MINDBLOWN: These Products Will Make Your Perfumes More Travel- Friendly

Shortest horror story for perfume lovers: perfume confiscated in airport. O.O

Whether or not you're a perfume lover, perfumes are pretty costly beauty products and it would surely pinch our hearts or even make us tear up if they break, get lost, or confiscated in airports when traveling. Perfume bottles take up so much space in our bag as well and is prone to breakage. Yikes!

These fragrant woes have probably bothered someone so much that it led them to the invention of these beauty gadgets that are currently being enjoyed by over 10 million people worldwide. Meet the duo that will put an end to confiscated, broken perfumes, heavy bags, and sore shoulders.

Perfume Pod and Travalo - two innovative perfume atomizers that let you transfer perfume easily and without the mess; if you used to transfer perfumes into smaller bottles via spraying or using a funnel, all you have to do with these is insert the bottoms of these on the atomizer stick of the perfume and pump away to transfer fragrance. You never imagined it could be that easy, eh?

Perfume Pod (P349.75) can carry 5ml of perfume, but can give you 65- 85 sprays; it comes in fashionable, pop colors and a fun design. It may look cute, but this cookie is tough as it is scratch- proof and shatterproof!

Travalo (P999.75) is for every discerning, stylish perfume lover; it uses the patented Genie-S refill system that lets you transfer perfume into Travalo sans spillage and without exposing the product to environmental elements, thereby preserving its integrity. Travalo comes in chic colors with a chic, metallic barrel finish.

To the person who invented this product, a big, fat THANK YOU to you! You don't know how you've eased our lives with these inventions! :D

Travalo and Perfume Pod are available at Lazada, Travalo 2L of SM North EDSA, and Travalo 4L of SM Aura. Visit TRAVALO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information on these products.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh wow! These are very innovative and useful. I remember a classmate of mine paying for extra check-in luggage just coz she got tempted to buy some VS perfumes. If these were available then, she would have not paid those extra dollars. hehe :) Thanks for this TBJ!

  2. I always change perfume per season can this be reuse and be filled with other perfume once you have already filled it?

  3. It's so nice to have an invention like that. Good for someone who can't leave a house not bringing their perfumes. Perfect for traveling locally or internationally.

  4. Yay! This is an answered prayer! Thabks for sharing this Martha :)

  5. Nice, how innovative! Carrying a huge bottle of perfume is not travel friendly. Thanks to the creators of this product!

  6. Ooh. Perfume pod is cheaper, nice! :D

  7. wow! perfect for travel nga. super space saver and very useful, thank you for the info Ms. M! :)

  8. Well I have d same dilemma of having a big perfume bottle(inner beauty frm BNCH)... I bought the small atomizer from beabi cost around 299...

  9. OMG! A really must buy item. I would definitely be travelling more this year and it is really a hassle to keep on transferring my perfumes onto smaller pumps. Thank you for sharing this!

  10. Oh no! When I travel I used to transfer to small spray bottles but we know how inconvenient and tacky that is. This is definitely a leap forward to a more decent way of living, if you will :)


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