ng packaging, i like that its more of a natural blooming effect. Also looks perfect on you :)

  9. I've been passing by Plains and Prints a lot in GH. Hope you do a review of the foundies and concealers next!

  10. Cute. this one resembles the packaging from The Balm Blush... but in terms of use, this one is better for everyday look. =) Nice review!

  11. One of the cutest designs for a brand locally made! Do you think this brand can compete internationally? Nice review by the way! :)

  12. it looks like the balm. :) Hehehehe. so cute. Nafeature din sila on Kris TV. :)

  13. Stephanie and Hazel: Yup! Looks like the balm indeed. :)

    AJ: Of course it can! The packaging alone can pass off as an international brand. :)

    Raven: Just reviewed the foundation. :)

    Ravene: Yup! Love the flirty names of their products. :)

    Winnie: It's okay. Smooth and easy to blend so it passes my standards. :)

    Rizza: Would still go for the balm because they have more colors. :)

    Hollie: Or they should at least have an e-commerce site. :)

    Rhain: MCBB, I guess there is! :D

    Nimfa: More of The Balm. :)

  14. One look, and I thought, "Yep, this could dupe Orgasm." I like Happy Skin blushes. The packaging of HS products are cute. It's just that I wish the blushes were in square pans instead of rectangle ones. I find it easier to swirl a fluffy brush in pigment that way. Pretty much the only thing that I hope they'd change... That and hoping they come up with as many colors as Tarte has!


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