Etude House 24k Gold Therapy Review + Price

Here's a review on Etude House 24k Gold Therapy.

PRICE: Around P1,300.00+
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Etude House boutiques


My affair for sheet masks (or anything related to it for that matter) is starting to get serious; lately, I've been loving eye patches! Blame it on Etude House 24k Gold Therapy, the eye patch I've been loving lately. This gold- infused eye patch helps firm the skin and minimizes puffiness while providing care and a bit of luxury with collagen and gold.


This anti- wrinkle and whitening eye patch has collagen to help lift skin and gold for anti- aging benefits. 

This is one of Etude House's high end, anti- aging skin care products. It comes with a plastic spatula for finger- free usage. Neat.


The patches are made of a soft, jelly- like material and soaked in the solution. The patches follow the curve of the eye area and the golden hue gives it a more luxurious look. The solution has an consistency and light floral scent. There are 60 patches in the tub; one tub can last you for 1- 2 months, depending on usage.


This is what the product looks like on the face. The solution plus the slippery surface of the patches doesn't give the product enough traction so you have to lie down when using this product or it will slide off your face.

I've been using this product for a month now at once a week usage to complement my current eye cream. The emulsion feels excellently hydrating and moisturizing; it yields a light tingling sensation to help tighten the skin around the orbital eye area; I also noticed that the solution yields micro shimmer to give the illusion of brightness - it's cosmetic glitter so no worries, it is not that obvious and won't irritate the eyes.

I haven't seen any significant wrinkle- vanishing, skin lifting effect, but I just love how it keeps my eyes looking fresh, bright, and puffiness- free. I don't have any visible lines to begin with so I'm happy with the effect I've been getting from this product - it's just what I need. Perhaps with long- term use and a couple of wrinkles to test it on, I'd be able to judge its wrinkle- fighting promises, but for now, I'm happy with it!


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Woah! Gold!!!! I've been fascinated this past few weeks with the gold color, almost all the products on your blog these past few weeks seems to have a gold color or is it just me? hahaha. I need this as I am sleeping late all the time making the lower part of my puff. Oh my. how many pieces are there in a box?

  2. Wow! This is so nice but so expensive!

  3. I also have a sheet mask obsession! Whenever I enter Korean shops or department stores, I always find myself looking for sheet masks! :) I haven't tried any kind of eye patches yet, but I've recently started using eye cream religiously. I imagine they're like sheet masks but specifically targeted for the under eye area? (Obviously, duh?) =))) I love the gold hue that these ones have, but they're too pricey for my life. What other brands would you recommend? :) I've seen one from Leaders, but I haven't encountered many reviews about it yet. Have you tried that one? :)

  4. Anoter promising product! Can't afford yo buy this one. Still loving to use sheet mask.

  5. Someday I gonna try this eye patch, wala pang budget sa ngayon eh.

  6. wow 60 patches for only 1K, it is way good than to have derma appointment:)i remember the old eye patch from EH, I like the gold one!:)

  7. I'm really looking for a nice eye patch kase kita na yung lines sa bandang eyes.Im using the Hydrogel Eye Patch ng Leaders pero is 500+ for 5 patches lang pero this one is 60patches for 1300+ if I used it for like 2* a week I big sabihin matagal ko magagamit.
    What eye cream are you using now Ms.Martha?

  8. I want this! but too pricey :( or kuripot lang ako? hehe I have tried eye patch from EH before and i super loved it as in there's no puffiness the next morning! I feel this baby really do wonders since it got mostly 4/5 from you. ghad. i think i need this in my life!!

  9. I really want to try this gold therapy. Anything to help my face and eye area to look better. Another awesome review. Thanks a bunch!

  10. I am too lazy to use sheet masks and eye patches but this looks really luxurious.

  11. This one is perfect para sa mga obsessed sa eyes kagaya ko haha. Medyo mahal lang, hope makaipon, really want to try this eh :)
    Thank you for this review Ms. Martha , loveyou!

  12. You have nice skin on the photo!
    Oh my GOLD as a beauty ingredient, feels and smells luxurious :)
    If you can use it for a month to two lalabas na sulit sya and plus the product is good, winner! will check this out!

  13. I Looove face masks, any kind actually. My eyes literally light up whenever i see masks. hehe medyo nauuso nadin ngayon ang gold for masks ah. This one's really nice ngayon lang ako nakakita ng Gold na eye patches and the packaging is good coz it comes in a container na.

  14. Oooh... this is such a luxury! I've been looking for ways to lessen the darkness of my under eye areas and I started using grapeseed oil recently. I've read a lot of articles that showed good results. Much as I want to pamper myself with such luxury, I would stick with grapeseed oil for now. :)

  15. Hey doll! You have them on backwards. The big round part it meant to cover the smile lines/crows feet. :)


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