Olay Skin Whitening Bar Review + Price

Here's a review on Olay Skin Whitening Bar.

PRICE: 60g (P34.00); 90g (P46.00)
FROM: Free (Press sample)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


I always like keeping body cleanser alternatives in the shower to suit my ever changing cleansing needs, but one thing that stays in the shower is a good ol’ bar of soap; it’s handy, easy to use, and cleanses like no other (I am of the belief that soap is a really effective grime and oil remover that’s why I always use it after a workout). That’s why I always keep an eye on the newest bar to hit the market.

Olay has recently been teasing us about the #OneWashWonder online and we all know now that it’s their newest Skin Whitening Bar in Rose and Milk; I’ve been using it lately because it’s a feel- good bar: it smells good, and feels luxurious (the lather is looove!), plus it livens up the skin almost instantly!


This range of whitening bar soaps promises to clean, moisturize, and lighten skin, the natural way; infused with the most popular, potent whitening actives to deliver a naturally fair complexion.


Despite being the newest, Rose and Milk immediately captured my heart because it combines two of my most favorite beauty extracts, plus it smells divine! Olay’s soaps have always been rich and feel pretty moisturizing, and this one’s no different. But if you are prone to skin dryness, I would still recommend that you moisturize after bathing.


I called this the feel- good bar because one, it smells ridiculously good; the moment I held the soap, I could not stop sniffing it in the carton and bathing with it always makes me feel like I’m doing an Olay commercial haha! Second, it’s Pink and I love Pink. ‘Nuff said. Third, it actually has cosmetic properties in the form of micro shimmer that gives the illusion of a brighter skin, ergo healthier; now if your skin is looking particularly dull on any day, hit the shower and use this!

The #OneWashWonder, Olay Skin Whitening Bar Rose and Milk was launched last week; we were all treated to delectable treats and pampering activities that highlighted the benefits of Olay’s newest product; we also had a (perhaps) once in a lifetime shoot with the famed Sara Black! Sara’s so nice and friendly that I didn’t feel too shy and went blank in her pro presence; I love how she captured my photo!

Olay Skin Whitening Bar Rose and Milk (and the entire range) is a soap that pampers, cleans, moisturizes, and enlivens the skin in one go; truly, it is a #OneWashWonder.

Thank you Olay Philippines for partnering with me in this launch!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Im very curious about this ONE WASH WONDER♥

    Earlier I just saw it on Mercury, and I get one for me the pink one to try..
    Smells good and not so expensive...Just want to experience " DOING AN OLAY COMMERCIAL" while taking a bathe hehehe...

  2. Oh your skin looks luminous on the photo Ms. M! (I also love the background it looks so real!)

  3. Im using that Olay Skin Whitening Bar in Rose and Milk, it really leaves my skin smooth and soft. And super duper bango. As in nakakaadik ang amoy. Sarap singhut singhutin.

  4. Wow! Hoping to try Olay's Skin Whitening Bar soon. Happy Mother's Day, Ms. Martha

  5. I've tried this already and I really love it, I love that aside from its whitening benefit it also makes our skin glohw.. Also, two thumbs up for the price.. Nice one olay

  6. Cant wait to try this one because of its affordable price and claims. :)

  7. been using olay for the last two years and my all-time favorite is their Olay White Bar Soap, it really does its job, it really moisturize my skin after bath.. plus it was really affordable.

    Last year I got package from BDJ x Olay Philippines (after doing a survey) i got a body wash and day cream from Olay, both became instant favorite of mine! After running out of my current day cream moisturizer from Olay (I always buy the 8g one kasi swak sa budget plus travel friendly) but after being one of TBJ's VIP last April I even got the full sized one which is the 50g! Olay is staple brand in our bathroom, it never fails us!

  8. Bought one yesterday. Super love the smell. 😍😍😍

  9. I have the olay body wash in bottle and the scent is really nice!!!!! And also it gives a smooth effect on my skin!! I really love and adore the olay products

  10. Yes these soaps are super nice! I like Olay. But true we need to remember to still moisturize after shower. I can really have dry skin especially ehen stressed as it really does show on the skin

  11. I have tried this but it didn't suites on my skin so one of my friend suggested me for dermalmd skin lightning...thumps up for this


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