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Here's a review on Happy Skin SS Creme in Natural Beige Review.

PRICE: P1,199.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Plains And Prints Boutiques; Beauty Bar; SM Watsons; Happy Skin, Glorietta 2


Silicone is a great oil- controlling agent, but unfortunately, not all skin types can tolerate it; it can cause clogged pores which can lead to breakouts and inflammation; unfortunately, almost all bases contain this ingredient because it's still, by far, the thing that sells the products to oily- skinned individuals.

True to their tagline "makeup that cares for the skin", Happy Skin took a different route and created SS Creme Second Skin Creme, a silicone- free foundation; if you're allergic to Silicone, this is a must- try because even some dermatologists swear by this product.


This silicone- free, breathable foundation is infused with Japanese Cherry Blossom extract and Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin hydrated and SPF 20 PA++; suits even the most sensitive skin type; it comes in two shades: Soft Beige and Natural Beige.


Natural Beige is a medium Beige shade with a light yellow undertone; SS Creme has a light cream texture; it's smooth and feels nice, and unscented. Coverage is light to medium.


Two layers of SS Creme

The white cast is strong in this one; I really wish they had a shade option for morena skin; as for the consistency, it's lightweight, glides on smoothly, and sets almost instantly on the skin and gives off a dewy finish; it evens out the skin tone, but needs help from concealer to cover dark marks.

10 points for this foundation for its breathable finish, making it perfect for summer; I did not break out from this foundation, although it doesn't have good oil control; I actually don't break out from silicone so it's the least of my concern when it comes to buying bases, but for what its worth and the recommendations it has gotten, I'm sure it will benefit sensitive- skinned people and those allergic to silicone; as for me, with its price, I hope there are more shade options, better coverage, and oil control.


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This definitely would have been way better if they had a wider shade range. Oh well.

  2. Sana nga they can make a shade for morena girls. I kinda wanna try out other foundations but I'm still stuck with L'Oreal kasi so far it still has the best coverage amongst all the others I've tried. And can I just say that I love your bare face! One of the things I learned through beauty blogging is that it's more important to take care of your skin than trying to cover up everything. :)


  3. When I read that it suit sensitive skin, it makes me want to buy it... I have a very sensitive skn, and it makes so hard for me to buy the perfect foundation that suit my skin type. I usually read blogs and reviews first before I buy certain products. When I about your review on happy skin ss cream, I wanted to try it immediately, I'll let you know what happen after I try it. Thanks martha

  4. I was about to buy this last year and forget about it up until now. I hesitate because doesn't blend well (as they say it blends on skin) on my skin tone. Though I love Happy Skin's eyeliners and lipstick they last on my oily skin.

  5. This is obviously not for me. The staying power is too long and maybe it would only last for an hour for my oily skin. Silicone is not a problem of mine and ooooooh, the white casts are real, I was a bit surprised when I saw the photo. But it actually looks fine for the final look.

  6. The first Happy Skin product I bought was their lipstick. Performance wise I loved it, which is why I have been reading reviews about other HS products. Thanks for this tbj. :)The packaging is really chic. Also, nakakaproud kasi Filipino brand :)

  7. I have that SS Creme, but mine is only mini. Its included in their Served on a Silver Platter. Yes, its lightweight, glides smoothly and sets instantly. I love how Happy Skin named their products and their tagline "makeup that cares for skin."

  8. I always been curious on this foundation from Happy Skin... I do love their products as well and I think I could totally pull it out. :) But I do hope that they will have better coverage since I want to hide my acne scars :( But I would still check this out :) Like the coverage though :)

  9. You make me wanna try this. Honestly, I am etude bb cream users for a year but now I dont know but my skin seems like getting tired of one product after months I have used it. Is tjat possible..? I always have a good start in any cream, foundation even shampoo but after a months or a year there's always changes. And now I am getting acne and breakouts...is that possible? No matter how good prpducts are and well made for sensitibe skin?

  10. Im a bit confuse to buy to one because it's kinda pricey...
    It really help us readers, reading a blog review and swatches before going to buy a product because it gives us ideas on how it will work on us...

    Yesterday I went to Happy Skin Glorietta and their boutique there is cute very girly,,,I checked out those new matte lippies (Honey Moon Glow)... But this SS CREME didn;t capture my attantion maybe because it's Kinda pricey (heheheh) and I thought it's just a typical BB cream... Good to know it has a review here...

  11. i Like the finish of the foundation :)

  12. Finally I got a full review on this one. I am not much into liquid foundation, okay na ako sa bb cream and pressed powder. Medyo light yung foundation sa iyo Ms M pero I love how flawless you look here! Fresh at Glowing! I really am proud dahil lumelevel up na ang mga Philippine Made Cosmetics. Sana magkaron kayo ng post sa mga recommended Filipino Products nyo (skincare and makeup)

  13. I love happy skin products, it's just it's to pricey .. 😭

  14. I have a very sensitive skin and i want to try this product. But ang mahal hahahahahhaha

  15. What I noticed about using a foundation with silicon is that it hastens face sagging, if you will and makes it dry and lifeless. But thats just me I dont know about you guys. That said this silicon-free makeup does care for the skin and worth a try.

  16. While I'm glad there's options for people with sensitive skin, I always side eye Filipino brands with no options for morena skin. This is their darkest shade for this foundie right? Well, at least their other foundation has an option 1 shade darker than this; di pa rin yata match sakin yun haha. Great review!


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